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  1. senton , typhon, or big rock

    senton , typhon, or big rock

    which should i buy?
  2. Barzano724

    Kraton Which would be a good first arrma ?

    Hi, I’m all new to the electric side of the hobby was always into nitro but wanna give electric a try ! I’m stuck between the Kraton 4s and Big Rock 4x4. I don’t want a 6s or 8s to start into electric maybe later on down the line, But it’s such a hard decision. I’m just looking for a basher and...
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    Brcc in the snow
  4. dillon_mitko

    Big Rock Arrma Towing a boat

    Made a homemade trailer custom to my Proboat Sonicwake 36 boat and haven’t got a scx10 quite yet so I decided to just attach a hitch system to my BRCC and it actually works quite well. It’s a little fast and sensitive, as expected, especially as a BRCC on 6S. but it’s a lot of fun.
  5. dillon_mitko

    My post Christmas big rock build!!

    So I started off in April with m first ever brushless rc truck... the big rock 3s. Here’s everything I’ve done to it since. If anyone would like to calculate how much money has been put into this thing it would be appreciated as I’m kind of curious but forgot some of the prices😂 in no particular...
  6. dillon_mitko

    Kraton Had fun with 4 ARRMAS

    Finally had all 4 of my family’s trucks running ( I work on them all and only drive The BRCC) so we all went to the backyard and had some fun on a dit jump I made a while back😈 The Kraton broke first blowing a center diff Then the BRCC bending a aluminum shock and stripping a ring gear on a...
  7. dillon_mitko

    How to get this off?

    I’m currently changing out all the bearings in my BRCC and this bearing broke and now this little piece if it won’t come off Plz help Thx ARRMY
  8. dillon_mitko

    Is this the diff locking up?

    I was running my BRCC, as normal just running up and down a road and doing donuts in the grass and that sort of stuff. I was full throttle and was about to hit a tree so I braked and turned it quickly and it rolled about 10 feet or so and a tire flew off in the process. The HR driveshaft the...
  9. dillon_mitko

    Can I fit a 6S system in the 3s BRCC??

    I’ve been doing research and the 6S motor mounts just fine straight on to the motor mount but I’ve found that the esc mounting screws don’t match up with the 3s ones... I was wondering if it would be possible to mabey Mount the esc in between the motor and servo box but it seems slightly too big...
  10. C

    ECS red light blinking

    Hi, I just bought a brand new BigRock and I get a red light blinking when I turn it on. I still get the steering but no throttle.
  11. X

    Big Rock GPMRacing - Wheel Driveshafts

    It looks like GPM has a new CVD wheel driveshaft option for the Granite and BigRock. To the best of my knowledge, the only previous option was the HR version which has mixed reviews and is NOT a cheap option. Here are the new GPM options, I couldn't find these in the US: Big Rock...
  12. Big Rock

    Big Rock

    A while ago i bought myself the new Big Rock is one Hell of a Truck!!😜😜
  13. Uz3r

    Big Rock Looking to buy my first RC Car - Arrma Kraton 4S, Granite 3S or Big Rock 3S

    Hi All, Im new hear - I hope I am posting in the right forum! I have no experience with RC cars but my Dad recently purchased an Arrma Typhon 3S. I had a play with it and fell in LOVE so I want to buy my own RC Car! I've done research and decided I want an Arrma 4x4 truck/truggy and so have...
  14. That 1 arrma fanboy

    Big rock 4x4 blx 3s conversion to arrma senton 4x4 blx 3s

    So basically I first got the arrma big rock 3s on day one launch then ran it in the snow (big mistake) anyways so I jumped it like 2 to 3ft so I was surprised to be able to backflip on 2s until I landed a little short and broke the wheelie bar then I unscrewed that and took it off then landed...
  15. rcmadman

    Big Rock Senton 3s or big rock 3s?

    Hi, I'm so torn between the two cars and not sure which one would be the better purchase, can you recommend which one to buy please. There both completely different ones a sct and the others a mt, but what would be an better basher, and overall a better RC. Thanks!
  16. Jtfaulkner

    Big Rock 3s blx motor bearings???

    Does anybody have the part numbers for these bearings? or the size?
  17. Jtfaulkner

    Big Rock Big rock crew cab shock upgrade?

    Just trying to get some information here for an upgrade for the stock shocks for the arrma big rock. I have heard that the typhon shocks work but don't know for sure, If so I will use those.
  18. J

    Big Rock Steering but no throttle response on BRCC

    This past weekend my brother and I were camping and enjoying our cars (his Kraton on 6s is insane btw) and my BRCC just stopped. I still had steering but no throttle response. Swapped a new battery and it ran fine for a couple minutes then just rolled to a stop, still steering but no throttle...
  19. Arrma Big Rock Thrash at the beach

    Arrma Big Rock Thrash at the beach

    ⚡️⚡️⚡️Beach Day Run⚡️⚡️⚡️
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