1. Rrr184

    T-Bone front bumper issue with voltage hobbies brace

    Is anyone using t-bone XV4 v2.0 front bumper with voltage hobbies front suspension brace installed? I just tried to install the bumper and the screw holes won’t line up with the thicker voltage brace
  2. HUGO .R

    Does the TBR XV4 2.0 front bumper of the kraton fits on the talion

    Hi everybody, I have already the @T-Bone Racing XV4 2.0 of the Kraton v3 and i want to know if it is appropriate for the Arrma talion v3? Thanks
  3. RxMonkey

    T-Bone is Excellent

    I just wanted to mention I broke my @T-Bone Racing brace on my front bumper of the Senton. Lawn darted it from 10-12 feet up. I emailed. They asked for a pic and my address. They shipped me a new one just like that. No hassle at all, just a great company to deal with!
  4. [Carbon Fiber T-Bone Racing Rear Bumper] Arrma Senton 6s BLX

    [Carbon Fiber T-Bone Racing Rear Bumper] Arrma Senton 6s BLX

    Rear bumper by T-Bone Racing wrapped in carbon fiber.
  5. [Carbon Fiber T-Bone Racing Front Bumper] Arrma Senton 6s BLX

    [Carbon Fiber T-Bone Racing Front Bumper] Arrma Senton 6s BLX

    Front bumper by T-Bone Racing wrapped in carbon fiber.
  6. Stack15

    Voltage Fazon Voltage Aftermarket Bumpers?

    My Fazon Voltage came in the mail today from HobbyTown. I put a 2S LiPO battery in it and I really like it. However it does not look very durable to me. I would like to add a larger front bumper and maybe rear too. Does anyone make such for the Fazon Voltage? Thank you. Voltage
  7. servalac

    T-Bone Racing Bumper/Skid

    Decided i needed a rear bumper for my Talion V3, been reading that T-Bone holds up better if you put a washer or something between the chassi plate and the bumper. Since i could'nt find a rear bumper for the Talion (here in sweden) and since i did'nt know exactly what would fit I ordered a 10017...
  8. F

    BLX home made bumper

    thought I share what I made over the weekend . that i may continue on enjoy
  9. arrmaracing

    Typhon stock bumper

    Does anyone know if you can get a stock typhon bumper without having to buy all the parts from the part # AR330230
  10. zoldos

    How to study up the front bumper?

    Can anyone suggest a way to sturdy up the front bumper? I cracked mine and used Plastic Weld epoxy to fix it. Haven't run it yet after the fix....
  11. K-NIWS

    Senton mega tboneracing bumpers

    Front and rear bumpers available for the Senton Mega. Just placed my order the front.
  12. Bellicose87

    Bumper upgrade

    FA3DA042-2208-4A40-B33F-BAB442139179 by Bellicose87 posted Mar 28, 2018 at 6:37 PM Any one have suggestions for a new bumper? I’ve been running it stock with Nimh packs with my son. Have a brushless setup on the way with 2s lipos, so I expect I will need something beefier because of all the...
  13. Lee Boyce

    Tbone Parts installed on Kraton

    so finally got the new TBone Oarts on the front bumper VX4 2.0 the mud guards and the 2.0 Wheelie Bar all looking good very please with the parts on the car looking forward to having a bash. What new parts hav you out on pics please
  14. Hunter Reynolds

    Front bumper options?

    Hey guys broke the front bumper off of my outcast and im having a bit of trouble finding a replacement one in stock anywhere. does anyone know of a site that has them or is there a bumper from a different model like the kraton or something? Thanks in advance guys! Edit: I found them in stock on...
  15. R

    Outcast Front Bumper

    venting a little now as I'm pretty ticked off. There are no front bumpers anywhere. I can't even go with the tbone bumper as it appears to use the piece from the original front bumper that is shredded. The one guy on ebay that had it sold his last one and says he will have more in 3 to 4...
  16. B

    TBR Thrasher front bumper mounting

    I just got a V3 Kraton and wanted to add TBR Thrasher front and rear bumpers. Anyone have instructions/videos on how to get these mounted? There are no instructions in the bag and I can't figure it out. Here's what I ordered, in case I got the wrong ones? TIA 10074 - TBR Thrasher Front...
  17. KPCrow

    V3 Front Bumpers?

    I can find the front bumpers for the v3 for sale, but they are all sold out. The v2 front bumpers do not fit without modifications i don't really want to do. Can anyone point me in a direction where they might sell the v3 front bumper?
  18. beefy nugz

    How I mounted the tbr outcast bumper

    I was never a big fan of the idea of mounting a BASHER bumper to the front diff! And I know I'm not the only one, so I was a little hesitant to purchase although I just loved the look of it. So I bought it and installed using only the four screws on the bottom of the chasis. Thought it had to...
  19. runout789

    Front Bumper for 2018

    Anyone tried to fit the bumper listed for Kraton V2 on TBone Racing on their outcast? Not sure why they only show that style for Kraton as should be about the same fitment. I think would look great with the stock body of Outcast. Not sure I am sold on the TBR Basher bumper looks for...
  20. T

    Tbone Basher Bumper

    I just installed the TBR basher bumper and I have a small gap between the two parts. Anyone else have this bumper and can confirm if this fine? I assume it's okay but just double checking.