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  1. Frumba57

    Kraton Proline Paddles solved

    Build: Kraton 6s EXB, Castle Monster Mamba X/1650 KV, Proline 3.8 DUMONT paddles. Bottom line, they hold a true track and don't balloon the car all over the place. Incredible on 6s, Insane on 8s! PS. Thanks for watching
  2. joshjosh

    SOLD / FOUND Castle Mamba Monster X and 1515 2200kV motor - $225

    Castle Mamba Monster X and 1515 2200kV motor - $225, with $5 shipping to the lower 48. This is New - open box. I have the factory box for the motor, but not the ESC. Thank you!
  3. Steveninthe321

    Limitless Castle 2028 1700kv Limitless V2 with stock motor mount

    Wanted to shed some light on this subject and maybe help someone down the road. Incase your wondering you can fit a castle 2028 with the stock motor mount. You only need to purchase ARA320722 for 56mm motors. I couldn't find anything when I searched on here (maybe I didn't look hard enough)...
  4. Warby

    Castle XLX2 accessories question

    I'm new to Castle products and have recently bought a new XLX2 and a 1721. I'm a bit confused about what accessories cables etc, I need to program the esc and extract data. There seems to be a few options. Do I only need the Quick Connect Duo? Also can I use a Field Programming Card on a xlx2...
  5. Frumba57

    Outcast HELP! My O8S is 36lbs!

    I bought this O8S from LHS. Super fun to drive, but had to have more cow bell. Started with upgrading power to XLX2/2028 1100kv Castle. Then Badlands on all 4 corners. Swapped out the chassis for EXB and for sure fire poundage a steel brace plate under the chassis. With 10000 MaH HV batteries...
  6. TotalBub

    Kraton MMX8s will not power on after adding castle b link

    I ordered a castle b link recently and it was delivered today. As soon as I got done with work I rush out to install it. After install I paired it with the app, downloaded the data logs, thumbed through all the calibration options. When I was done I clicked “disconnect” and now the entire Esc...
  7. J

    Help with Castle monster x 6s esc

    Video of issue and picture of complete setup As seen in the video I'm just driving as normal and then the esc seems to shut off and go through a weird rearming sequence. I've ran 6s on the setup 1 other time with no issues and ran it about 4-5 other times with 4s, no issues. Any idea what might...
  8. surfingSEMINOLE

    Talion What upgraded motor and esc combo are you using in your talion?

    Hey everyone! I am looking to build a talion 6s exb type rig from scratch. Going with the m2c talion exb chassis along with several m2c parts (not sure if i will try for the entire beefcake package). For those who have upgraded your electronics, what motor and esc combos are you running? I...
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  12. ian turner

    Can I run 6s with these 3 2s battery’s using the 2 specktrum parrel harness as seen in the pictures?

    Can I run 6s with these 3 battery’s ?
  13. J

    Mojave Castle MMX 8S

    I’m currently waiting on the stock esc to be off of back order because mine just went bad not too long ago. I already went through HH to see if they could fix it and they’re sending me a new one when there’s more but I am pretty impatient. I saw others use Castle MMX 8S as a nice replacement...
  14. R

    SOLD / FOUND Parts for Kraton Exb, Mojave Exb, Traxxas Maxx 4S V2, Spektrum 8s, Castle 6s, Proline Badlands, Copperhead 2

    Hi All, First for sale post so be gentle. :) Times are rough so need to make up some money for bills. I still try to keep some of the toys for now (as long as I can), so trade is somewhat ok, but I would rather go for the Benjamins. Shipping and fees are on top of these prices, however, I am...
  15. justin080

    Castle XLX2 with my old Hobbywing 4278SD Motor possible ? 2250kv 6s

    Hey guys, i just bought a new xlx2 and wait for its arrival. While i keep wondering if i can run this esc with my old motor because castle had issues with D Wind Motors and i cant find anything about the wind from this motor :( I think this motor can do a lot more speed.... I ran 180 kph with...
  16. Theofanis

    Kraton Mmx8s Calibration mistake

    Hello, today i calibrate my mmx8s maybe wrong, because as the instructions say If you are using a Futaba-made transmitter, you will need to set the transmitter’s throttle channel direction to the REVERSE (Rev) position. This is either an external micro switch on the transmitter or an option...
  17. obessedwithrc

    Custom 3d printed MMX ESC mount w/ 40mm fan [Arrma 1/8th scale]

    Custom 3d printed ESC mount for Mabma Monster X (not the 8s version) I worked with the designer in Germany to create a version of his MMX mount for the Arrma 6s line w/ mounting holes for a 40mm fan. Here are some pics of what that looks like installed on a Typhon 6s. The mount bolts right...
  18. L

    Big Rock Motors, Amps, KV, help please!

    Hello all, So to sum this up, I've been trying to make a very over powered big rock for a while now. I started with a TP 4050 2830kv D wind on 4s. It had a ton of power, but overheated too quickly, and really heated up the esc as well. I then tried an old Castle 1515 2200kv on 4s with a 24...
  19. JDarby05

    SOLD / FOUND Tool kit (DeWalt Drill, MIP Hex Bits and drivers, Wiha T-Handles, plus craftsman needle nose, vice grips, channel locks)

    Selling my rc tool kit. Everything I pieced together to make repairs at home or on the go etc Included 1) DeWalt 12V Max Extreme 12 V Brushless Cordless Powered Screwdriver Kit ( Carrying bag, 2 batteries, and charger) 2) MIP Hex Driver Wrenches 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3 3) MIP Hex Driver Drill...
  20. vinkarne

    Limitless Castle 1515 gets too hot in less than 90 seconds on 6s and 4s

    Hello all, Newbie to the game, bought a limitless and set it up with a pretty basic setup with sidewinder 8th combo and a 29t pinion. Soon as I started to hit the road not even a single speed run and in 60-90 seconds checked the motor temp with fingers and I burnt my fingers already. Temp was...