1. Lor Fury 6s

    Fury on steroids

    I just purchased a alum red motor mount and I was wondering if it would hold a leopard motor 4092 model 930kv? The motor it has now is a 4076 model 1400kv it's a little smaller and the regular mount has held up fine. Will find out soon!
  2. Albert84PL2005

    Leopard Motor came in

    My Leopard SKYRC 380 motor came in works like dream had to break er in
  3. Sasquatch86

    Help on my castle creations setup

    Hey guys, i need help with my new castle creations combo! I bought a 6900kv castle motor and sidewinder v2 esc and on the box the motor came is it says not for use for sidewinder escs! I don't understand, please any help would be great
  4. Sasquatch86

    Esc suggestions for new motor

    Hello, i just bought a 6900kv castle motor. Brushless of course! I need help finding the correct esc that will work the best with it! Thank you guys!
  5. Albert84PL2005

    Good Brushless System that fits Arrma Raider Mega

    Need Help finding a motor that can fit the Mega raider
  6. ARRMAgeddon

    ezrun max8 esc 2200kv motor combo

    Unboxing my upgrade electronics for arrma talion
  7. Rlduling3

    Vorteks I'm new to Arrma. Want to upgrade my Vorteks to brushless.

    as title reads. I want to upgrade my Vorteks to brushless of some brand. Not familiar with 2wd Kv sizes, pinion to spur sizes, and such. I want parking lot and street speed. I would love to know your setup.
  8. justatree

    What is KV?

    What is it and what is better, the numbers that go down or the higher numbers?
  9. sparky_malone

    Raider Best brushless combo for raider blx 1/10

    Could I get some suggestions on a good all round brushless combo for my raider blx. I'm tired of Arrma cheap electronics and want to put a top end system in now. What would be best for on and off road. High speed and good torque. Poll is open.........
  10. Quickma70

    Onyx brushless

    Has anyone installed a onyx brushless 2-4s 2200kv system in their Senton?
  11. taupe

    Raider Pinion Gear - 6900kv Brushless

    I initially posted this in the raider forum, but it's probably more at home here. The stock motor in my son's raider went out after only a few hours of bashing. Rather than wait for the replacement my brother-in-law bought him a castle 6900kv brushless system for Christmas. We have it all...
  12. N

    Brushless upgrade that wont break the bank

    I have a granite mega and lloking to upgrade to a brushless but am not looking to spend over 100. Is it possible to upgrade to a decent brushless engine and esc? Or should i just wait until i have the money for a castle. In addition is it wort upgrade the gears without having a brushless?
  13. WoodiE

    Traxxas X-Maxx brushless monster truck

    Traxxas just announced their newest and largest monster truck yet, the Traxxas X-MAXX. Nearly 30 inches long, 22" wide and 4" ground clearance, and nearly 20 pounds the Traxxas X-Maxx is HUGE to say the least. The X-Maxx monster truck is 4WD and equipped with a Velineon brushless motor. Click...
  14. Mats

    Mojave BLX

    Hey all. I have bought a new BLX Mojave. after driving a total of 30 minutes. so have dey begin to sound bad from the diff. it is a known problem in the Mojave BLX ?? mvh mats
  15. ark1t3kt

    3600KV BLX motor bearing question

    Hi all - I posted this question on the "official" Arrma forum, but I though I'd give it a shot here too. So I had the bearing that holds the output shaft in place fail on my Fury BLX 3600KV motor. I can "wiggle" the output shaft with my fingers. Has anyone tried to rebuild their 3600KV...
  16. Unusual RC

    2015 Arrma Fury BLX unboxing bigsquid

    Check this out: I see the 2013 chassis side plates with a new grey chassis. But also a red battery door strap, which was discontinued (in black) for the 2011-2013 models. I have to say I like the body of the BLS models better!
  17. BigSplit

    Good price for a used Granite Blx(2013 version)

    Title says it all, what do you think would be a good price for a bone stock One?
  18. Thomas P

    Kraton ARRMA Kraton 6s Wheeliebar

    A quick easy install is the Wheeliebar set for the TT MT4-G3 PD9041. I have run it on other MTs with a twgula4 wingmount. All you have to do is bend the wingmoumt apart a few mm and reem up the holes..and mount it. Here mounted on my Kraton
  19. Aflan

    BLX80 ECS reciever connector ripped off

    Hello wise men and women...I am need of some serious input... This evening during some bashing my ESC came loose...(again, look at different thread about this subject)...And ripped the connector cable of the receiver clean off...See the picture below... I know have the following questions...
  20. Blxer

    80a blx esc quit working!

    Yesterday my esc decided to crap out on me. First sign was slow throttle response, then suddenly taking off or barely any throttle response. Anyway, I hooked up my leopard motor to the 80a blx esc and nothing. I hooked the 3600kv blx motor to a 60a esc and it works fine. The 80a blx esc I is...