1. Mr.Duke

    Outcast Outcast vinyl graphics

    Has anyone tried these yet? I totally jacked up the paint on my new clear outcast body after one bash session and just ordered a new grey stock one for time being. I still need to do something with the extra spare body tho, so I'm looking for options before stripping all the paint off and...
  2. Mboss

    Kraton New look Kraton

    Got a new body and figured I would try to do a marble paint job with some cans...freestyled the design...pleased with outcome
  3. ptr1ck

    Granite Granite Mega 4x4 Body Options

    My Granite has been taking a beating from my lack of jumping skills. The body is busting out on the back end and I need a replacement. I like the look of the stock bodies but thought of going aftermarket. Does anyone know if the Granite Voltage body will fit on the Mega? Also, please post up...
  4. E36Mtek

    Proline 81 Bronco on arrma senton mega

    This is my third paint job on a lexan body so it’s not perfect but not too bad either imo. I made custom body mount extensions out of some brass tubing i got from a hobby store.
  5. T

    New arrma outcast body

    Does anyone know a good body for an arrma outcast. I don't want another stock one, I want something new. I want it to fit with the wing and wheelie bar on. If you have any suggestions please give me your opinion.
  6. cordell12

    Proline Enforcer - Kraton

    Can someone who has the Proline Enforcer body on their Kraton show me a pic of the rear body mounts. I am using the Proline Extended Front and Rear Body Mounts (T/E-MAXX) (all they had in stock). If I mount the shaft of the post against the rear shock tower, the body post will be too close to...
  7. Dennis.W

    Outcast Body support tower

    Hi, Have anyone noticed that the tower in the middle of the car above the motormount/center diff is out of place for supporting the body? (As i guess is the meaning of this ”tower”.) If you check under the body when its in place on the car the support sits almost right in the driving...
  8. Chrisdegroot

    Custom made granite

    I made my one granite body with led lights and front and rear lights.
  9. G

    Talion Proline rat rod

    Will the proline rat rod1/8 body shell will fit to new talion
  10. vps1900

    Granite Granite 4x4 body Choices

    has anybody tried different body’s on there granit 4x4? What body will work I like MT look pictures would be great.
  11. B

    Typhon Typhoon body options?

    Hey guys, I am about to buy my first 1/8 scale and am trying to decide between the Typhoon and Kraton. I know they are different beasts, this thread is not for comparing the two. My question is, has anyone found a different body that fits the Typhoon well? I have always drooled over 1/8...
  12. T

    Kraton body

    wS wondering if anyone has any experience fitting a truck body on a Kraton with no wing. Like are there some body mounts I can buy to make this work???
  13. E

    Kraton Green Nero body on Kraton

    Hello all, how to mount a green nero body on kraton v3 ? thx bye
  14. C

    Kraton Magnetic Body Posts?

    Anyone using them? How do you like them? How are they for holding the body on?
  15. AntmanLV

    Jeep Wrangler jk

    hello everyone, New to the forum, YouTube name TeeTellis, uhhhm I was worndering does anyone know of anybody the sells a Jeep Wrangler jk body that will fit the Outcast? If there’s any help I’ll be greatly appreciative. Thank you #BashOn
  16. Toiletpimp

    Mud guards by myself.

    So I had some time today... As a matter of fact I have been waiting around for my mud guards by Tbone, so I would stop getting crap up in my axles. My Typhon rips like a true basher. Grass has been the thing lately. Lots and lots of grass. Downfall is that clean up gets to be a real hitch. Grass...
  17. Ulaan

    Talion Problem talion body

    I have a problem with talion body, now mine is disintegrated and i need a new one. I read you suggest proline bulldog or enforcement but the first is discontinued and in Europe it's difficult found them, so you have some other bodies to suggest me i can find easily, thanks.
  18. S

    Replace broken body Granite Mega

    Hello, I've bought for my son's birthday the Arrma Granite Mega. He is enjoying a little too much as he has broken (split in two actually) the original body (a very fun time on a skate park :). I was wondering if all the bodies for the granite (2wd, 4X4, glx...) are compatible with each others...
  19. T

    New body for Outcast

    Had to share not super proud on the paint but hey whatever lol this is a Revo body from proline! No wing mount on right now as I snapped mine lol but I have the body cut to fit the wing nicely.
  20. Friso Fox

    Outcast Outcast body paint schemes

    Planning to get a new transparant body for my Outcast and searching for some paint schemes inspiration. Can you guys show the paint jobs you did on your Outcast? Thanx in advance!