1. Typhon Buggy Conversion

    Typhon Buggy Conversion

    New Castle Mamba, Badlands, Wing and T Bone basher bumper so far
  2. Typhon 6S V4.jpg

    Typhon 6S V4.jpg

    Its needed
  3. ty3s


    Looking good with freshly glued Badlands on yellow wheels.
  4. Klappars

    Talion Talion 6S. My disappointing experience

    I have owned a V3 Talion for a year now. So far it has been one of the most disappointing RC’s I have owned in 8 years of being in the hobby. I had high hopes/expectations of this car due to thorough research on forums and YouTube videos of the Arrma 6S range I was expecting a significantly...
  5. VW Bug Body For Arrma Kraton, Outcast, and Notorious Review.

    VW Bug Body For Arrma Kraton, Outcast, and Notorious Review.

    In this video Khloe and I test out and review this awesome bug body from Ebay. Check it out here: https://ebay.to/2TDH0XN Not only will we review this VW Bug...
  6. Kingleo619

    Will the Typhon v4 body fit the Typhon v3?

    Was wondering if the typhon v4 body would fit on v3 can’t find that info out if anyone knows leave a link thk you
  7. Warriator

    Raider An original Raider

    Just acquired an early model of the Raider, (with original box) that wasn't working but fixed it. Is it considered a 1/10 and if so, will any of the newer Raider parts fit?
  8. AJH387

    Typhon My Typhon Truggified / MT

    Hey guys, I wanted to share my Typhon V2 in it's current state. Started off with track duty. I made some upgrades as I went. Dex8 shocks and small Durango parts here and there. A variety of wheel combos etc and Voltage towers. So after running it on the track for a year or so, I saw some guys...
  9. D

    Opinions on Team Associated Rc8b3e vs Typhon

    Getting worried about the shear lack of availability for spare parts and the fact I’ve been waiting 6 weeks for stock to replenish with the Typhon V3, would a Team associated Rc8b3e be a good alternative?
  10. Typhon

    Typhon Arrma Typhon Slow Motion

    Just a little slow mo video of my new typhon setup. Used my buddies new galaxy s9 to record a few short clips.
  11. Piecejointe

    Typhon Upgraded tires on Typhon

    I got some "semi-decent" on and off-road tires (Louise/Duratrax en Reely) and the difference with the stock ones is night and day. Onroad is to be expected, but offroad too, it's a game changer. Why does Arrma include such poor tires with the car? The foam is also a disappointment, so soft it's...
  12. Netcruzer

    Typhon Arrma Typhon 6S v2 SpeedTreads Drift!

    Got some new dynamite speedtreads roadrunners to try out on my Typhon. 6S drifting! Until it broke.... This is my first Arrma, but I do make a lot of RC action content on my YouTube channel. All Likes, Comments. and Subscribers greatly appreciated! Thanks. Gotta say the ARRMA 1/8 scale...
  13. 83N

    Kraton AE RC8B3e buggy shocks on a Kraton?

    If the Kraton is based on a buggy, would other 1/8 buggy shocks fit on my Kraton? Reason I ask is that I'm still waiting for my Kraton to arrive and I have a spare set of AE RC8B3e shocks sat on my bench...
  14. chevys10zr2003

    Typhon Arrma Typhon vs Team Durango DEX8

    I currently have a Senton and am in the market for a buggy. I am thinking that I might stay with Arrma because my Senton has been very reliable the couple of months that I have had it. My question is that the Typhon is basically a RTR Team Durango DEX8, correct? I am wondering what is all...
  15. W

    Things not to do with an ARRMA buggy...

    This is an Arrma ADX-10... some crazy stuff! http://www.ultimaterc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=234635
  16. justatree

    Raider RAIDER XL NEW

    the 1/8 raider xl is soon becoming a mega and costs only 179.99! Super cheap and affordable for a 2wd 1/8 buggy Here is the link to the arrma page, take a look! http://www.arrma-rc.com/rc-cars/latest/raider-xl/mega
  17. AlexRC

    Raider Arrma Raider BLX Running Video

    Hey Guys ! Here is my first running Video of my Arrma Raider BLX. Running on 2S Lipo, this thing is already so fast i'm scared to try 3S :) Enjoy ! Greets, Alex !
  18. Swampie

    1/8 scale Darkside Sand Scorcher

    Not too far away in a galaxy near you, An Arrma Raider XL was purchased by a customer that fell apart just looking at it. After spending nearly 1k on the kit, parts and accessories this customer lost complete interest not only in the buggy but the company it represents. Tossing it aside in a...

    Typhon French Typhon

    Hello. I present you my Typhon. :) - only 6s - 16T pinion - home made mudguards - wing mount braces Next upgrades: 19T pinion - HW Quicrun - Leopard 4092 3D
  20. TrevorK1981

    Typhon New addition

    Just unboxed my new addition to my Arrma Army can't wait to run it tomorrow