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  1. Ready to bash.

    Ready to bash.

  2. timweston1

    Big Rock Big Rock V3 BLX: Servo issues, help replacing, warranty questions

    I think my stock servo is kaputt. When the car is off I can turn the front wheels through the full range of motion without issue. I can turn the car on (but leave the transmitter off) and same thing: full motion / no issues. But as soon as the transmitter binds to the receiver, the steering...
  3. CrippNinja

    Big Rock I’m a big rock upgraded to 4S outdrive shafts

    I upgraded my arm a big rock to 4s and bought the recommended upgraded out drive hd shafts and I completely demolished one my second time running. I was hoping there was an all steel version out there that can hold up under the strain. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I’ve heard bad...
  4. R

    Big Rock Things you need in order to do a 6s conversion on arrma 3s big rock

    Do i need a special motor mount? will the battery fit? Some people even said that u should change the diffs and driveshafts, but is that really necessary?
  5. Koshua

    Big Rock with Hellcat Body

    Hello everyone, I was thinking about buying a 1/10 scale clear Hellcat body for my Big Rock V3. I think it would look like a bad a$$ off road muscle car. I am planning on spray painting the body with black bed liner also. I will post I picture to this thread once it’s done! Let me know what...
  6. mxfan69

    Another body that fits the Big Rock painted today

    It hasnt been that long ago that I finished painting and fitting a Notorious body to my Big Rock, and I am still trying to be patient and not use it until I shoe goo it due to time into it. I had a JConcepts “Creep” body (meant for crawlers) that I had picked up for a Losi LMT roller project...
  7. RC Curb Flipping

    RC Curb Flipping

    Arrma Typhon Big Rock flipping the curb
  8. J

    Big Rock Big rock v2 missing bearing on slipper clutch

    So I bought a used v2 Big Rock and I'm pulling apart the gear box only to find that the bearing on the outside of the slipper clutch assembly is missing. Is this important to have on there? I've run one time and stripped a turnbuckle on one of the rear tires that I've since replaced and now...
  9. C

    Big Rock Big rock 3S Off-road Upgrade

    Hi all, I recently got the Big Rock 3s and brought it on some trails for the first time. It went well but the low clearance was an issue. Is there any upgrades I should make for better performance on trails, or to protect the truck? So far I’ve only gotten the Tbone bumpier! Thanks!!
  10. SaltyLocal

    Kraton Father and son basher

    Hey Folks! As some may know, I recently purchased my son a Big Rock for his 6th Birthday (many thanks to all you members who assisted with my questions). To say he loves it would be an understatement. However, I’d like to purchase another RC to bash with him. We aren’t looking for a speed demon...
  11. Project TyphRock After

    Project TyphRock After

    Converted my Typhon 3S into a Typhon/Big Rock. This is what I ended up with. It’s fun to drive!
  12. Project TyphRock Before

    Project TyphRock Before

    Converted my Typhon 3S into a Typhon/Big Rock. This is how it started out.
  13. L

    Big Rock 4s Setups for Arrma Big Rock V3

    Hello everyone, I recently purchased a Big Rock V3, and after driving it I realized that I would like a bit more power with cooler temps. I was researching some 4s setups online, but I'm not really sure which ones work the best . For reference, my goals would to be able to hit around 50mph...
  14. R

    Big Rock which diff oil should a use on my Arrma big rock?

    I personally is just a basher, so should i just go with the thickest oil i can find?
  15. SaltyLocal

    Big Rock Big Rock V3 - inspection tips/recommendations before first use?

    Hello, I recently purchased my boy an Arrma Big Rock V3 and I've yet to open the box. His 6th Birthday is coming up and I'd like to get it prepared for him once he opens the box (as I'm sure he'll run outside and test it out). I've watched some YT videos and I'm unsure what screws (V1 vs V2 vs...
  16. Grey & Clear Big Rock CC

    Grey & Clear Big Rock CC

    The Big Rock has been refreshed with a new body and paint job! British Navy Grey all over except for the hood and trunk.
  17. Grey & Clear Big Rock CC

    Grey & Clear Big Rock CC

    The Big Rock has been refreshed with a new body and paint job! British Navy Grey all over except for the hood and trunk.
  18. Homebrew

    Typhon Homebrew 3S SenTyphRock

    What an awesome forum here and a wealth of information. I currently got back into the hobby after 30 years and having a blast running this car and repairing it practically weekly! I’ve been making some upgrades the last couple of weeks and have a lot of other ideas as well. Here’s the current...
  19. burgerking

    Big Rock Ok change of plans, I can get $50 off on ebay and typhon's are out of stock in Australia, what do I get?

    I can get either a Big Rock or a Vorteks for $475 AUD and am wondering what would be a better option, Thanks for any responses guys! :)
  20. Enferius

    Big Rock Release the Kraken!

    Updated 6/22/21 Big Rock to Kraton transformation is now complete! You can find new and updated photos of the truck in the comments. Parts list updated accordingly! Hello friends! This is my second basher, but first time building a truck. I've owned the Big Rock for about 3 weeks now and as the...