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big rock

  1. Uz3r

    Big Rock Looking to buy my first RC Car - Arrma Kraton 4S, Granite 3S or Big Rock 3S

    Hi All, Im new hear - I hope I am posting in the right forum! I have no experience with RC cars but my Dad recently purchased an Arrma Typhon 3S. I had a play with it and fell in LOVE so I want to buy my own RC Car! I've done research and decided I want an Arrma 4x4 truck/truggy and so have...
  2. That 1 arrma fanboy

    Big rock 4x4 blx 3s conversion to arrma senton 4x4 blx 3s

    So basically I first got the arrma big rock 3s on day one launch then ran it in the snow (big mistake) anyways so I jumped it like 2 to 3ft so I was surprised to be able to backflip on 2s until I landed a little short and broke the wheelie bar then I unscrewed that and took it off then landed...
  3. rcmadman

    Big Rock Senton 3s or big rock 3s?

    Hi, I'm so torn between the two cars and not sure which one would be the better purchase, can you recommend which one to buy please. There both completely different ones a sct and the others a mt, but what would be an better basher, and overall a better RC. Thanks!
  4. Jtfaulkner

    Big Rock 3s blx motor bearings???

    Does anybody have the part numbers for these bearings? or the size?
  5. Jtfaulkner

    Big Rock Big rock crew cab shock upgrade?

    Just trying to get some information here for an upgrade for the stock shocks for the arrma big rock. I have heard that the typhon shocks work but don't know for sure, If so I will use those.
  6. J

    Big Rock Steering but no throttle response on BRCC

    This past weekend my brother and I were camping and enjoying our cars (his Kraton on 6s is insane btw) and my BRCC just stopped. I still had steering but no throttle response. Swapped a new battery and it ran fine for a couple minutes then just rolled to a stop, still steering but no throttle...
  7. Arrma Big Rock Thrash at the beach

    Arrma Big Rock Thrash at the beach

    ⚡️⚡️⚡️Beach Day Run⚡️⚡️⚡️
  8. BE9A0C79-5813-4FE0-8C83-81FD773F956D.jpeg


  9. 74D127F8-CF21-4D8E-83FE-D7A4F9514310.jpeg


    Check me out on YouTube brothers
  10. Big Rock snow jump

    Big Rock snow jump

    Big rock with duratrax banditos hitting the snow pile
  11. 44231E3B-3B24-4634-82BD-B22B153CF46A.jpeg


    Arrma arsenal
  12. F

    New arrma bigrock crew cab wont do wheelies

    PROBLEM FIXED! sorry for being an idiot lol. I've already maxed out the lunch setting and it still seems really slow to react to full throttle. It eont even pop wheelies with a 3s. Any advice?
  13. 17F73798-43FC-46AB-A9B4-9A26B7941C7C.jpeg


    Bright clear winter day
  14. 61C8BE3C-B02A-442A-8976-E415BF712593.jpeg


    Just grabbing a charged battery and heading back out in the -25°C
  15. 50B44C9C-E531-4B8E-9410-D7E225B7CA88.jpeg


    Dead battery
  16. 2A3D3A47-7A4D-4122-ADC2-FF22105E85C5.png


  17. EC1FFEC8-EA63-46AC-9818-8804E9D8C736.png


    Snow day
  18. ABB6D636-53F9-4DFD-9683-70C69B5A19DA.png


    Tails we don’t need tails
  19. CDF49964-387E-4733-8281-9DB66CF33334.jpeg


    Finally got my Brcc!!!
  20. MrTitanium

    Motor options?

    Say I wanted to upgrade motor/ESC combo in my Big Rock 6s, what one would one suggest? Curious...