castle creations

  1. JDarby05

    Kraton 8s MOTOR/ESC Upgrade

    Debating this motor and esc upgrade MOTOR: 4-POLE SENSORED BRUSHLESS, 2028-800KV ESC: MAMBA MONSTER X 8S, 33.6V Motor Mount...
  2. btosic

    Typhon Typhon XL X , TP 4070CM 2900kv , long term review

    So, after two long term reviews for high performance Kraton, it is time for high performance Typhon review. Setup is: Arrma Typhon V3 6S Kraton long chassis Castle XL X ESC TP Power 4070CM 2900kv motor Castel 8mm bullets: ESC, motor and LiPo Graphene Panther 6S 75C 5.000mAh LiPo Nichicon caps...
  3. IbleedKTM

    Outcast Outcast 4s upgrades

    Just stayed up all night with a dremal, soldering torch, and a mind going a million miles an hour. I fitted a castle monster mamba x and a savox sv-1270tg to this baby. I will comeback with some remarks in a day with running notes. I forgot to mention I got rid of the trash radio for another...
  4. TraverseCity420

    Mamba Monster 2 ESC Setting Help

    What setting in castle link changes it so when I'm going in reverse it sets a delay or neutral before going forward, Atm its going from full reverse straight into full forward with no delay, But it will not go from forward to full reverse without a delay or going to neutral first which I prefer...
  5. bicketybam

    Kraton Castle Mamba Monster X/1515-2200Kv motor combo

    I went and got this combo today from a LHS. They matched the price Castle is selling it for on their website,which I thought was cool. I only had a few issues with installation. First I couldn't get the 14t pinion off the stock BLX motor. I have a pinion puller but I couldn't use it because of...
  6. arrmatyphon

    castle or hobbywing

    Hi just wanted to know a bit more about the hobbywing 2200kv vs the castle 2200kv. Hobbywing says its 3000w and castle says it 60k rpm. I have the hobbywing in my typhon but after another motor for a different car. Is there any advantages over both motors like torque, power, rotor size etc or...
  7. GuyFromCanada

    Good Price on CC Mamba X ESC?

    I think it is a decent price for anyone looking for an ESC upgrade:
  8. GuyFromCanada

    Castle Creations 1410 Case Heatsink/Fan

    Hi, I bought a couple of this for when my CC 1410 motors arrive, and I have them mounted on a heatsink on a 550 motor. The fit is good, but they are really flimsy and the fan is going to die quickly I'm sure. Anyone have a good heatsink and/or fan solution for 1410/36xy motors? Heatsink...
  9. Alexschuster18

    Kraton Max 8 or MMX 2200kv combo

    Im really torn between the two combos, price is not really to big of an issue but like most i don't want to waste my money on a brand name. I have the castle program card and have had some of their combos before sct and MM, but mow with hobby wing seeming to be everyone choice i would like some...
  10. G

    Talion Mama Monster stuttering

    I just installed a Mamba Monster X ESC. I tried to throttle test the Talion, and it just stutters like crazy without any acceleration. I checked the Castle Link setting , tried a few different ones, timing, etc. Nothing has changed this. Also, the ESC doesn't "chime" when I first power on the...
  11. E36Mtek

    Senton Senton 6s with mamba monster 2 combo

    any of you guys running the Senton 6s with a mamba monster 2 combo?
  12. kzsteve


    I would like to know if the wiring from the blx2050 is sensitive to mamba monster 2 ? as in how to hook the two together. thanks ..Steve
  13. Happy673

    Castle mamba monster 2 has driven me 2 the edge

    So I have a kraton with a castle mamba monster 2200kv 1515 motor , was working ok but was getting low voltage cutoff when a couple of times because some dirty pos at the hobby shop sold me 14 gauge adapter to run to batteries that I didn't need. I figured it out and ditched the adapter and put a...
  14. J

    Fake Castle motors?

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a Castle 2200kv motor, I looked on ebay and there are loads of really cheap new ones, all from differen't places/shops in China. Are these knock-offs? Or CC clones? Thanks
  15. Killer Kraton

    Kraton Anyone try the Castle 1717?

    I had a 4070 TpPoer 1700kv in my Kraton, I use 4s had a 14 tooth pinion.. never got over 100 degrees barely. It was fast enough for my yard. I am now experimenting with the Traxxas version of Castles 1717 1650kv. I have only ran this (always had a MMX) motor 3 times and it is still COLD here...
  16. ManhattanRC

    Senton Sidewinder SV4 and 4600KV in Senton 4X4 Mega

    Hi All, I'm new to the Arrma brand as I've spent the last few years building Tamiyas. I recently purchased a Senton Mega and wanted to put in a Sidewinder SV4 and 4600KV Castle that I have laying around. I noticed that SC 4x4s are recommended to use the SCT ESC, but this truck is light, and I...
  17. J


    Just upgraded to brushless in my Arrma granite with a Sidewinder setup. Everything programmed but sometimes when I'm running it there is a delay. I hit the gas and it will run and stall run and stall then take off like nothing is wrong
  18. Headbangerfacerip

    Castle creations 1515 bearings !!

    Hello, I recently bought a new castle creations mamba monster 2 combo with a sensored 1515 motor. I run in a lot of sand so I took it apart to clean it and put in some nice orange seal Boca bearings sense I have run them in the past and they are great. When I took it apart the shaft size bearing...
  19. Boopernator71

    Kraton Mamba Monster X smoking motors?

    I am stumped. Ive been in RC long enough to check the obvious things, gearing, drive train binding, Lipo battery discharge rate, and bad wiring. But this is just beyond me now. I have smoked one Mamba monster X and almost smoked another. I have updated the ESC from Castle Link, and the same...
  20. InSaYnE

    BLX 200 and an external BEC

    I've never installed a separate BEC before, but with the Nero I'm thinking about it. What's the consensus on BEC's?