1. Kowal

    Fireteam Problem with motor mount

    Hi! Yesterday i got my first Arrma RC... and I have a problem. (I didn't even start it) I would like to change the motor(because I have a different ones ) And I cant unscrew motor mount. Inner or outer. they don't move at all, Also heating doesn't help. how can i take it off? share your tips...
  2. J

    Granite Brushless noise - is this normal?

    Hi All, I got an Arrma Granite Boost last month which I've been upgrading. I just installed the brushless upgrade which has the power module fully assembled. I've heard that these motors can be a bit noisy and make a clicking noise from the magnet, but wasn't sure if what I'm hearing is...
  3. Hellamass

    Grom Brushless 3s / 4s Granite Grom Build (Pricey Build)

    So I love the lil Grom but I just had to do it a solid. I cut the front springs by 1.5 loops, removed all shock spacers, added 40w oil in the rears, jammed a 4100kv brushless motor and Mamba ESC combo from Castle, added AVC receiver, new dx3 remote, 3s / 4s lipo, and kept the gearing the same...
  4. Stonedsludge

    Senton Senton 4x2 to brushless, without going 4x4

    I bought the Senton 4x2 not to save any money, but because I want a 2wd truck. Now I’m hearing my upgrade path to brushless requires 4x4… Why? If I upgrade the motor mount, spur and pinion and possibly the diff, shouldn’t I be good?
  5. H

    RC Car Motor issue: Intermittent Forward Operation, Smooth Reverse

    Help I'm experiencing an issue with my RC car and hoping someone might have encountered a similar problem or can provide some guidance. Problem: Forward Operation: When I press the throttle button for forward movement, the motor doesn't operate smoothly. It appears to get stuck...
  6. flatsixconvict

    Granite Granite mega to BLX conversion

    Hey Guys, My V3 Granite mega started off with its stock 15/91 setup and a brushed motor. upgraded to a metal spur and as a noob at the time i listened to my hobby shop and threw in the cheap Onyx 4000kv setup (Way too high KV for a granite). Surprisingly ran excellently. The 4000kv motor held up...
  7. flatsixconvict

    Granite Wires Overheating?

    Hello, I have an Arrma Granite That was once a brushed mega running the 15/91 setup. I then threw in a Onyx 4000kv system that after replacing the plastic spur to a steel one, ran just fine. Upgraded from a 2s(7.4v 5000mah 50c) to a 3s (11.1v 5200mah 50c) and still did perfectly. About a week...
  8. lkinney97

    Vorteks Vorteks 3S/4X4 brushed Granite Question

    Hey all so I had a question that I had been digging into and I wanted to get some additional input. I purchased a brushed granite for cheap in order to upgrade it to a brushless system (ESC and motor are dead) in order to give it to my family. I was originally going to try and just order the 3s...
  9. ian turner

    Motor mount troubleshooting

    Anyone know where I can buy this part circled in red at, or what the part number is I have the other 2 pieces
  10. Nebula34

    Rustler 2wd Upgrade for my son

    2 years ago my son got a Traxxas Rustler for Christmas and I decided to surprise him this year by upgrading it to a brushless system and blinging out the motor wires. It's probably nothing too difficult for most of you, but for me (who's learning as my son breaks things...) it was the first...
  11. bigbody300

    Granite Granite MEGA 4x4 Brushless - faster PINION gear?

    hi guys new to the forum (i have a talion 6s EXB, and my son has the Granite 4x4 MEGA (brushless upgrade). my question is there a faster PINION gear that can be used on the stock SPUR gear? i am on 2s lipo.
  12. ChriswithaC

    Vorteks Pinion size and specs .

    Hey guys , Loads of questions for you all lol , new platform for me arrma so making sure I get it all right . Ok so my 3650 3900kv brushless motor and ESC should be here in a few days and just purchased this pinion . Right question one Is 48dp correct pitch ???? Question two before I buy more...
  13. ChriswithaC

    Vorteks Boost motor upgrade!!!!!

    Hey guys and this is my official first post here so be gentle lol 😂. Ok so after a 15/16 year break from the RC hobby I've come back to it and my brilliant wife has just purchased and preorderd the brand new Arrma Vorteks Boost in red for me ( lucky boy eh ) . As I used to race 1/10th touring...
  14. aim4min

    Typhon Typhon 4x4 v3 MEGA now $150 - best way to upgrade to 6s or 3s?

    So, I have a Granite 3s BLX 1/10 (For my son), and a Heavily Modified Kraton 6s 1/8. And I just saw this deal, and I couldn't pass it up, so a Typhon 4x4 v3 MEGA is joining the family...
  15. L

    What is the most efficient RPM for a brushless motor?

    Hey everyone! I'm curious to know what the most efficient RPM range is for brushless motors. I am trying to build a big rock right now, and I want it to run cool on grass with a top speed on packed dirt/pavement of 60+mph. I've done some research, and I've realized that the more watts the...
  16. Draven

    SOLD / FOUND Granite 4x4 1/10 3s 5000mah Lipo, Hobbywing MAX10 SCT Brushless setup, Pro-Line Shocks, 3s battery, extra body

    $280 cash local pickup in Lewisville Texas. Driven about 3 times. Never in water. Much better power system and upgrades than the stock granite brushless. I'm NOT including the receiver, transmitter, and Lipo charger. -Hobbywing EZRun MAX10 SCT Sensorless Brushless ESC/3660SL Motor Combo...
  17. KratonKing1983

    First Limitless build

    Hey guys just a quick thread on a Limitless I just built for my kids and I. Powered by 1717 and MMX Running on 6s and 8s Gearing 27/34 Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I did the whole 100 plus mph XO1 and ofna gtp2e, but this chassis seems much more promising. There are a lot of...
  18. Enferius

    Big Rock Release the Kraken!

    Updated 6/22/21 Big Rock to Kraton transformation is now complete! You can find new and updated photos of the truck in the comments. Parts list updated accordingly! Hello friends! This is my second basher, but first time building a truck. I've owned the Big Rock for about 3 weeks now and as the...
  19. Inside the Mojave

    Inside the Mojave

    Scorched chassis, v5 stock system upgrade, hotdog Kevlar bar, all tbone plastics, M2c chassis braces. Baby that’s all ya need!
  20. Prisma

    Granite Brushless Sounds

    Hey everyone, I've noticed from the very beginning that my brushless granite consistently makes very uncomfortable sounds when pulling the throttle too hard, although my gear mesh is set correctly and the gears aren't damaged. It's a very high pitched sound, which made me think it's the motor...