big rock

  1. Big Rock snow jump

    Big Rock snow jump

    Big rock with duratrax banditos hitting the snow pile
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    Arrma arsenal
  3. F

    New arrma bigrock crew cab wont do wheelies

    PROBLEM FIXED! sorry for being an idiot lol. I've already maxed out the lunch setting and it still seems really slow to react to full throttle. It eont even pop wheelies with a 3s. Any advice?
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    Bright clear winter day
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    Just grabbing a charged battery and heading back out in the -25°C
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    Dead battery
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    Snow day
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    Tails we don’t need tails
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    Finally got my Brcc!!!
  11. MrTitanium

    Motor options?

    Say I wanted to upgrade motor/ESC combo in my Big Rock 6s, what one would one suggest? Curious...
  12. hybridfire907

    Big Rock Crew Cab, better lower suspension arms?

    hey guys! i was wondering if anyone had any knowledge on a better suspension arm, i keep breaking them in the same spot. ive got plenty of spares, and i could always be a little more gentle, but i want to fit some RPMs on it. Traxxas slash arms are CLOSE, the hinge pins are different and they...
  13. Big Rock 3S BLX

    Big Rock 3S BLX

    The beast! So much fun on 3S
  14. mactek

    Big Rock Crew Cab motor extremely hot

    Just got a Big Rock and noticed when running on 3s and punch setting of 5 the motor gets extremely hot. At one point the car stopped responding due to overheating. I was using a 5000 3s 40c pack. Is this normal?
  15. Rpmspeedyblue

    Nero and the Nero Big Rock

    Added the Nero and the Nero Big Rock to my ARRMA Bash Family!
  16. bicketybam

    Big Rock Crew Cab

    Looks like they are starting to deliver. Someone in the Facebook group got theirs today. Has anyone ordered one yet?
  17. B

    nero big rock

    Hi! i finally bought a nero big rock with two 3s lipo batteries 54oomAh brainergy from yuki model rc; unfotunateri after recharging them for four times one of them stopped working and it stated: low voltage. the servo burned after 3 hours.I've replaced the servo (i 've bouth a new one).now i...
  18. RC Detail

    My Big Rock rebuild

    Hello. I recently sold my Snap On X Maxx collection and switched it to a brand new Fazon and Big Rock that are now shelved, lol. I also have a Big Rock and Fazon I got used. The Big Rock my buddy bought new. I bought up a bunch of Hot Racing stuff for the BR. Also bought the Vision Racing...
  19. Jlg1

    Jumbo Kong Tires

    Has anyone been successful installing Jumbo Kong tires on a Big Rock Nero?
  20. tubbs07

    outcast vs nero 6s big rock

    Hi there I've got an outcast (which Is a beast!) and thinking of getting a Nero 6s BLX big rock. Any thoughts? Cheers