big rock

  1. mR_bOOsT

    Big Rock Big Rock V3 engine install issue

    Hi all, hoping someone can help. I recently did a service on my big rock and for thr life of me, I can't slide the engine back into its place. No upgrades were made, just took out the spur to check its health and put it back together again. But can't get the engine to slide back into place...
  2. ChriswithaC

    Typhon Come check out my youtube channel guys :)

    Hey guys , As some of you might not know i run a Youtube channel and two of the cars i run on there Are Arrma 3s cars all upgraded So thought that you might like to have a look at one of my latest videos on my Typhon that started as a Vorteks boost . And also have a Big rock upgraded to 4s
  3. R

    Servo went kaput

    The typical story. Rocks got into the steering area and caught up the servo horn. Broke almost immediately lol knowing it was inevitable, I picked up this Amazon special when I first bought the truck. Broke the Kimbrough servo saver trying to cut it to size. Ended up jamming the own 23T one on...
  4. bukshypro

    Big Rock BukShyPro fully upgraded 4S Beef Rock, I mean Big Rock!

    So I took all Kraton stuff and threw it on the Rock (except sway bars, center brace). So we got: upgraded, full metal diffs F/R Slipper clutch w/ metal spur 4s upgraded driveshafts 4s axles 4s c, steering and rear hubs upgraded rod ends + turnbuckles 17mm hex and nut 3.8" dBoots Copperhead2...
  5. C

    Big Rock My 1/10 Arrma Big Rock 3s shock won’t come off!!

    Help!! My Arrma 1/10 Big Rock 3s V3 shock isn’t coming off!
  6. R

    Big Rock Slipper Issues

    I wanted to install my New Steel Spur Gear for The Big Rock. (The Slipper Clutch worked Perfectly before) So i took apart my slipper with the Stripped stock spur gear and replaced it and assembled the Slipper clutch the same way like i removed it. Tightened the Screw but it turns out i can just...
  7. rcmenace710

    Big Rock Out of the box set up/adjustments to make to the Arrma big rock 4x4 3s

    Just purchased a Arrma big rock 4 x 4 3s and will be running 3s battery with it and I’m wondering what adjustments or set ups need changed or adjusted from factory settings for the best performance. Mainly any shock, differential, or gearing adjustments that need to be made before running it for...
  8. R

    Big Rock Big Rock 3s Camber moving

    So my arrma big rock has got a problem. The left wheel of it cambers itself (see pic) as soon as i take a turn. I can move it straight by hand but then aftrr turning it happens again. Anyone know what the problem is?
  9. Non-stop bashing and big jumps at The Pit!

    Non-stop bashing and big jumps at The Pit!

    We had a beautiful and fun day at a local sand pit with a lot of bashing, crashing and jumping with various Arrma 1/5, 1/8 and 1/10 scale RC cars. These RC c...

    Big Rock Out of curiosity

    Has anyone found a way to widen the stance of the BRCC V3 without using hub extenders? I really like that some of the 4S rigs come with a sway bar for the rear A-arms. Just wanted to know, as I’m maxing out my Big Rock as much as possible and will be adding to the build thread shortly. Will...
  11. Arrmas in Bashing Paradise (Finland)

    Arrmas in Bashing Paradise (Finland)

    Arrma Kratons and a Big Rock in Bashing Paradise in Southern Finland (October 2022). This is my favorite place for bashing with my Arrmas. The place is big, rough and awesome!
  12. Dazzler66

    Big Rock armma big rock steering issues

    Hi everyone, I am a complete newbie and not very technically astute. I purchased a Armma Big Rock today and just took it out for a rip around the woods, great fun! But I have noticed that even when I am not turning the steering it is very subtly turning to the left and it’s really bugging me as...
  13. Joeysly

    Big Rock V3 shocks and bottoming out

    Hey everyone! I haven't touched an RC car in almost 30 years and just recently picked up a Big Rock. Bashing and launching is what I hope to be doing most, but I noticed that out of the box the BRCC bottoms out from even 8 inches off of the ground. For bashing what are the best shocks to run...
  14. BO55_Saint

    Big Rock Big Rocks Roll Out!!!

    Finally found time to do this overdue build thread. I've had my BRCC for 4 months now, actually feels longer, and I have done quite a bit to it. Some of my early upgrades were just because others on the forums had done it but as I drove the car more I learned what it was and wasn't capable of I...
  15. B

    Big Rock Big Rock!! Big Beast!!

    Man, this thing is running amazing!! It’s that special moment when you finally understand how to properly maintain diffs, proper oils/shims…and get the mesh perfect!! She runs quite as a mouse and fast!! Have the duratrax stakkers on the feet/oucast 4s shocks…20 weight in the diffs, 15 tooth...
  16. ScottyB

    Big Rock Big rock 3S v3 won’t go when pushing something or trying to climb over stuff.

    Stock 3S Big Rock won’t move when I try to do something like rock crawl or push something. The battery is full. It runs fine on flat ground, grass, road, etc. But even the SLIGHTEST resistance against it, it won't go. I've stopped it on the incline in my front yard that goes over the septic tank...
  17. J

    SOLD / FOUND Big Rock Springs / Shocks

    Hoping to find rear springs off a BigRock shock from someone upgrading. Really just need the springs but may take the whole shock assembly as well. Or maybe consider the upgrade myself if someone has a set of 6s shocks. Thanks!
  18. S

    Big Rock Arrma Big Rock V3 Hot Racing Servo Saver Issue

    Hello! I have a Arrma Big Rock V3 that has been heavily upgraded. I purchased a Hot Racing Servo Saver attached with a plastic 23T (spline adapters for 23 tooth (KO, Sanwa, JR)). On the cars first crash the 23T spline adapter that is made of plastic broke. Do they sell a metal spline adapter...
  19. L

    What is the most efficient RPM for a brushless motor?

    Hey everyone! I'm curious to know what the most efficient RPM range is for brushless motors. I am trying to build a big rock right now, and I want it to run cool on grass with a top speed on packed dirt/pavement of 60+mph. I've done some research, and I've realized that the more watts the...
  20. L

    Big Rock Motors, Amps, KV, help please!

    Hello all, So to sum this up, I've been trying to make a very over powered big rock for a while now. I started with a TP 4050 2830kv D wind on 4s. It had a ton of power, but overheated too quickly, and really heated up the esc as well. I then tried an old Castle 1515 2200kv on 4s with a 24...