1. S

    Wl toys 144001 DIY

    I took the drivetrain of a wltoys 144001 and designed a chassis around it for a capstone class at my college. It’s printed with ABS but I plan on reprinting it in nylon for even higher impact resistance and flexibility. I built this in SolidWorks over the course of a couple months. I plan on...
  2. Tatebowman124

    Infraction Build - Motor Advice

    I have newly acquired a Infraction 6S that I am going to be upgrading quite heavily. I am wanting to put a XLX2 from castle to run 8S. I am looking for a TP Power motor or something of the sort. The problem lies in I do not know how to navigate the site to find a motor that is capable of 8S as...
  3. ThatGuyRC

    Senton My Senton Build

    This probably wont be anything too crazy. I will just be replacing parts that break with either stock or upgraded parts. This thread is kind of a timeline for myself, but I am open to questions and suggestions! I am fairly new to the hobby and still have much to learn. I will mostly be uploading...
  4. samuelppeters5

    Typhon Typhon build questions

    Hey guys, first time posting, I am in process of collecting parts to build a blacked out typhon xl and am wanting to paint EXB parts black to save money, anyone have an idea how to paint the aluminum black so the paint will actually stick?
  5. R

    Revolver's Kraton 6s V5 build

    Hey guys, I'm new to the hobby. Had plans as a teenager to build a car that never materialized, but recently purchased a Kraton to work on and bash with my son. I purchased it on sale before the new EXB was announced and wish I had known the EXB was coming because I probably would have gone...
  6. CustomArrmaBuilds

    Outcast XXL build (Black/Gold/Carbon)

    This is an Outcast EXB V5 on a Mojave platform. The only thing that is stock are the arms, knuckles, and steering rods/ends.
  7. Ghast

    Typhon This is my Typhon. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

    Hey y'all. This build thread is to document modding and bashing my new Typhon 3s. Feel free to make mod suggestions along the way. The goal of this build thread to experiment and try different things for fun. Let's start. ------------------------------------------------------- ~~~ Here is the...
  8. E

    Kraton Spektrum 2050kv motor blown causes??

    Hi arrma forum I have a v2ish kraton 6s that I just finished rebuilding. I finished it yesterday And ran about half of a battery pack through it when I ended up destroying my pinion. In the moment I assumed that I messed up the mesh when rebuilding it. so today I took out the destroyed 14 tooth...
  9. Warby

    Warby's ADX-10 restoration

    I found this old Arrma ADX-10 on eBay Australia and without really thinking I put in a low offer. It was accepted. I’d never seen one for sale before. Now I know it's old, very used and broken but I love a good restoration so here I go. Before I start, here's a little bit of history on this...
  10. Arrma typhon wide stance

    Arrma typhon wide stance

    The meat on the back
  11. World widest and streched tyhon

    World widest and streched tyhon

    Wide typhon 6s she still under construction but its goin to turn out nicely
  12. obessedwithrc

    Fireteam What should I build next?

    I'm looking to start my next build but I need some ideas...Previously I built a tricked-out Typhon. Here's what I have in my Arrma fleet: Typhon TLR: not entirely happy with the build... it's very heavy Fireteam: got the $399 deal Talion EXB — stock Mojave EXB — modified w/ MMX8S/ 1717 combo &...
  13. #ARRMArcfanboy4life

    Limitless Arrma limitless v1 build.

    I finally decided to do a build log. So, here we go. Disclaimer: I don't take many pictures, so this thread won't have many pics. So, I did something stupid about 2 weeks ago. I live in the middle of nowhere, so I don't have a good place to drive it. This stupid purchase arrived on Thursday. I...

    Big Rock Out of curiosity

    Has anyone found a way to widen the stance of the BRCC V3 without using hub extenders? I really like that some of the 4S rigs come with a sway bar for the rear A-arms. Just wanted to know, as I’m maxing out my Big Rock as much as possible and will be adding to the build thread shortly. Will...
  15. WoodiE

    Felony Arrma Felony Rebuild

    Since getting my Mojave EXB I haven't been running my Kraton 6s at all and decided it was time to get something else. Ended up trading the Kraton for a used Arrma Felony that isn't in terrible condition, but certainly seen better days. This is my first on-road car I've owned in probably 10...
  16. Knightfall

    Mojave Learning with the Mojave EXB

    Last year I got back into RCs after over a decade. Prior, I owned an HPI Savage with a nitro engine. I found nitro engines to be a PITA to run and sold the RC. I bought an Arrma Typhon MEGA and got the bug after seeing how fast and fun electric RCs are, albeit rather quiet compared to the nitro...
  17. codenut33

    Yet another Limitless build...

    So... I've had this limitless for a bit, but recently started trying to figure out how to get it to some admirable top speed. I'm not looking to be in the record books, well, maybe just in my city, but I took some time the past month or so to start diving in. All I know is that I do NOT want...
  18. O

    Kraton Double-Check My Build Before Ordering

    Overview: Would you mind checking my build before I place an order? Just want to confirm I'll have all the parts, everything's compatible, and I'm not missing any fixtures or brackets. Parts list is below. Kit: 1/5 KRATON 4WD EXtreme Bash Roller (ARA5208)...
  19. VDVC-RC

    Typhon 2018 Typhon 6S V2? (TAZ) Upgrades, Build, Ruggification

    Sup! This is my 2018 Typhon 6s. I think it's basically a V2 that was set up for speed runs before I got it. It came with: • An 18T pinion • Limitless white hoons • 15mm hex extenders • A 12-14 LED multi-pattern light kit • RPM front bumper • Rear wheely bar • A really quick Futaba S9372SV...
  20. SaltyLocal

    Kraton My Build Thread - Kraton 6s V5

    Teared down my K6s V5 this evening and decided I better start a build thread before I get to far along. Nothing crazy or over the top, but being this is my first hobby grade RC, I feel I’m slowly getting it (kudos to all you helpful members). Mid summer of this year, I purchased my son a Big...