1. WildP1

    Senton Arrma Senton new electronics

    Hello I need a new esc and brushless motor for my Senton v1. I used to have 6s mamba monster in it but that was too much. Wheelies non stop. Does anybody know a good esc and motor for about 200-300 $ (best would be under 200$) that can handle 6s but not do wheelies all the time. I was thinking...
  2. warfield

    Can you run different brand BL motors on the ARRMA BLX185 6S Brushless ESC

    I have a ARRMA BLX185 6S Brushless ESC but want to know if I can put different brand motors on it without any problems. Im using it on a Typhon. i see some cheaper motors than the Arrma brand motors so just wanted to see if that was possible before i buy one.
  3. R

    Senton Will a BLX 2050kv motor work with a Blx200 ESC?

    I have senton with a blx2050kv (390112) motor will the blx200 work?
  4. Crash

    Kraton New kraton parts

    Castle 1717 big block and HR diffs! Was gonna go with Tekin but someone here mention this motor and its water proof.
  5. I-70Westbound

    Outcast Motor Run-in

    The Outcast owners manual states to run-in the motor prior to first use. It's listed in the first part of the manual under the ! section. This is how it's worded in the manual: Always ‘Run-in’ your vehicles’ brushed motor prior to use. ARRMA recommend supporting the vehicle with the drive...
  6. Mr.White

    Kraton Leopard or Hobby Star brushless motors?

    Have been eyeballing a Leopard 4092 in either 1480 or 1730, but RCJuice just got in Hobby Star 4092 in 1480 or 1730. On paper the HS 1730 is rated for higher voltage (26V compared to 20V on the Leo). Been following vanning various posts about Leo motors and am impressed. The HS are 20-30 bucks...
  7. Justin50208`

    Castle Creation SCT Motor in Fury

    I'm thinking of buy a Castle Creation SCT combo with a 3800kv motor for my Arrma Fury mega (2013). Will this motor be too much for the car? Will I break my diff with it?
  8. J

    TP4070cm in Arrma Nero

    My first try at running the tp4070 in the Nero was ok but I wanted lower cg so i cut and stretched the frame.
  9. rjstretch

    Talion Choosing between Senton & Talion

    hey guys. I'm relatively new to the rc environment. I've owned smaller rc cars in the past but I'm looking to make a big buy but would like to make the proper decision. I've been looking into the Arrma Senton and Talion models 4wd 6s brushless but I'm having trouble coming to a final decision...
  10. A

    Castle Sidewinder 3 4600

    Has anyone ever used this motor as a replacement when there original went out? I love my mega fury body and don't want to get rid of it. I am now looking to upgrade and start racing it at my local track. I bought the the motor because I am inpatient and want to start working and racing. I hope I...
  11. Griffin

    Going Brushless

    I decided that I wanted to throw in a brushless motor in my Granite Mega. When I first ordered the motor, I really wasn't sure if it was going to go in my Ruckus or the Granite, but decided on the Granite. Unfortunately, I've run into a few problems. Problem 1: I could not get the screws on the...
  12. C

    Best motor and esc upgrade for kraton?

    What yall think? For best performance.
  13. Bladerunner

    Whats a good gearing setup for the 2000kv 4075 motor?

    Whats a good gearing setup for the 2000kv 4075 motor? I'm thinking about modding my raider XL with this motor for speed runs... Only cause i found it for a very low price on Tower Hobbies website.
  14. H

    Kraton Motor for 5s Kraton

    Hello all. So I recently purchased an Arrma Kraton roller and I have decided to run it on 5s as a happy medium between speed and temperatures. I would like to get a Castle brushless motor, but can't decide what KV to get. Cooler temperatures are priority over speed, so what is your...
  15. Bobster560

    brushless upgrades

    Hey guys, I want to know what brushless motors I can put in my arrma vorteks.
  16. Smtraub

    Brushless question

    I have a slash 4x4 platinum that has a velineon vxl3s brushless system. My son runs the fury now and wants brushless in it. I am thinking about giving him the velineon system (motor and esc) and going with a different brushless system for the slash. What would I need to change out on the fury...
  17. gLippa

    Senton What fan will fit the 2050kv?

    Being in Texas, its always around 100F around 10-11 and Im just wanting something that can help out cooling off the motor in between runs.
  18. shortluck45

    Brushless with ESC combo

    I have a mega fury short course truck. Can anyone tell me a good brushless ESC combo that is dependable but want break the bank. All help will be greatly appreciated.
  19. justatree

    2wd platform How long is the blx motor shaft Diameter?

    Changing my mind, will get a castl system, but those castles run 4mm bullets, and the stock arrma runs 3.5mm bullets, I am unsure about this because I have not done anything to the motor and esc yet. Any help would help Thanks
  20. jdiding

    Talion new hot rod

    Picked up a brand new talion today and have to say i am very impressed thus far, in stock form on 4s it ran very well. I had a castle mmx esc and a 2200kv motor sitting around so i swapped that in and ran it on 6s and am super impressed with the power and speed it is capable of. I also put...