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    Big Rock Big Rock spur gear keeps stripping almost every run. Any suggestions?

    So I’ve had my big rock for 5-6 months now, and around 2 weeks ago I stripped the spur gear. “All right,” I thought “this is just a stroke of unluckiness. I was running the stock metal one, and my local hobby shop only had plastic, which was fine. Then it happened again. And again. And in the...
  2. R

    Big Rock First 1/10 scale

    Hey Newbie here, just upgraded from a 1/18 scale project car to my first 1/10 scale off-road monster truck. I'm excited but don't want to go overboard with unnecessary upgrades on it. I'm taking suggestions on the most beneficial and top upgrades. I have a Big Rock 3s for my entry point.

    Big Rock Anyone have a lift kit for their Big Rock BLX?

    I’ve had my Big Rock BLX for a while now and have been wanting to put on a lift kit and better shocks and arms. Any ideas, recommendation, or particular products? I have one of the old blue ones, not the new black ones.

    Big Rock New Servo For Big Rock 4x4 3s BLX

    My servo in my big rock broke. Any recommendations for a replacement?

    Big Rock Steering Not working on my Big Rock

    My Big Rock 4x4 3s BLX Just stopped steering this morning. I drove it 2 days ago and when I turned it on this morning it just wouldn’t steer. The throttle is working fine, and there is no dirt, grass, or gravel anywhere I can see. Any idea of what is wrong? And what I should do to fix it?
  6. W

    Battery Consistency Question

    I have a BRCC. I have had the ESC firmware updated by HH to correct the misconfigured LVC that plagues so many BLX100s, so that is not a factor here. If I go full out, a speed run kind of pass and it goes into limp mode (when the battery is at roughly 50% let’s say) I’ve learned that this can...
  7. R

    Granite Help!! Differential question any help wanted

    Hey everyone does anyone know if the Kraton and outcast 4s diffs will fit into the granite 3s because I’m hoping that the 4s diffs will last longer! Any help wanted thanks!!!
  8. yeojnala

    Big Rock Big Rock coming tomorrow, any issues I need to be aware of.

    My first Arrma rc car and my second car ever is arriving tomorrow. It is the 3s Big Rock. I know people complain about the remote being slow, and I have a Dumborc remote to replace it with. Is there any other potential issues I should be aware of.
  9. Loid

    SOLD / FOUND Nero Big Rock 6S, Never ran

    No longer available.
  10. E

    Granite Stopping wheelies / Keeping Granite BLX front wheels on the ground

    I’m looking at buying either a Granite 4x4 3s BLX or a Big Rock 4x4 3s BLX. I like the looks of the Granite better but in all the videos I see online, it’s a wheelie monster. I prefer to drive fast in turns and keep the front wheels down, which is why I was considering a Big Rock instead for...
  11. J

    Granite Is the BRCC or Granite as capable as a TMaxx?

    Hey guys I'm wanting to make a move to electric- and away from Traxxas. I've owned a T Maxx and a nitro slash for a while. I really want to pull the trigger and get an electric Monster truck to bash as hard as I did my t Maxx. However I am concerned about the capabilities of these newer...
  12. W

    Tire Lettering

    I gave my tires the white letter treatment. Turned out better than I expected. Pretty rad!
  13. smokedstanley

    What is your Go To RC

    I am curious what car people grab first when they want to go have some fun. There are no right, or wrong answers and it does not have to be an Arrma. Please just name the brand and model and let us know what other cars you have now or have owned. If the car you list is the only rc you have ever...
  14. senton , typhon, or big rock

    senton , typhon, or big rock

    which should i buy?
  15. Barzano724

    Kraton Which would be a good first arrma ?

    Hi, I’m all new to the electric side of the hobby was always into nitro but wanna give electric a try ! I’m stuck between the Kraton 4s and Big Rock 4x4. I don’t want a 6s or 8s to start into electric maybe later on down the line, But it’s such a hard decision. I’m just looking for a basher and...
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    Brcc in the snow
  17. dillon_mitko

    Big Rock Arrma Towing a boat

    Made a homemade trailer custom to my Proboat Sonicwake 36 boat and haven’t got a scx10 quite yet so I decided to just attach a hitch system to my BRCC and it actually works quite well. It’s a little fast and sensitive, as expected, especially as a BRCC on 6S. but it’s a lot of fun.
  18. dillon_mitko

    My post Christmas big rock build!!

    So I started off in April with m first ever brushless rc truck... the big rock 3s. Here’s everything I’ve done to it since. If anyone would like to calculate how much money has been put into this thing it would be appreciated as I’m kind of curious but forgot some of the prices😂 in no particular...
  19. dillon_mitko

    Kraton Had fun with 4 ARRMAS

    Finally had all 4 of my family’s trucks running ( I work on them all and only drive The BRCC) so we all went to the backyard and had some fun on a dit jump I made a while back😈 The Kraton broke first blowing a center diff Then the BRCC bending a aluminum shock and stripping a ring gear on a...
  20. dillon_mitko

    How to get this off?

    I’m currently changing out all the bearings in my BRCC and this bearing broke and now this little piece if it won’t come off Plz help Thx ARRMY