blx 180

  1. Troymarchione

    Senton Having issues with my blx180

    I been noticing it’s been getting worse throttle response every time I play with my senton 6s and tonight during a race it lose steering so I put a new servo and went to turn it back on and not it won’t send power to my receiver anyone else had this issue and fix it I been talking with arrma...
  2. B

    Which RC should I install HobbyWing Max8?

    Ok, So I have a used Kraton with the BLX185, a new Outcast with BLX185 and a used Senton with the dreaded BLX180 in it. I picked up the Senton knowing right away that I was going to replace the motor and esc. Here is my current conundrum, I just ordered a HobbyWing Max8 combo. Now, do I replace...
  3. Darack73

    Blx 180 and a 6 pole motor?

    Straight to it. Will the blx180. Run a 6 pole motor? Looking at Toro 6 pole motor.
  4. justatree

    New ESC, What is timing?

    I wanted to know what timing is... btw I might get a Leopard 60a ESC just to run my fury when my BLX80 is being sent out for warranty. Is it powerful enough? I want something cheap right now... I would not be running the motor leopard gave, but esc an program card I will use [CORRECTION TO THE...
  5. K

    BLX 180 Motor Failure

    Has anyone else experienced this? My ESC quit working the other day on the 3rd lipo pack, and earlier today I was able to get it working pretty normally through disconnecting and rebinding. On my 4th lipo pack (Total since new) today, I noticed my Senton started having a bad delay in throttle...
  6. Darack73

    Blx 180. Replacements off back order.

    Anyone elses repair status change today. Mine changed to estimate complete by 4-9-16. Anyone else get this. However it still says blx180 esc. Not blx 185 or anything similar. Hobby services says. Same blx 180. Just the new model. What ever that means. Blx 185s on the new models. Like...
  7. Bla bla blarrma

    No BLX 185 to replace your faulty BLX 180

    HEY GUYS! Sorry to be announcing that but for now,and the close future,arrmas not gonna be replacing any blx 180 by the new blx 185 comming in late march.I called customer support today to have mine replace and they told me it wasnt in theyre plan not for now or the near future.Instead he told...