1. codenut33

    Yet another Limitless build...

    So... I've had this limitless for a bit, but recently started trying to figure out how to get it to some admirable top speed. I'm not looking to be in the record books, well, maybe just in my city, but I took some time the past month or so to start diving in. All I know is that I do NOT want...
  2. O

    Kraton Double-Check My Build Before Ordering

    Overview: Would you mind checking my build before I place an order? Just want to confirm I'll have all the parts, everything's compatible, and I'm not missing any fixtures or brackets. Parts list is below. Kit: 1/5 KRATON 4WD EXtreme Bash Roller (ARA5208)...
  3. ViDiViCi

    Typhon 2018 Typhon 6S V2? (TAZ) Upgrades, Build, Ruggification

    Sup! This is my 2018 Typhon 6s. I think it's basically a V2 that was set up for speed runs before I got it. It came with: • An 18T pinion • Limitless white hoons • 15mm hex extenders • A 12-14 LED multi-pattern light kit • RPM front bumper • Rear wheely bar • A really quick Futaba S9372SV...
  4. SaltyLocal

    Kraton My Build Thread - Kraton 6s V5

    Teared down my K6s V5 this evening and decided I better start a build thread before I get to far along. Nothing crazy or over the top, but being this is my first hobby grade RC, I feel I’m slowly getting it (kudos to all you helpful members). Mid summer of this year, I purchased my son a Big...
  5. Fullout

    Kraton 6s v5 (newbie here)

    So I recently bought a Kraton 6s v5 and boy oh boy is she everything I could have wanted and then some! After 4 cycles on the spektrum smart 6s 100c lipos I killed the stock servo.. might have been cause I never calibrated it with the slt3 receiver and just ran it out of the box. Ended up...
  6. WoodiE

    Mojave My Arrma Mojave EXB build

    So I was most recently very humbled in receiving an Arrma Mojave EXB. Sparing everyone the emotional story (thanks again... you know who you are!) I wanted to share this build with everyone, a build that will certainly stay with me forever. Model: Arrma Mojave EXB Motor: Hobbywing EZRUN 4985...
  7. sroy

    Kraton New Kraton 6s Roller build thread

    New roller shows up tomorrow... Was going between the big rock and Kraton 4s as a back up car. Ended up thinking. I can’t buy a smaller car after running the 6s Kraton. So HR front and rear aluminum diff assembles are going into Roller. HR shock mounts as well. HV32KG servo. Spectrum 6200...
  8. TheFuzz1542

    Mojave My Ever Growing Mojave EXB

    This is my Mojave EXB build log how ever this baby has a lot more work on the way! As of right now I have the common Spektrum Firma 150 Amp ESC and the 4270 - 2050kV motor with a 19 tooth pinion for the wet conditions the next few months are going to bring but for the dry time racing and bashing...
  9. Grimbles

    Mojave Grimbles' Mojave EXB Build Thread

    I've ordered myself a Mojave EXB (woop!) and given this wont get to the UK until mid-late November, it gives me some time to start planning my build. I genuinely welcome suggestions for all for the build. I will keep this first thread updated as and when I order bits, then (of course) will...
  10. Lride Chart

    Kraton Kraton EXB build begins.

    The EXB build has started. Gonna take the best parts from the EXB and my V4 Kraton to make the best basher possible. I am waiting on the limited slip shims from Amain for the rear diff. I’m am thinking to just run the RTR rear diff until I can I get the limited slip shims from Amain. Any...
  11. ABabyEater

    Kraton Full. Send. - an EXB Build Thread

    I've done it. I've gone full potato. EXB Roller with a MMX8S pushing a Castle 2028. Tons of upgrades: M2C, JBI, Hot Racing - the works. Almost everything is in hand, and I have started assembling this insanity. Progress will be slow, but there will be progress. I plan on documenting each part...
  12. Leewilson7

    Granite Top of the Line Ultimate Granite Upgrades

    There are lots of threads that talk about the best upgrades for low cost. If money was no object what are the most tricked out upgrades you’d give to a Granite? Yes “for the money” you could just step up to the Kraton, but doing this as a hobby, I’m wanting to make an absolute beast out of...
  13. timinater

    Timinater’s Granite 4x4 Build

    Might be a stretch to call this a “Build Log” but I will track the additions and changes I’ve made to my humble Granite 4x4. Bone stock: Here’s what I’ve done so far: 17t Pinion added, stock pinion above it Painted my sidewall lettering: how to thread here Built a little storage shelf...
  14. Yas

    ARRMA Notorious 6S build log & FULL UPGRADE LIST

    Since there's a giveaway there's not been a better time to start a build log for this big blue beasty. Owned from new since August 2019 and has been my favourite RC of 7 rigs to date Full list of UPGRADES below! Feel free to ask for any part numbers. I can edit them in should anyone want me to...
  15. Arrma Limitless.jpg

    Arrma Limitless.jpg

    All set, just waiting for a test run day!
  16. HW4985 1650kv Max5 ESC.jpg

    HW4985 1650kv Max5 ESC.jpg

    Showing the Max5 and HW4985 1650kv motor setup
  17. Hobbywing Max5.jpg

    Hobbywing Max5.jpg

    See title!
  18. Infraction ESC Motor Finished2.jpg

    Infraction ESC Motor Finished2.jpg

    Different view. Finished installing the MM2 esc in original esc spot. Along with a new 25kg servo and 2200kv motor.
  19. Infraction ESC Motor Finished1.jpg

    Infraction ESC Motor Finished1.jpg

    Finished installing the MM2 esc in original esc spot. Along with a new 25kg servo and 2200kv motor.
  20. MM2 Battery Tray Mod.jpg

    MM2 Battery Tray Mod.jpg

    Modded the battery tray on esc side. All done free hand dremel