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  1. SaltyLocal

    Kraton Father and son basher

    Hey Folks! As some may know, I recently purchased my son a Big Rock for his 6th Birthday (many thanks to all you members who assisted with my questions). To say he loves it would be an understatement. However, I’d like to purchase another RC to bash with him. We aren’t looking for a speed demon...
  2. Project TyphRock After

    Project TyphRock After

    Converted my Typhon 3S into a Typhon/Big Rock. This is what I ended up with. It’s fun to drive!
  3. Project TyphRock Before

    Project TyphRock Before

    Converted my Typhon 3S into a Typhon/Big Rock. This is how it started out.
  4. L

    Big Rock 4s Setups for Arrma Big Rock V3

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a Big Rock V3, and after driving it I realized that I would like a bit more power with cooler temps. I was researching some 4s setups online, but I'm not really sure which ones work the best . For reference, my goals would to be able to hit around 50mph...
  5. R

    Big Rock which diff oil should a use on my Arrma big rock?

    I personally is just a basher, so should i just go with the thickest oil i can find?
  6. SaltyLocal

    Big Rock Big Rock V3 - inspection tips/recommendations before first use?

    Hello, I recently purchased my boy an Arrma Big Rock V3 and I've yet to open the box. His 6th Birthday is coming up and I'd like to get it prepared for him once he opens the box (as I'm sure he'll run outside and test it out). I've watched some YT videos and I'm unsure what screws (V1 vs V2 vs...
  7. Grey & Clear Big Rock CC

    Grey & Clear Big Rock CC

    The Big Rock has been refreshed with a new body and paint job! British Navy Grey all over except for the hood and trunk.
  8. Grey & Clear Big Rock CC

    Grey & Clear Big Rock CC

    The Big Rock has been refreshed with a new body and paint job! British Navy Grey all over except for the hood and trunk.
  9. burgerking

    Big Rock Ok change of plans, I can get $50 off on ebay and typhon's are out of stock in Australia, what do I get?

    I can get either a Big Rock or a Vorteks for $475 AUD and am wondering what would be a better option, Thanks for any responses guys! :)
  10. Enferius

    Big Rock Release the Kraken!

    Updated 6/22/21 Big Rock to Kraton transformation is now complete! You can find new and updated photos of the truck in the comments. Parts list updated accordingly! Hello friends! This is my second basher, but first time building a truck. I've owned the Big Rock for about 3 weeks now and as the...
  11. burgerking

    Big Rock Bought myself a new rig...

    Thanks for the help lads 🤠, just waiting on a ec5 charger cable 😭
  12. D

    Looking for 3s lipo batteries (and charger) recommendations for the arrma big rock

    Hello, I was looking at purchasing the arrma big rock, and was wondering if anyone has any advice for what 3s lipo battery and charger to get for it. Any help would be much appreciated.
  13. 31EC14C7-B5F6-4037-8BC1-351475C3CCCA.jpeg


    Daughter’s new Big Rock next to my Senton.
  14. 9DCA116E-6546-4BBE-A8B0-04F36135898A.jpeg


    Daughter’s new Big Rock next to my Senton.
  15. S

    Big Rock Added 3D printed lights to my Big Rock

    I wanted to share my lighting project on my BRCC. I like to drive at night and the lights help see which direction I am facing. I wanted it to look as stock as possible, mount the lights to the chassis rather than the body so there are no wires to get snapped etc when removing the body, ensure...
  16. I

    Big Rock Big Rock vs Granite

    So I’m trying to decide between a Big Rock 3s and a Granite 3s. I’m aiming towards the big rock because of its size, handling, and air control but I don’t know about it’s grass, dirt, and sand capability. Does it work as good as the Granite in those driving conditions?
  17. I

    Big Rock Best battery for big rock

    Hello and I hope you guys are having a good day. So I’m relatively new to the hobby and was wondering what the best bang for buck 3s battery is for the Arrma Big Rock 3s V3. I was looking on amazon and found a HOOVO 3s Lipo 5200 mAh 80c battery. Is this any good? If not, are there any other...
  18. Evilpoptart

    Arrma Big Rock Drive Shaft Options

    So I've been going through quite a few of the slider driveshafts on my BRC v2 and I am looking for an upgrade. I was wondering if these driveshafts or something similar would work. Link to driveshafts
  19. stevebick

    Big Rock Big rock wobbly front wheel

    Hi all received my big rock 4 weeks ago, I noticed a wobble on front left wheel out of the box, have since done lots of grass bashing abc not noticed any issue, but tried a road speed run yesterday abc wobble does prevent straight line run, any ideas how to fix or what could be ? thanks
  20. Beastmode760

    Vorteks Help I broke my new vorteks

    So I was bashing and of course I broke the front arm. Does anyone know if I can replace it with big rock arms? I don't think the vorteks front arms are in stock yet. Thanks in advance