big rock

  1. S

    Big Rock No reverse, please advise!

    I have no reverse the esc is set to fwd/brake/rev i drove it only twice. has anyone also had this problem its a v3 brcc?
  2. P

    Help an RC Noob understand battery connectors for a Big Rock, please

    Dear Experts, in an effort to lighten the pandemic gloom, Ive bought the kids a WL124019 and Im intending to get a latest gen BRRC. I have a friend with a Kraton 4S but am not ready to jump straight into that category. I understand the Big Rock requires batteries with an an IC5 or EC5 connector...
  3. Rasburry

    Internal body support

    Anyone have a good fix for supporting the body of a Granite or Big Rock internally? I've seen somewhere someone had an internal frame. After so many roof landings the body split in half on my BR and flattened out on my Granite. I ziptied the BR back together, and it actually looks kinda cool...
  4. K

    Big Rock Arrma big rock v3 batteries and charger

    Hello guys, Im thinking to buy arrma big rock v3 brushless with these batteries And Discharger...
  5. KingAriesX92

    Big Rock Whats the type of tools should i buy for thr big rock v3?

    Hello I am new to the hobby my first truck is a Big Rock V3 and I like to know what type of Hex Wreches I need to buy to work on the truck?
  6. I

    My Big Rock wont turn after a few minutes

    Hello Arrma world im new to the hobby and my father got me a Big Rock for christmas. One day after taking it out for a bash my car hit the nose first pretty hard into some rocks it worked fine for a minute but after a while (2-3 minutes) it wouldn't turn or would have a super delayed turn. We...
  7. kantonburg

    Big Rock Truck took off by itself - no throttle - why?

    So my boy got his big rock for this birthday today. It's pouring so I'm downstairs checking screws and checked the mesh. Simple stuff before he took it out. I noticed if I gave it just a smidge of throttle it would keep moving forward till I hit the brake. So I did the reset the...
  8. Fun_in_the_sun???


    Arrma in the Keys!!!
  9. Firelancer

    Big Rock Can Batt+ on receiver be used for a motor fan?

    I upgraded my Big Rock v2 with a new radio and receiver. Went with the SR215 rx and Dx4C tx. I'm slowly moving to the V3 parts so next on my list is a motor fan. Can it be ran from the batt+ on a receiver? If not any suggestions other than just going to another receiver? Can I Y off the esc fan...
  10. Muddy Big Rock!!

    Muddy Big Rock!!

  11. Firelancer

    Big Rock Broken motor mount housing pull tab, safe to drive?

    Just wondering if it will hurt my Big Rock 3s if I drive it without the tab at the top of the motor mount housing that snaps to the rear shock tower. It broke off when removing the motor. Curious if anyone has suffered any breaks from running with a broken one?
  12. Yas

    Typhon New 4x4 MEGA/3S BLX hop ups! I'm not sure if anyone else has seen but there are a lot of 4x4/3S hop ups that are listed on the Arrma website ? Upgrades include CNC metal diff gears, steel/plastic CVDs, and best of all, aluminium shock bodies!! What's weird...
  13. RAGER RC

    Big Rock v2- Anyone know how to remove motor bearings?

    Anyone know how to remove the motor bearings in the BRCC? Or a video on how to do so?
  14. RAGER RC

    Big Rock Big Rock spur gear keeps stripping almost every run. Any suggestions?

    So I’ve had my big rock for 5-6 months now, and around 2 weeks ago I stripped the spur gear. “All right,” I thought “this is just a stroke of unluckiness. I was running the stock metal one, and my local hobby shop only had plastic, which was fine. Then it happened again. And again. And in the...
  15. R

    Big Rock First 1/10 scale

    Hey Newbie here, just upgraded from a 1/18 scale project car to my first 1/10 scale off-road monster truck. I'm excited but don't want to go overboard with unnecessary upgrades on it. I'm taking suggestions on the most beneficial and top upgrades. I have a Big Rock 3s for my entry point.
  16. RAGER RC

    Big Rock Anyone have a lift kit for their Big Rock BLX?

    I’ve had my Big Rock BLX for a while now and have been wanting to put on a lift kit and better shocks and arms. Any ideas, recommendation, or particular products? I have one of the old blue ones, not the new black ones.
  17. RAGER RC

    Big Rock New Servo For Big Rock 4x4 3s BLX

    My servo in my big rock broke. Any recommendations for a replacement?
  18. RAGER RC

    Big Rock Steering Not working on my Big Rock

    My Big Rock 4x4 3s BLX Just stopped steering this morning. I drove it 2 days ago and when I turned it on this morning it just wouldn’t steer. The throttle is working fine, and there is no dirt, grass, or gravel anywhere I can see. Any idea of what is wrong? And what I should do to fix it?
  19. W

    Battery Consistency Question

    I have a BRCC. I have had the ESC firmware updated by HH to correct the misconfigured LVC that plagues so many BLX100s, so that is not a factor here. If I go full out, a speed run kind of pass and it goes into limp mode (when the battery is at roughly 50% let’s say) I’ve learned that this can...
  20. R

    Granite Help!! Differential question any help wanted

    Hey everyone does anyone know if the Kraton and outcast 4s diffs will fit into the granite 3s because I’m hoping that the 4s diffs will last longer! Any help wanted thanks!!!