blx 185

  1. gary.rvp

    Mojave How to connect firma 160 amp esc to a Mojave stock motor

    horizon sent a firma 160 amp esc for replacement how I connect because the connection is different. what I can do?
  2. Lride Chart

    ARRMA Kraton 8s hand me downs.

    Found a great use for the Kraton 8s ESC and motor. The V4 Kraton just smoked the stock box ESC. So why not give it a try. I am starting with a 23tooth pinion. Excited to watch this thing fly🚀🚀.
  3. dillon_mitko

    Kraton How to calibrate esc?

    I had to get a new esc through warranty (BLX 185 6S) and in the email they said “be advised you will need to calibrate the speed controller”. Instructions are included but I’m still a bit confused so I was wondering if the arrmy could help!?
  4. RcAdam

    Talion Can I hit 100 with the blx 185 spooled

    I'm trying to push my V3 Talion to the 100 mph mark can I make that happen I have a em performance spool
  5. BLX Matt

    Kraton Pays to be a Traxxas man????

    Ok boys calm down chill out I’m not saying I’m a Traxxas guy ,,,,, IM ARRMA TOUGH FOR LIFE BABY!!! On a typical day I see two to three parts I would purchase for my kraton , talion, or big rock 3s now unless those parts say arrma on them I have to have a drill and two other tools to get them to...
  6. Justintime

    Kraton Kraton's 1st swim...

    Took the Kraton V4 to the skate park today. Got the flips going awesome. So I decided to add some more speed to my launch..... I know there is a lot of water features in park. Judging distance between ramp/ pond, I got this poop! Kids watching, skaters anticipating, and a itchy finger. Perfect...
  7. Arrma Talion with Kraton Tyres Hits the Beach

    Arrma Talion with Kraton Tyres Hits the Beach

    Apologies for the poor quality video, I had accidentally set my GoPro to 4:3 ratio so I had to crop everything. The V3 Kraton Tyres a so good on sand, they f...
  8. Primarrma

    Talion Hard Bash, hard hits! Talion V3 6s Ramp Jumps

    I quick video of my Talion hitting the ramps, hope you enjoy!
  9. Primarrma

    A local bash spot tour, with my Kraton on 6s

    Here is a virtually unedited video of my local bash spot. I wanted to give the feeling of being there, so I left it unedited, hope it works. Warning it may be a bit boring for some, haha.
  10. Primarrma

    Kraton Kraton Farm Bash Video

    Visited my mates farm last weekend, I brought the Kraton for some bashing. I broke the shock rod end on the way down at a skate park, managed to repair it with cable ties and this is some of the action that I caught on my old go pro, the video is edited on my phone as well so sorry it's not...
  11. Frankfuerter5000

    Notorious Loud clicking noise when free rolling

    Is it normal to hear a loud clicking noise if rolling with no power ? My notorious is loud and non of my other Rc cars make noise like that when free rolling .
  12. L

    Is my BLX 185 ESC bad?

    So for a few months now ive had a problem going on my kraton v3. When i first start driving it it will full throttle for a quick burst without me doing it. Its not my trim and ive tried to reset everything. Nothing works. And it seems to go away after 10 mins of driving it. Like once it warm ...
  13. A13art

    Talion Is my ESC toast?

    so I purchased a talion and just started getting into the electric scene. I have the 20tooth gear in and have been constantly over heating running 6s 7500mah 100c. However I usually just let it cool off and I am good to go after. This time I got cut off my servo got locked and my esc is...
  14. S

    Talion BLX 185 esc - Hobby Wing equivalent?

    I read somewhere that the BLX185 ESC is a re-branded Hobby Wing. I can't find that article despite a good trawl so does anyone out there know if this is the case, and if so, what the hobbywing model/ part number is? Thanks.
  15. everest4

    Kraton New ESC just blinking

    I recently installed a new BLX 185 ESC on my Kraton and it keeps flashing red very rapidly. I did bind the radio but just the steering works with no throttle response. I also made sure i was using freshly charged packs. Ideas anyone?
  16. D

    BLX 185 - Will it power the SMC 1900KV motor?

    I quite honestly don't know what specs I need to be looking at to determine if a motor will work in my Talion. I'm looking at the SMC 1:8 scale 1900KV motor, and I'm unsure right now if the stock BLX 185 ESC will work to power this motor. I'm not sure what specs to look for when determining...
  17. M

    Blx 185 system value?

    What is the stock esc and motor worth used in good working condition?
  18. Arrma Granite 4S Snow Fun

    Arrma Granite 4S Snow Fun

    Now I gotta clean this up...
  19. Arrma Granite 4x4 6S BLX

    Arrma Granite 4x4 6S BLX

    Just a little 2-day project
  20. Megasty

    Granite Arrma Granite 4x4 6S BLX

    You knew this was coming, muhuhahahahaha :vamp: I have the same system in my Pro-MT 4x4 so I took the badlands mx28 from it, added the 17mm hex from Axial AX8000, some fender washers from Menards & the beast awakens :p I beefed up the springs & links. Everything came from parts I had...