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  1. Nomad1981

    Kraton Reinforced thicker body can't get pins in

    Hey, maybe a silly question but after reinforcing my j concepts body with truck bed spray, it is a little thick to get the pins in. Are there body posts with longer gaps from the part it sits on to. The whole or would I have to make them myself? I just need a couple more mm.
  2. Caracal RC

    Granite Arrma Granite 3S BLX v2 front body mount - 3D printable

    Hello everyone, I designed a replacement part for the front body mount of the Arrma Granite 3S BLX v2 I own and it is certainly compatible with other cars. I am sharing this with you, I think this may help others. This is a copy/paste of the description I wrote for the "thing:4807208" I just...
  3. Arrma Senton 3S BLX Body design 2

    Arrma Senton 3S BLX Body design 2

    The new design turned out pretty good! Body: Traxxas Slash Paint: Graphite grey and neon orange.
  4. Arrma Senton 3S BLX Body design 1

    Arrma Senton 3S BLX Body design 1

    The new design turned out pretty good! New body and wheels :) Body: Traxxas Slash Paint: Graphite grey and neon orange.
  5. WaxnDabs

    How to install Senton body mounts on a Typhon.

    Hey everyone so I'm looking for a tutorial on how to add some senton body mounts on my typhon but I cant seem to find any tips or videos anywhere. Does anyone have any idea on what exactly I need to do to install them? The mounts came by themselves no screws or pins nothing, I just have the...
  6. Tsims9

    Senton 3S BLX Body Mount Question

    Anyone know of any aluminum body post that will fit the Senton 3S ? I am not finding any on my own search. Tired of seeing this after bashing. Thanks in advance.
  7. -Dusty-

    Will the Outcast body mount/posts fit on the kraton?

    Was just wondering if they fit on the kraton. Do the holes line up to the shock tower? Edit: Just did a little research and figured that if the same Voltage hobbies shock towers work in both the outcast and kraton, then the body mounts should work.
  8. dpricenator

    Body Post Set AR320357 ?

    Can anyone find this available in the US. I made a tower to tower brace, for the Kraton, and my brace sits above the body posts ...oops.... so I would like to raise the back body posts, but I can't find them.
  9. Raffa

    Stadium Tuck body on LWB Chassis (Fury / Raider XL)

    Hey all, Has anyone had any luck or attempted with putting a Vorteks or granite style body (doesn't have to be Arrma) on their LWB chassis? I'm looking into getting the body posts for either the Granite or Vorteks and putting them on my Raider with a body that still keeps the open wheel style...
  10. Krimzun

    Fury Extended Body Mounts.

    Hi, new Fury BLX owner got it today and had plans to put a Pro Line VW Baja body on. The rear supports just don't line up and even fully extended they are to short. I had planned on using a Pro Line kit to extend the mounts, but they use a square rod vs arrma using a hex shape. Has anyone...
  11. Piz_77

    Broken front body retainer...

    Hello, Wonder if anyone can give me opinions on fixing a simple but annoying problem with my RC. I've recently ran my Typhon hard directly onto a tree... I honestly thought the thing would've been cut in half based on the speed it bumped on the tree. However, to my surprise, there were...
  12. mrfurious40k

    Senton Extended Body Posts for Senton?

    Hey all, Can anyone point me in the direction of a set of universal body post extensions that I could use to put a different body on a Senton or raise the stocker higher? I'm really digging the 3.8" Badlands another member put on his Senton but I don't want to mod the stock body in case I want...
  13. R

    Aluminum parts upgrade?

    I've had my granite bls for only a couple days now and I already broke a body mount and a rod end. I'm not upset because I'm new at this but I'm wondering if I can upgrade those parts to aluminum? I've done several searches and I can't seem to find anything. Does anybody have any suggestions or...