1. S

    Raider BLS - looking for NIMH + Charger

    Hello from Germany! I am an absolute beginner and am hoping to get some help :-) 3 years ago I bought the Raider BLS (red) and used it only twice. Now I want to revive and drive it with my son. Unfortunately I am missing the ADC-N7 charger and NIMH 3300MAH 8.4V akku. I‘m not able to...
  2. Crispy117

    CV shaft upgrade for Mega/BLS/BLX?

    Hi, I have a '13 model Mojave Mega with; Pro line shocks Louise tyres 5400Kv brushless motor 60A ESC 3 cell 4000mah battery '14 spec BLX metal gear gearbox and rear end Yeti slipper clutch gear 54 tooth And a few other small mods I've finally blown up my first metal gearbox (after destroying 4...
  3. G

    Talion Using 2 2s LiPo on Armma talion

    Is it ok to use 2 2 s 4000 30 c on talion version 3
  4. R

    Granite BLS Spur andn pinion gear spinning but nothing else

    Hello I recently upgraded my Granite BLS with metal gears in the tranny and I also upgraded the spur and pinion gear to the same ones that come stock on the BLX. The issue I'm having now is the only way my tires spin is if I pick up the rear end. If the tires are on the ground the pinion n...
  5. Raffa

    Raider XL BLX - Build Log

    I am making this post to document my journey into RC's with my ARRMA Raiders. When starting off I found it difficult to find posts about the Raider due to it being a less popular vehicle. With ARRMA's 1/10th line in general there is little available for help and photos for guidance. Therefore...
  6. fury78

    fury bls high speed gear

    Hey all! New to the forum, I've had an arrma fury bls for about a year. Awesome truck! I recently decided to throw in the high speed pinion (22t). I know the warnings say no fast starts or stops and you risk overheating. I tried it out and after a 5 min run the motor was only warm. I'm running...
  7. Unusual RC

    1/10 scale after-market parts finally available

    Amen! Finally a RC after-market/hop-up brand decided to make upgrade parts for all our 1/10 scale Arrma trucks: Now I have to find out if they will be available for us here in Europe too. But, hey! They finally did not forget...
  8. A

    Fury BLS battery

    i have an Onxy 110 battery charger (for 4-8 cell NiCd and NiMH batteries) I am looking to get another battery so I can stay at the bike track running my fury longer. Looking to spend 50 bucks total.. any suggestions
  9. M

    Raider Difference old Raider BLX vs new BLS?

    Hello, I'm looking for an Arrma Raider but I don't want the new XL version. What are the mail Differences between the current BLS and the older 1/10 BLX? I can buy both for the same price
  10. K

    Not running right out of the box...

    I recently purchased a brand new Fury BLS from an eBay seller, but no joy. Battery charged for the advised 4.7 hours, connected up, ESC set correctly, but no forward or backward movement, just the steering. When I pull the trigger the blue and red LED's just flicker slightly...
  11. Skaxis

    2nd Fury

    I originally bought the Fury Mega to be a "loaner" truck. Over the year I've owned it, I've upgraded it to the point where I really don't want my sons friends or some noob driving it. o_O I saw a NIB Fury BLS on eBay listed for $209 and got permission from the CFO (wife) to pick it up, with...
  12. Slammed Fury BLS

    Slammed Fury BLS

    Slammed fury!
  13. Arrma Mega and Fury BLS

    Arrma Mega and Fury BLS

    My Arrma mega with 5300kv motor and 60amp ESC and the fury BLS!
  14. Noah Major

    Fury BLS has steering but no drive

    Hey. I just got my Arrma Fury at Christmas and and am more then impressed with it. Was driving it around today for about 45 mins. When I was done I turned of my controller and my wheels started spinning at full throttle (if that's important). I let my battery fully charge and when I went to use...
  15. norcorider44

    please help with my fury

    I just bought the fury bls and I used it 4 times and now I have no start up sound from the motor and both the red and blue lights on the ESC is flashing,and i have no throttle or brake. but I have full steering still. Any info on this could help a lot. Thanks in advance
  16. bogdaddyd82

    Granite BLS upgrade series

    As we all know, off the shelf upgrades for our rigs are sparse as of right now. Many of us want more! Ie. Steering upgrades, shocks, CVD's and so on. Though I hear RPM is working on possibly releasing some upgrade parts for our rigs. That won't be any time soon. And forget about Arrma / Team...
  17. Cobi RC

    Setting a granite BLS for racing

    Hi, it´s been a while since my last post. This time I have a new challenge for all granite heavy users. I have the chance to race on a local track this Sunday, I will be in general category (1/10 off road only) there´s another SC10 The track has more jumps than straight lines, it´s the only...

    Would you recommend an Arrma Fury?

    my brother is trying to get his first electric truck and he likes the Arrma BLS....should i recommend it or no, is it worth the money?
  19. Rooles

    Granite BLS adventures

    Hey guys! Iv decided to keep a log of the what iv done to my granite. What better way than by posting it here! So far iv done the following to my granite. -replaced bls motor with blx motor -added tbone front bumper -purchased 2s lipo I managed to break the front post that holds the body by...