1. nevweezy

    Kraton Hobbystar 4092

    I did a search and found some good info but just wanna get some fresh opinions on it. I know alot of people have ran the Hobbystar 4092 in the Kraton. My question is should i get the 1730kv or get the 1480kv and just gear up to desired speed. I wanna get the 1730kv but don't wanna run into heat...
  2. engineerangelo

    Brushless Granite cannot do wheelies anymore

    Hi! I recently upgraded my Granite Mega to Speed Passion 13.5T motor and Hobbywing Xerun Justock 60A brushless sensored system. And during my first run, the truck began to do wheelies. I even had it flip over after trying to make a decent wheelie. That run was just for a couple of minutes. And...
  3. Chandlerayotte

    Motor shaft movement

    Should my motor shaft move in and out about an eighth of an inch or so?
  4. digitaldude80

    Rebuild motor

    So the bearings of my 2050kv motor ar broken. I've managed to dasasemble the motor, but I'm not sure if I have everything to rebuild the motor I have the shaft with rotor (including two small pins) the housing I have two bushings front and back-plate tiny screws for the front and backplate (see...
  5. Steve

    Sensorless ESC with Sensored Motor?

    Looking for help: Can I run a sensored motor with a sensorless ESC? And vice versa, a sensored ESC with sensorless motor? Thanks! ~Steve
  6. WoodiE

    Talion Arrma Talion 6S BLX Brushless 4WD RTR

    Get ready for 70+ MPH speeds right out of the box with the new Arrma Talion V3. The ultra-sleek, low center gravity Talion 6S BLX features a redesigned front end that is lower, sleeker and dramatically reduces drag while boosting top-end speeds. The V3 Talion suspension has also been optimized...
  7. ironhead79

    Kraton MXL-6 in kraton...

    Have a brushless emaxx with the mxl6 & 2200kv castle. Would this be an upgrade over the kratons blx185 2050kv ??
  8. WildP1

    Brushless Blx motor cleaning

    Hello I got my old senton v1 blx motor. It's really dirty inside. Mud dirt everywhere inside the engine. Does anybody know how to clean it? I took it appart and the thing in the middle is dirty too. I might clean that with some wd40 or smth. I might get some electrical cleaner from the shop but...
  9. WildP1

    Senton Arrma Senton new electronics

    Hello I need a new esc and brushless motor for my Senton v1. I used to have 6s mamba monster in it but that was too much. Wheelies non stop. Does anybody know a good esc and motor for about 200-300 $ (best would be under 200$) that can handle 6s but not do wheelies all the time. I was thinking...
  10. warfield

    Can you run different brand BL motors on the ARRMA BLX185 6S Brushless ESC

    I have a ARRMA BLX185 6S Brushless ESC but want to know if I can put different brand motors on it without any problems. Im using it on a Typhon. i see some cheaper motors than the Arrma brand motors so just wanted to see if that was possible before i buy one.
  11. R

    Senton Will a BLX 2050kv motor work with a Blx200 ESC?

    I have senton with a blx2050kv (390112) motor will the blx200 work?
  12. Crash

    Kraton New kraton parts

    Castle 1717 big block and HR diffs! Was gonna go with Tekin but someone here mention this motor and its water proof.
  13. I-70Westbound

    Outcast Motor Run-in

    The Outcast owners manual states to run-in the motor prior to first use. It's listed in the first part of the manual under the ! section. This is how it's worded in the manual: Always ‘Run-in’ your vehicles’ brushed motor prior to use. ARRMA recommend supporting the vehicle with the drive...
  14. Mr.White

    Kraton Leopard or Hobby Star brushless motors?

    Have been eyeballing a Leopard 4092 in either 1480 or 1730, but RCJuice just got in Hobby Star 4092 in 1480 or 1730. On paper the HS 1730 is rated for higher voltage (26V compared to 20V on the Leo). Been following vanning various posts about Leo motors and am impressed. The HS are 20-30 bucks...
  15. Justin50208`

    Castle Creation SCT Motor in Fury

    I'm thinking of buy a Castle Creation SCT combo with a 3800kv motor for my Arrma Fury mega (2013). Will this motor be too much for the car? Will I break my diff with it?
  16. J

    TP4070cm in Arrma Nero

    My first try at running the tp4070 in the Nero was ok but I wanted lower cg so i cut and stretched the frame.
  17. rjstretch

    Talion Choosing between Senton & Talion

    hey guys. I'm relatively new to the rc environment. I've owned smaller rc cars in the past but I'm looking to make a big buy but would like to make the proper decision. I've been looking into the Arrma Senton and Talion models 4wd 6s brushless but I'm having trouble coming to a final decision...
  18. A

    Castle Sidewinder 3 4600

    Has anyone ever used this motor as a replacement when there original went out? I love my mega fury body and don't want to get rid of it. I am now looking to upgrade and start racing it at my local track. I bought the the motor because I am inpatient and want to start working and racing. I hope I...
  19. Griffin

    Going Brushless

    I decided that I wanted to throw in a brushless motor in my Granite Mega. When I first ordered the motor, I really wasn't sure if it was going to go in my Ruckus or the Granite, but decided on the Granite. Unfortunately, I've run into a few problems. Problem 1: I could not get the screws on the...
  20. C

    Best motor and esc upgrade for kraton?

    What yall think? For best performance.