1. E

    Big Rock Max 6 in a Nero?

    Well I ended up frying my BLX200 after abusing and mudding the truck very, very hard. So as an alternative and upgrade, I decided the superior performance of the Max 6, was worth the minor struggle of fitting it into the smaller space. Has anyone done this yet so I can get a few pointers, or am...
  2. Fazoner

    Smoking capacitor on a BLX200 ESC on my Fazon

    Got some real issue with my Fazon's ESC... Smoke is coming from the capacitors at full throttle. The engine run uneven forward and somewhat OK in reverse. The motor becomes around 170 Fahrenheit/77 C, after running it a minute. All cables are warm to hot. The red cable to the ESC are the...
  3. IMG-2684.jpg


    Typhon v1 + blx200
  4. JohnsonWang

    How can I change the voltage of the a of the low voltage Cut-off function of the BLX200?

    Does any body know how to change the voltage of the a of the Low Voltage Cut-off function of the BLX200?Can I use the Hobbywing programming card? I've heard that the BLX200 originates from the Hobbywing MAX8.They are the same ESC in fact. Much appreciated!
  5. C

    Kraton BLX200 in stock kraton?

    Anyone ever put the BLX200 IN a stock kraton? Results? Pros or cons?
  6. Megasty

    Granite Arrma Granite 6S Vs Arrma Siren 6S

    The Arrma Granite 4x4 is an awesome 1/10 monster truck for beginners & very upgradeable for enthusiasts. So I upgraded it to be able to instantly eat it's poor plastic diffs :eek: However, there's been a true 6S capable 1/10 monster truck in existence for over a year. It was created using a...
  7. N

    Blx 200 ????

    I own a arrma Nero Big Rock, and my esc has shut down and throws a 4 green flash code. Manual/internet searches leave me in the dark. Called tech support and the tech wasn't aware either? I would send it in but unfortunately I'm second owner with no receipt.. IF anyone has experience with this...
  8. R

    Senton Will a BLX 2050kv motor work with a Blx200 ESC?

    I have senton with a blx2050kv (390112) motor will the blx200 work?
  9. maxys

    LVC on BLX200

    Hi, I use 4S on Fazon. When I turn it on it only does two beeps instead four(like it logically should) and after some driving it is just stops. Not any sounds to alarm me regarding low battery juice. After driving I check my batteries and both are below 3.2. Had it twice now(thought first time...
  10. InSaYnE

    BLX 200 and an external BEC

    I've never installed a separate BEC before, but with the Nero I'm thinking about it. What's the consensus on BEC's?
  11. Thangstudio

    Change BLX200 BEC output to 7.2v

    As far as I know, the BLX200 series uses the ESC Hobbywing MAX 8 and the current on the BEC can be adjusted to 7.2v. By default, Arrma just let the current on the BEC of the BLX200 is 6v. This is a waste when I use a Servo HV that can run at 7.4v and 8.4 with greater traction and speed. Anyone...
  12. Kauaiguy

    Kraton Blx200 downgrade

    I bought a Blx200 when they where on sale for $51.Thought i would give it a try on my Kraton. Was using a HW Max8 which is the same as the Blx200, except it's not software crippled like the Blx200. With the Blx 200 you don't have a choice to run 5s,only 3,4 or6s and only 5 very basic settings to...
  13. gLippa

    Senton BLX200 on a Senton

    Does anyone know of a reason why the BLX200 wouldn't work on my Senton? I have the BLX180 and its starting to shut off at random times while running and I want to upgrade. Also should I also change the connectors to the XT150's or are the XT90's a real reliable connector?