brushed motor

  1. A

    Senton Senton mega brushed

    Can i use 3s lipo on senton mega brushed truck? Will esc tolerate it?
  2. J

    Can you run a 3s on stock electronics?

    My son has a brushed granite and he lost the battery. I tried one on my 3s 30c lipos from my crawler on it (yes i moved the jumper for LiPo). It runs fine at part throttle but after 5sec or less at full it shuts down. LiPo monitor never alarms and shows full voltage? Any answers. Can you run a...
  3. L.N.MIKE

    Granite Do you need to break in brushed motor

    Might be a stupid question but I have only had brushless motors. I just got my wife a arrma granted voltage today for her birthday. Somewhere I had seen before that you have to break in brushed motors and not brushless. I am wondering do I need to break in the brushed motor on the voltage and...
  4. zoldos

    Granite Granite Voltage upgrades?

    I thought about replacing the stock motor with an official Arrma "Mega" 550 brushed version. It doesn't appear to come with this. Would it make a difference? And it is easy to install? What pinion should I use? Thanks!
  5. Paulsy75

    New Granite 4x4 brushed

    Hi everyone, I bought my boys 2 granite 4x4s and a senton as well. Today on first time out one of the Granites stopped working properly. When you turn on the vehicle the ecs does its normal beep the a secondary one happens and the wheels turn to the left. When I try and steer it pretty much just...
  6. DBBD

    Maximum Motor Temp

    What is the highest motor temp you guys feel comfortable with? I have an infrared thermometer on order. The other day my son was running his Fury through some thicker grass and we saw smoke coming from the back. Luckily it was just some dry grass, but the motor was extremely warm. After it...
  7. 2016 Arrma Granite MEGA

    2016 Arrma Granite MEGA

    Arrma Granite MEGA 2016 model monster truck with brushed motor.
  8. J

    rear alignment

    Hey there. New to the forum, just purchased my arrma granite 1/10 brushed monster truck and i love it! Already planning some upgrades. My question is this. The rear wheel plane seems to point significantly inward. Is this normal? Thanks for your help
  9. Blxer

    Hpi blitz complete transmission in granite mega?

    Hey, yall! Was just sitting here thinking about how crappy it is that arrma discontinued some major transmission components, making it almost impossible for anyone wanting to upgrade their granites transmission. I read somewhere that people were using hpi blitz trans parts in their granites. I...
  10. Desertrat

    Granite mega parts

    Hi all. Where do you buy your Granite parts? I have been going through tower hobbies but is there anywhere with a better selection?
  11. Deathspared

    Metal Transmission for Granite Mega

    Hello. I am considering upgrading my granite mega to a sidewinder sct motor. I keep reading that the plastic transmission won't be able to handle a brushless motor. However I don't see anyone recomendending a solution. If there is a metal transmission that should be installed can you please...
  12. WoodiE

    7-cell Duratrax Onyx NiMH Battery with Arrma MEGA RTR's

    ARRMA MEGA RC's are perfect for bashers and beginners, and it’s easy to see why. ARRMA Mega's come pre-built, tough, and have outstanding values with a 2-year limited warranty for an amazingly affordable price! To top it off, from NOW through October 31, 2015, ARRMA Mega RC's are an even better...
  13. Desertrat

    Granite mega battery

    I just got my Granite, when I bought it it said a 7 cell Nimh would fit without any mods, however when I went to install the battery it will not fit. Am I doing something wrong?
  14. C

    New Mega Granite stopped steering

    I bought a new Mega Granite. I drove it 3 times. And now it stops steering. What do i need to do ?? I can drive it forward and backward with no issues. i can hear the parts moving when i turn the control but the wheels wont' turn / steer. :( Brand new to the lobby with no experience...
  15. Mtmopar

    Granite mega upgrades

    Hello all. So just gt my son a granite mega. Already fried the first motor (kinda disappointing with only 10 run on it). However tower s sending me a new motor to replace it. Also bought the aluminum heat sink for it as I have purchased a 7 cell 4200 mah battery so he can drive it for more...
  16. Mtmopar

    Granite mega motor smoked

    Hi all, Just recently purchased a granite mega for my son. Less than a month old. First disappointment was a 10 run time with stock battery, but a new one ordered. The truck had less then 10 runs on it and on the last one the motor started smoking 10 mins into it. The upgrade...
  17. TpPartsRcXtr

    TpPartsRcXtremes - Granite ---> MegaGranite

    Some sneakpeak of my next building.. Carbon side chassiplates Full wheelbase Fury or longer Arms longer CVD longer Turnbuckles longer New shocks
  18. Skaxis

    Mega ESC

    Is there a reverse lock-out on the ESC? My son wants to run the Fury at the local track but to do so we have to lock-out reverse. The manual is about worthless. :(
  19. James

    Raider mega brushless upgrade gearing

    I'm upgrading my little raider mega into a brushless powered raider. I'm going to be using a 4370 kv 9 turn motor. I believe the stock mega raider comes with a 22t pinion and 81 spur. Anyone have any suggestions for gearing? I know I will have to go down. I was thinking a 15t pinion. What are...
  20. Skaxis

    Mega 15T brushed motor

    My wife and son were bashing about in the (flat) back yard tonight and on the street. Mix of two surfaces: short St. Augustine grass and blacktop. I put pack #3 in and the steering worked, but no power to the rear tires. The light on the ESC was working. So I unplugged the motor and tried a...