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  1. Uplift-RC

    Florida My 1st few test run's on my new custom RC ramp - Blast Mode!!

    #ARRMA #v3 #KRATON thats all beefed up with #M2CRACING parts! #FLBasher #Sendit #Blastmode #ARRMATOUGH ?????
  2. Little Sundayfunday in Blast mode!!

    Little Sundayfunday in Blast mode!!

    Testing out my new RC ramp that I custom made and catching some massive airs w/ my ARRMA #v3 #KRATON ???! My video is currently uploading to my channel..
  3. Let's see those custom build RC Ramps #RCBASHERS?

    Let's see those custom build RC Ramps #RCBASHERS?

    I put into this custom 4ft (L) x 3ft (H) X 3x (W) Ramp about $50 bucks in plywood and 2x4's and it came out unbelievable. The last 12'' I made it 45 degree angle to really give that launch and wow. Just need to add another 1/2 layer of plywood and then it will completed. Made a short video today...
  4. Typhon....... The other way?

    Typhon....... The other way?

    Different wheel configuration.....
  5. jaredvahn

    No Blast mode,...

    So, it worked fine first 4 runs, but now I do not have Blast Mode. I believe the truck stays in wheelie mode, and I do not hear the Nero change into Blast mode but I can hear each of the other mode changes. Where would I look first to troubleshoot why there is no blast mode?
  6. K

    Blast mode, lack of power and ballooning

    Hi all, I am new to the forum and have a new Arrma Nero with diff brain. Have been driving it for a few weeks and all good. Recently I accidentally kept on the power to the car and as it was against a wall. One of the drive pins sheared off and the blast mode (once I replaced the pin) was...