carbon fiber

  1. C

    Mould making help please!!

    I want to make a mould for the forged carbon part I want to make but I’m not sure how to do it because the mounting clips are gonna be the hardest part to copy. And I have to make sure the mould will release from the part I want to copy (see the photo most upper right clip) There are four of...
  2. Typhon Carbon Fiber Rear Wing

    Typhon Carbon Fiber Rear Wing

    Carbon Fiber wing
  3. rotauq

    Forged carbon parts

    After seeing this video, i instantly ordered a kit. Anyone already have some experience with cold compression moulding?
  4. Vinyl wrapped mudflaps

    Vinyl wrapped mudflaps

    You see all that looking good
  5. Infraction666

    Diy carbon parts for the Limitless

    Hello there 😁😁 Is there some thread with homemade carbon parts I'm looking for inspiration for a Limitless Or show it here 🚀🚀
  6. Carbon1.jpg


  7. Einfield

    Carbon tower

    Hello everyone. I present you my last creation. realization carbon turrets on digital order.
  8. B

    typhon shock towers carbon fibre

    Hi Im looking at buying some carbon fibre shock towers for my typhon 6s. I don't want alum ones. Only running at parks etc no jumps. Has anyone else fitted some before thanks
  9. [Carbon Fiber Chassis Protector] Arrma Senton 6s BLX

    [Carbon Fiber Chassis Protector] Arrma Senton 6s BLX

    Carbon Fiber Chassis Protector.
  10. J

    Talion Carbon fiber chassis for Talion ?

    Want to lighten the Arrma Talion chassis for drag, are there any carbon fiber chassis options out there?
  11. Bri26

    Carbon parts available for 1/8 ARRMA vehicles

    I found these parts mention in another thread and wanted to get the word out. It looks like Max Speed Parts offer parts for the Kraton, Typhon and Talion,. Also, the front brace and the steering rack should fit the Senton since these parts are common among the four vehicles. Here is the link -...