Big Rock New Servo For Big Rock 4x4 3s BLX

    My servo in my big rock broke. Any recommendations for a replacement?
  2. J

    Big Rock Big rock 3s Upgrades

    Hi! I just got my second RC the Big Rock 3s. Any suggestion what tires will be the best for upgrade? and also what other parts should I upgrade?
  3. Rocky


  4. Warby

    Warby's Rocky BRCC build log

    So I know the Big Rock Crew Cab is no new model and I'm sure my mods and upgrades are old news, been there done that, got the t-shirt etc etc. But I'm doing this build log anyway. Because I want too and I never did one for my Kraton 6s. Also this is my first 1/10 scale and 3s so I'm still...
  5. BRCC.jpg


    new member to my family
  6. T-Bone Racing

    T-Bone Racing enters the world of Arrma forums

    Hey guys, I'll start off by introducing myself, I am Jeff and will be handling all Arrma form activity for T-Bone Racing. I have been with the company for over 8 years and am currently sitting as one of the co-owners/Brand manager! A big initiative for us this year is to be more connected...
  7. BashingBrian

    What weight shock oil.??

    Just fitting Typhon 6s shocks to my Granite/Senton and was curious as to what weight shock oil would be best..?? I've no idea what is in the shocks at the moment other than the fronts seem heavier.. I have some 600cst on hand but I'm thinking that might be too heavy..🤔 Any suggestions would...
  8. BashingBrian

    Granite Another Typhon 6s shock fitting guide

    Sorry if this has been posted before..😁 I just got my Typhon shocks from Jenny's this morning..👍🏼 and thought I'd post up how I got mine to fit.. The shocks have the plastic caps which I know are not the best, but I think it has worked out better in the end.. So I was trying different ways to...
  9. N

    Blx 200 ????

    I own a arrma Nero Big Rock, and my esc has shut down and throws a 4 green flash code. Manual/internet searches leave me in the dark. Called tech support and the tech wasn't aware either? I would send it in but unfortunately I'm second owner with no receipt.. IF anyone has experience with this...
  10. Stitch

    New Servo - Steering Revolution

    I thought the original servo was ok, but now I picked up the Savöx SB-2292 SG. I wanted to improve torque and speed. This servo has both (see below). But effect on the drivability is extreme. It turns like it has a connection to the brain ;) Nice drifts at full speed without loosing control...
  11. Nero Big Rock Steering Revolution

    Nero Big Rock Steering Revolution

    I thought the original servo is not bad. But now I went for the SAVÖX SB-2292 SG. The Big Rock totally changed. It turns on a dime! Awesome drifts with the torque and the quick response Torque: @6V: 305 oz-in (22 kg-cm) @7.4V: 430 oz-in (31 kg-cm) Speed: @6V: 0.085/60° s @7.4V: 0.07/60° s
  12. KyoungRok Kim

    I upgraded to Nero Bigrock.

    I upgraded to Nero Bigrock. An external CC BEC was installed for 7.4V, The motor was changed to Tenshock X802L V2 6 Pole Motor 2200KV, The pinion gear was replaced with 17T. Servo replaced with Savox SV1270TG. I replaced it with another Hot Racing metal part. The GKA Rocker Arms is in order...
  13. chevyrumble

    Big Rock Big Rock Custom Body, LEDs & more

    Update #1: LED Kit I have only been a member of the forum here for a little while, but figured I would start this thread since I am working on a custom painted body, LED package, and a few other modifications to my Big Rock. A while back now I started fallowing a few different YouTube channels...
  14. firstrctruck


    I'm obsessed. Love spares
  15. Stitch

    Another Diff Brain Failure

    Hi, I have a Big Rock and after the 4th charge the rear and center diff started to make a constant noise. As I thought that constant operation of the Diff Brain servos would destroy them fast, I opend the rear diff. But there was no mechanical problem visible. So I used the descrition...
  16. M

    Wheel Hex Nuts

    So there has been some discussion on the issue with wheel hex nuts coming loose. I may have found a solution! I ordered these: Not only...
  17. WoodiE

    Arrma Nero BIG ROCK coming soon!

    Looks like a new model of the already popular Arrma Nero is on it's way out, called the Arrma Nero Big Rock! New body, new wheels but otherwise pretty much the same RC! More info here.