castle creations

  1. Tara

    what motor do you recommend?

    I am changing out the ESC in my felony to a castle creations 1/6 mamba monster x 8s 33.6v and what motor would you recommend to run with that?
  2. JayP.

    Outcast Castle 1520 1650kv gearing

    Does anyone run the 1650kv castle motor on 6s? I was planning on going to this motor with the mamba monster x esc, and keeping it on 6s. I mostly wanted to do this because it's capable of 8s, so I know it won't have any overheating issues on 6s. But I'm not really sure what gearing would be...
  3. Grimbles

    Notorious Grimbles' Notorious Build Thread

    Build thread for my beast of a noto! I bought a roller based on a v3 platform, with these upgrades: m2c chassis, voltage hobbies towers and braces, hr servo saver, proline trencher 3.8s. Ran it on a hobbywing max 8 combo and realised the diffs were also shot. So now it has: 1) all metal diffs...
  4. C

    Kraton Castle 1717 1650kv Cooling Option (Kraton EXB)

    I started modifying an 8s heatsink to fit the Castle 1717, but as i was sliding it on/off I noticed that it was wearing the paint on the heatsink in just a few small places, which indicated to me that it wasn't getting good contact for heat transfer. Since the 1717 can has built-in fins, I...
  5. FonkySituation

    Typhon This is my tear down n clean and bhuild back up

    So i have a typhon mega..i blew out my front a arm the other day so i replaced with rpm ...i have also installed some pro-line shocks(rear only at the moment)..since upgrading to castle sidewinder 8th system (running 4s lipo) ... i blew out my rear main gear the plastic sheared off.. im...
  6. PrIsOnRiOt414

    A little help please. Castle Sidwinder 8th ESC w 2200kv motor Reprogram

    So yes you read the headline. I got a castle sidewinder 8th esc and 2200kv motor w a 20t pinion on a kraton exb 6s. I programed the esc the first time i turned it on. But I want to change the settings. How do I reset to factory default with the transmitter? Everyone on youtube I found just shows...
  7. Ivgot2manyRC

    Typhon Winter project. Complete NEW restoration with upgrades V6

    I got a Used & abused 6s typhon from eBay for 150$ I couldn’t pass it up. With a little TLC and $$$$ I’m gonna have this thing looking like a 2021 v6. Lol ? It came with hot racing bulk head covers front and rear :) GKA chassis braces, hot racing motor mount/diff cover that I won’t be using...
  8. sebcbien

    Mojave Mojave EXB - More suspension travel - Mamba Monster 2

    Hello, I'm looking more and more to the Mojave EXB. I thing it could be my next purchase. There is just one thing that I would like to see is better suspension travel, like in the UDR and Losi Baja Rey. I own the UDR and the way that this thing land after a jump is always "uh !?! :oops:" (even...
  9. Viking

    Kraton Castle 1717 Heatsink + Fans?

    I recently installed a Castle Creations 1717 (1650KV) motor with a Mamba Monster X 8s ESC. My questions are: Do you know of any heatsinks that fit this motor? Do you know of any fans that would fit on your recommended heatsinks? For context- I’m running a Tekno 20t pinion and the factory...
  10. MrTJox1

    Hobbywing vs Castle Creations for Arrma Kraton v4????

    I am looking to upgrade my electronics and motor. I'm a newbie and found HW and CC to be the standard for bashers! I'm looking at the CC- Monster X w/1515 (2250kV) motor OR HW Xerun XR8 plus w/4274 SD G2 (2250kv) motor? What are some thoughts out there..why CC over HW? Oh yeah, no comments...
  11. Astronought

    Weird Mamba Monster X issue on Kraton EXB

    Hey all! I was hoping that someone will be able to help me figure out what's wrong with my MMX ESC. I've got it running on my Kraton EXB with the Castle 2200kv 1515 sensored motor on the stock EXB 12 tooth pinion, a Castle 1515 motor cooling fan and I'm running it on 4S power only. So it will...
  12. ABabyEater

    Kraton Full. Send. - an EXB Build Thread

    I've done it. I've gone full potato. EXB Roller with a MMX8S pushing a Castle 2028. Tons of upgrades: M2C, JBI, Hot Racing - the works. Almost everything is in hand, and I have started assembling this insanity. Progress will be slow, but there will be progress. I plan on documenting each part...
  13. T

    Castle Mamba Monster X 8S or XLX?

    I plan on purchasing a 2028 / 800KV sensored Castle motor, but I'm not entirely sure which ESC I should buy to match it. The Mamba Monster X 8S is sensored, however I'm not 100% sure how beneficial that really is for efficiency/torque/speed. The XLX is (I believe?) a beefier ESC so I am leaning...
  14. JDarby05

    Kraton 8s MOTOR/ESC Upgrade

    Debating this motor and esc upgrade MOTOR: 4-POLE SENSORED BRUSHLESS, 2028-800KV ESC: MAMBA MONSTER X 8S, 33.6V Motor Mount...
  15. btosic

    Typhon Typhon XL X , TP 4070CM 2900kv , long term review

    So, after two long term reviews for high performance Kraton, it is time for high performance Typhon review. Setup is: Arrma Typhon V3 6S Kraton long chassis Castle XL X ESC TP Power 4070CM 2900kv motor Castel 8mm bullets: ESC, motor and LiPo Graphene Panther 6S 75C 5.000mAh LiPo Nichicon caps...
  16. IbleedKTM

    Outcast Outcast 4s upgrades

    Just stayed up all night with a dremal, soldering torch, and a mind going a million miles an hour. I fitted a castle monster mamba x and a savox sv-1270tg to this baby. I will comeback with some remarks in a day with running notes. I forgot to mention I got rid of the trash radio for another...
  17. TraverseCity420

    Mamba Monster 2 ESC Setting Help

    What setting in castle link changes it so when I'm going in reverse it sets a delay or neutral before going forward, Atm its going from full reverse straight into full forward with no delay, But it will not go from forward to full reverse without a delay or going to neutral first which I prefer...
  18. bicketybam

    Kraton Castle Mamba Monster X/1515-2200Kv motor combo

    I went and got this combo today from a LHS. They matched the price Castle is selling it for on their website,which I thought was cool. I only had a few issues with installation. First I couldn't get the 14t pinion off the stock BLX motor. I have a pinion puller but I couldn't use it because of...
  19. arrmatyphon

    castle or hobbywing

    Hi just wanted to know a bit more about the hobbywing 2200kv vs the castle 2200kv. Hobbywing says its 3000w and castle says it 60k rpm. I have the hobbywing in my typhon but after another motor for a different car. Is there any advantages over both motors like torque, power, rotor size etc or...
  20. GuyFromCanada

    Good Price on CC Mamba X ESC?

    I think it is a decent price for anyone looking for an ESC upgrade: