1. Hobbywing Max5.jpg

    Hobbywing Max5.jpg

    See title!
  2. Infraction ESC Motor Finished2.jpg

    Infraction ESC Motor Finished2.jpg

    Different view. Finished installing the MM2 esc in original esc spot. Along with a new 25kg servo and 2200kv motor.
  3. Infraction ESC Motor Finished1.jpg

    Infraction ESC Motor Finished1.jpg

    Finished installing the MM2 esc in original esc spot. Along with a new 25kg servo and 2200kv motor.
  4. MM2 Battery Tray Mod.jpg

    MM2 Battery Tray Mod.jpg

    Modded the battery tray on esc side. All done free hand dremel
  5. MM2 Motor Servo 3.jpg

    MM2 Motor Servo 3.jpg

    Instalation of build
  6. Mm2 Motor Servo 2.jpg

    Mm2 Motor Servo 2.jpg

    Start of build install
  7. MM2 Motor Servo.jpg

    MM2 Motor Servo.jpg

  8. adidas303

    Infraction Mild Build

    Starting a build thread as I have some new parts coming in at the end of the week! I'll start off on the easy side with a cosmetic change/build to the internals as it's always nice to some color and just see something nice when taking the body off! Both Front and Rear up the chassis were taken...
  9. Uplift-RC

    ARRMA Notorious 6s build Log

    Finally got me a real Stun Truck! I have owned the ARRMA #Granite 3s BLX Monster Truck 4x4 / ARRMA #KRATON 6s Monster Truck rig and now I own a Notorious6s stunt truck. I am going to be doing a lot of upgrading to this truck right off the bat from my experience with my KRATON! Right off - I...
  10. Uplift-RC

    UpliFT-RC - v3 KRATON 6s Monster Truck Build Log

    Hi Guys, this is my first RC build log so bare with me! I have installed or have the parts on order for my 2018 ARRMA KRATON v3 Monster Truck 6s BLX. I was having problems with the stock shock towers that come on the KRATON, they were bending on me when I was just doing small jumps so I wanted...
  11. arrmadave

    Notorious v4 build

    I receive it in the mail today, then the building will commence.
  12. BashingBrian

    BashingBrian's Infraction build (sort of)

    So this isn't really a build log as such, more of a this is what I find along the way and mod as I go.. Big shout to @bicketybam for his hints and tips from his post on his Infraction..👍🏼 Here is the stock build just after fitting XT90's and before its first run...😁 Had some titanium bolts...
  13. Lufkin25

    Kraton v3 rebuild

    Just got started on rebuilding my kraton v3. I've had it for a few months now and have maybe 15 packs through it. I have learned a lot about these cars and made a lot of mistakes along the way. Hoping that some information or a picture I post will be able to help someone else with their build or...
  14. Crash

    Kraton Kraton build

    V3 shocks, hot racing diff housing and cups, voltage suspension mounts accept on the very rear,dboot backflips,Hi-Tech hsb8390 servo,hot racing steering blocks and rear hubs, gpm extended hubs, rpm arms all around, hobbystar 4082 6s, Markhor chassis brace,hot racing front center diff mount,rear...
  15. ThatDrewGuy

    Talion Current Talion project

    Wanted a subtle look to the body with a rich color. Love the Kraton wing on the Talion as well. Fast Eddy bearings, Hot racing rear chassis brace, HR wing mount, Yeah Racing motor fans, 18T pinion, T-Bone Basher front bumper, RPM arms all around, RPM Skid plates, Pro-Line Enforcer body, Upgraded...
  16. ceolo87

    Kraton build with upgraded cooling, lights and general bullet proofing

    Hi, My name is Adi, I'm from Romania and this will be the build log of my 2018 kraton. This is my first ever hobby grade RC, I've never built anything like this before. I have zero experience in RC. Furthermore, I live in an apartment building so no garage or big tools for me. Also I try and...
  17. revosmash

    Kraton I think I have the Kraton done

    Been looking over this forum since I wanted to get a new M/T. I've been into nitro for over 20 years, but wanted to try my hand at electric. I one just want to thank every that contributes to this forum. This thing is a monster on 4s, its hard to keep the front end down with Trencher X...
  18. 10pas2

    Kraton KratonCross Is ready for a test drive. Check out guys.

    Motor: Hobbystar 1430KV with Max8 ESC Pinion 16T with 6S Savox SV-1270TG (6v --->26KG / 7.4v-->35Kg) Tires: Louise MTMCross Shock Tower Carbon Fiber 5mm thick Tekno Orange Springs. What do you think guys?!
  19. slick2500

    Vintage Team Associated RC10B2 rebuild.

    Over the summer I stopped at a yard sale and found this vintage Team Associated RC10B2 buggy with 3 sets of wheels/tires, 3 Futaba transmitters(with only one battery holder that is missing a tab) 2 chargers, 5 random cans of paint, a dead 1200mah nicd battery, Novak Rooster brushed esc, Trinity...
  20. KrazyKraton14

    Kraton Building my Kraton

    Well. Just Spent more than I wanted The goal was yesterday was just buy some use Rc cars to play around for the day. Ended up getting some traxxas stampede And while i was at my local Hobby shop purchasing batteries I ended up buying a Kraton 6s So now im here Bought 2x 3s Onyx 11.1 50c...