big rock

  1. Maus

    Big Rock Achter differentieel loopt niet lekker?

    Hey goeiemiddag mensen, ik ben nieuw hier op de forum en hoop dat er Nederlandse mensen zijn die me wat verder kunnen helpen. Ik heb de bigrock, nou heb ik daar de achter differentieel kapot van gereden. Dus ik een nieuwe steel differentieel besteld. Nou heb ik hem binnen en draai eraan met de...
  2. DesertRC928

    First Arrma build Big Rock 6s

    I’m just getting back into this hobby. Recently bought my first arrma at my local hobby shop. Decided to go with the 1/7 Big Rock 6s. Very happy with it so far. To me planning, upgrading, and wrenching on these things is just as fun as running them. I still have a lot to learn about this...
  3. NoHardFeelings

    Granite Granite, new servo problem

    I have a Granite that is practically brand new and the servo died. I got a couple of cheapo replacements on Amazon, one for the Granite and another for my Big Rock. These are the ones:
  4. ShankAaron

    Big Rock Shank's "Fat Dog" BRCC roller coaster **PIC HEAVY**

    Hey yall. Someone told me this was what all the cool kids are doing with these build posts, and since I'm the creator of cool....yeah. you get it. Let me help my fellow members of the "Absolutely ZERO Attention Span/Patience" Club with the TLDR Added HR 12mm hex hubs- (Removed) Arrma 4S 57T...
  5. Warby

    Big Rock Bigrock CC V2 ??

    So I was just thinking (and now my head hurts) What's the Bigrock CC 3s 1/10 V2?? V1 is the Blue body, chrome bumpers and rims V2 ? V3 is the Black body, black bumpers and rims plus a 1.1" wider stance. Current version. So was there a V2 released? Did Arrma miss one or am I missing one? 🤔 🤷‍♂️...
  6. SwampYeti

    What weight oil should I use in 3s big rock front and rear diff?

    been lurking here for a few weeks and this forum has helped me with so much already, so first of all, thank you! I recently shredded my diffs at the local rc track, so now I'm upgrading to the metal parts but while I'm there I wanted to address some handling issues I have. First the rear diff...
  7. E

    Big Rock Big Rock 3S limp mode

    Hello. I have a problem that I'm hoping someone has some experience with. Two days ago I purchased the big rock 3s V3. Yesterday I charged up my batteries which are the Zeee 11.1v 5200mah 80c. I put the battery in hooked it up, and drove the truck for about 30 seconds not even going wot just...
  8. JordanBR

    Big Rock Venting My Belted MX28 Tires

    Hey Guys im Wondering If I should melt a hole in my belted mx28 to vent I'm currently running them fully sealed and when they go outside the -5 Celsus makes the air inside them shrink and the tires are basically flat lol so wondering what I can do without compromising the belt Thanks Guys
  9. SECT

    Big Rock GPM rear driveshafts / car vibrates

    Guys, I have a problem with my GPM driveshafts. Since the installation, the rear of the car starts to vibrate very loudly at a certain speed. The hubs have no play and the connections are greased. It doesn't matter which tires I use either. The entire back also vibrates with the Badlands with...
  10. JordanBR

    Big Rock Arrma Big rock v3 1/8 ZD Racing shocks

    I ordered some zd racing shocks for my BRV3 and wondering what weight shock oil I need and maybe tips on how to mount it
  11. R

    Big Rock Recommendations for Big Rock shocks

    Hello, are this aluminum shocks from Arrma good? ARA330677 ARA330678 Because I want to buy for my shocks some springs, where I lost one, after a stunt. But to pay the shipping for only some springs, I want to buy some spare parts, that it's more worthy and my idea is to buy some new shocks...
  12. Moonstonemike

    Mojave New Arrma Mojave 4s.

  13. EmuRock

    Granite Granite weak body shell compared to other 4x4 Arrmas ?

    Hi. I noticed that the Granite body is thinner and way more fragile than my other Arrma`s body`s. After two battery runs i already have cracks in the back of the Granite body, its a mega body though, could that have something to do with it being more fragile ? I have two 3s V3 Typhon`s and Two...
  14. Ionlyhaveabigrock

    Big Rock Arrma 3s Big Rock. No steering. Throttle On 3rd Channel

    Hello, Everyone! Hoping For some Arrma Help! I recently Purchased A Arrma Big Rock. It's a great little basher. But Randomly in operation, The steering stopped. I thought it was the servo, but that servo is fine! I began fiddling with it and found that the throttle is now on the "A" And "B"...
  15. mR_bOOsT

    Big Rock Big Rock V3 engine install issue

    Hi all, hoping someone can help. I recently did a service on my big rock and for thr life of me, I can't slide the engine back into its place. No upgrades were made, just took out the spur to check its health and put it back together again. But can't get the engine to slide back into place...
  16. ChriswithaC

    Typhon Come check out my youtube channel guys :)

    Hey guys , As some of you might not know i run a Youtube channel and two of the cars i run on there Are Arrma 3s cars all upgraded So thought that you might like to have a look at one of my latest videos on my Typhon that started as a Vorteks boost . And also have a Big rock upgraded to 4s
  17. R

    Servo went kaput

    The typical story. Rocks got into the steering area and caught up the servo horn. Broke almost immediately lol knowing it was inevitable, I picked up this Amazon special when I first bought the truck. Broke the Kimbrough servo saver trying to cut it to size. Ended up jamming the own 23T one on...
  18. bukshypro

    Big Rock BukShyPro fully upgraded 4S Beef Rock, I mean Big Rock!

    So I took all Kraton stuff and threw it on the Rock (except sway bars, center brace). So we got: upgraded, full metal diffs F/R Slipper clutch w/ metal spur 4s upgraded driveshafts 4s axles 4s c, steering and rear hubs upgraded rod ends + turnbuckles 17mm hex and nut 3.8" dBoots Copperhead2...
  19. C

    Big Rock My 1/10 Arrma Big Rock 3s shock won’t come off!!

    Help!! My Arrma 1/10 Big Rock 3s V3 shock isn’t coming off!
  20. R

    Big Rock Slipper Issues

    I wanted to install my New Steel Spur Gear for The Big Rock. (The Slipper Clutch worked Perfectly before) So i took apart my slipper with the Stripped stock spur gear and replaced it and assembled the Slipper clutch the same way like i removed it. Tightened the Screw but it turns out i can just...