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  1. S

    Big Rock Arrma Big Rock V3 Hot Racing Servo Saver Issue

    Hello! I have a Arrma Big Rock V3 that has been heavily upgraded. I purchased a Hot Racing Servo Saver attached with a plastic 23T (spline adapters for 23 tooth (KO, Sanwa, JR)). On the cars first crash the 23T spline adapter that is made of plastic broke. Do they sell a metal spline adapter...
  2. L

    What is the most efficient RPM for a brushless motor?

    Hey everyone! I'm curious to know what the most efficient RPM range is for brushless motors. I am trying to build a big rock right now, and I want it to run cool on grass with a top speed on packed dirt/pavement of 60+mph. I've done some research, and I've realized that the more watts the...
  3. L

    Big Rock Motors, Amps, KV, help please!

    Hello all, So to sum this up, I've been trying to make a very over powered big rock for a while now. I started with a TP 4050 2830kv D wind on 4s. It had a ton of power, but overheated too quickly, and really heated up the esc as well. I then tried an old Castle 1515 2200kv on 4s with a 24...
  4. CircuitDragon

    Big Rock Big Rock Steering issue / Possible ESC?

    I have done a lot of Google searches, and even YouTube videos. Some people have reported nearly the same issue, but either the problem was the servo, or they never mentioned a fix. Here is my issue. I noticed the steering suddenly was sluggish, and at times unresponsive. By this I mean I could...
  5. R

    traxxas tires on big rock v2? (14mm)

    Im running a stock Arrma big rock bought 2 years ago, made some modifications but now my front tires are broken (cannot be used anymore, not even the rims). The only ones with 14mm on sale locally are the Traxxas 5877, they look pretty much like the ones found in the slash and slayer 4x4, i know...
  6. BO55_Saint

    Big Rock Amazon special servo in reverse

    I purchased the Amazon special 25kg servo for my BR (they finally sent the correct one) I've fitted it into the car, however the steering is reversed. I have adjusted the switch on the remote to fix this but I would like to know if its something I've done wrong and can it be fixed without...
  7. Bekant

    Big Rock SWB Big Rock

    Been thinking about converting my Big Rock V3 into a SWB for a very long time! The other day the rear input gear broke and I figured I might as well pull the trigger and order the SWB chassis to make it happen. This will turn it from a wheelbase of 327mm/12.87" to a wheelbase of 287mm/11.3"...
  8. S

    Big Rock Arrma Big Rock BLX V3 Motor Upgrade

    Hello! I am a complete newbie to the sport and looking for suggestions on what motor I should use. I recently purchased a Big Rock BLX V3 and upgraded almost everything with Hot Racing parts, M2C Racing, T-Bone Racing, and Spektrum. The car is upgraded tough and the only main factory item I...
  9. L

    Big Rock Smaller Spur Gear

    Hello all, I was wondering if anybody makes a smaller spur gear for the Arrma 3s line. Thank you!
  10. J

    Hot racing long arms

    Looking into the hot racing king arms for the big rock but can’t find any info on anyone who has used them. Much thanks for any help
  11. L

    Help deciding between TP 4050 and 4060

    So I am currently trying to build a really efficient Big Rock 3s. I want about 60mph with basically no heat for a full 5000mah pack. Right now I am running a Castle 1515 on 5s (1 2s and 1 3s in series same specs) getting around 54mph and motor temps around 145 at the end of the pack. This...
  12. cxh_guerbear

    Big Rock Raptor Body on Big Rock

    I really wanted to submit this to rig of the month, but I don’t have enough posts, so I’ll share on here instead :) I was never a fan of the original big rock body and wanted a “sporty” body. So I took a chance with this Raptor body. It’s the first time I’ve ever painted a body or used a non...
  13. R

    Big Rock Pro-line powerstroke PRO6359-00 and PRO6359-01 shocks with the big rock

    Hello fam, Anybody using the Pro-line powerstroke PRO6359-00 and PRO6359-01 shocks for the big rock? How do you like them and what oil weight can you suggest? I drive mostly on bumpy grass fields, dirt, and street. I don’t do the crazy jumps. Thanks fam
  14. Vayneslashery

    Relentless big rock crew cab wheel wobble

    Hi guys, I am curious if anyone has an experience similar to mine. I got the big rock a couple of months ago and it came with wobbly wheels. I'm not talking about a wobble as in slop where the wheel has some play. I'm talking about wobble when the wheels are turning. I have replaced the tires...
  15. RCnoob13

    Big Rock New Big Rock issue with throttle lag

    I have had my Big rock for about a week and I am having some issues with the throttle lagging and reverse not working without engaging the reverse at least twice. Also noticed yesterday that range on the transmitter has reduced to about 200 ft. Seemed to be fine the first couple batteries. I...
  16. BedfordRCFan

    Just took the Big Rock for a bash at the tail end of Eunice!

    After a complete rebuild following a catastrophic crash that left this lady in two separate pieces, I just took her out for a quick run in big open a car park round the corner. We have just had storm Eunice pile through the UK an everywhere is soaked and waterlogged so I kept her largely on road...
  17. creastruction

    ...servo unresponsive, BigRockV3 stock servo

    ...out on a bash and at the end of the battery, the servo went unresponsive, to both: L/R steering and trim ...I'll be engaged in disassembly to source the issue... ...sadly AF won't accept MP4 files and I have no idea how to alter the format in which my phone saves videos... In the video you...
  18. creastruction

    Big Rock Jumps, flips, slips...

    ...flipVID...bigrockV3... ... creastruction... ...where's the video???
  19. R

    Big Rock Hot Racing Bell crank for big Rock. Servo arm screw hitting chassis.

    Hi Fam, Installed the hot racing bell crank with the hot racing servo saver and a new 25k servo. After installing the HR bell crank, the screw on the servo arm is hitting the chassis and not allowing full movement. Has anybody had that problem? I had to reinstall the original big rock bell...
  20. Evilestkdogg88

    Big Rock She likes my Big Rock...

    Got myself a new body and a few upgrades. Had to get a new servo, stock was not powerful enough to turn the massive tires. Painted some parts. Added a Granite bumper set. I'm happy with what I have done to it. Now I just need warmer weather in Wisconsin to drive it longer then a single battery...