1. Mopsik_Klopsik

    Do I need a center ( t2t ) brace for my kraton?

    Do I need a center ( t2t ) brace for my kraton? Some say it's useless if you already have a thicker m2c chassis and metal braces. But I want to know your opinion.
  2. R

    Vorteks Shock Tower/Gearbox Brace Solution

    Hi everyone...first time ive posted a mod ive come up with here (and my first rc) so be gentle haha I have an arrma vorteks that ive broken 2 shock towers on, before and after upgrading to traxxas GTR shocks. I know the general sentiment is to "get good" and "drive better" so it is what it is...
  3. glxfr

    Kraton cross chassis brace tube

    Hi, I have one of the v1 Kraton 6s which didn't include a brace across the chassis (the tube btw the front and rear towers) looking for information on what to order to add one to mine. Also any wider battery tray as I got 2 3S lipo but both won't fit in the standard battery tray. it seems only...
  4. 4x4 BLX chassis braces!

    4x4 BLX chassis braces!

    Completely official fix for cracking the chassis at the centre ?
  5. 4x4 BLX chassis braces!

    4x4 BLX chassis braces!

    Completely official fix for cracking the chassis at the centre ?
  6. E

    Granite BLX 4x4 V3 brushless chassis

    Hey guys, I’m going through chassis over here like crazy and it’s getting quite annoying. Anyone know of a better chassis to get or some sort of bracing to make it stronger? First time snapped chassis in half in the center, next time front left near where steering block attatches this time the...
  7. J

    Talion Chassis braces

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get some steel chassis braces for my talion v4? I can't find any and want to get some so I can continue to use the T2T brace without fear of bending the chassis...
  8. MRoyer

    Winter Temps Destroying Parts

    Don't let the title mislead you: Some of the wreckage is my fault. I'm new to the hobby. Its also been 32 or below when I've used the car. However, at this point, I think I'm going to put the Kraton away. Today I broke my rear diff housing (AR310427) AGAIN along with the composite hinge pin...
  9. A

    Kraton Tbone T2T brace

    Is anybody planning on buying one of The Bone upper tower to tower brace? I see there available now for purchase.
  10. ThatDrewGuy

    Kraton 3D Chassis brace

    So there is a few different 3d printer files for Arrma's out there. I really needed a chassis brace after bending my chassis in half. I found one file for the Talion stock shock towers. Well The Kraton needed the brace. So figuring that they are close, but not the same, wanted to see how they...
  11. JMS RC

    Homemade Front Chassi Brace not T2T

    Found a piece of 8mm alu at work and decided to try to make a front chassi brace for my Talion V3. I know there's plenty of good manufacturers of upgrade parts but having several RC's and buying several upgrades adds up. Seems to be lot of forum members here that fabricate their own parts...
  12. Lee Boyce

    Kraton Chassis Brace

    Check this out, I'm going to get one of these from Markhor RC Design perfect chassis front to back Brace
  13. bennyly

    Kraton Hot racing chassis braces

    Little different look to the hot racing braces
  14. TpPartsRcXtreme

    ARRMA 1/8th "How-To" make and mount Tower to Tower brace ( non Nero series and Typhon )

    In this video i show how you make and mount a Tower to Tower brace on the 1/8th cars BESIDES Nero series and Typhon
  15. bennyly

    Outcast DIY shock tower brace for my Outcast

    Thought I’d share this with you guys. Made it out of a automotive brake shoe adjuster,a lock nut and some 7/16 aluminum tube.
  16. S

    Talion Are metal chassis braces absolutely necessary?

    I like to keep the truck as light as possible, also I have read that it is good to have slight flex to get better bite in the corners. I don't jump my truck that high. Maybe 6-8 feet height and maybe 35 ft distance at most. I also don't try to do back flips or anything. I feel that if I started...
  17. Brakemanbobsmith

    Kraton Tower to Tower Braces

    Ok I'm wanting opinions on a Tower to Tower Brace! Good idea ??? Bad Idea ??? Just made a pair out of 1/4 inch round aluminum rods, drilled and tapped the ends to 6-32 machine screws and plan on drilling out the unused shock mounting holes on each front tower and drilling holes in both rear...
  18. Cater4anytink

    GKA make us a bling bling tower to tower brace.

    @gregmbrandt I know it's easy enough to make a tower-tower brace but I'd rather pay more for something shiny and premium..after spending so much on my rc why why start worrying bout cost now!!!
  19. Vafall

    Kraton Hot Racing Chassis Braces

    Are the Hot Racing braces any good? Is it necessary to swap out the stock plastic braces?
  20. Vanning

    Kraton Chassis stiffener

    I cobbled this together seems like it may do the trick. The aluminum rod is notched in the back and has a hole through it. There is a zip tie around it. In the front....I drilled a small hole in the shock tower and threaded it, then drilled a hole in the front of the aluminum rod...