1. Homebrew

    Prophet Sport Mini charger is not working all of a sudden.

    My local shop gave me this charger a couple of months ago when I was deciding which one I wanted to get. I still haven’t bought a nice one, but this guy all of a sudden won’t charge any type of battery. After it looks like it’s going to start, all four lights keep flashing red then green. Any...
  2. LiquidCompass

    Help with HTRC T240 Duo Charger Settings

    Hey all. I just received my new T240 charger. My old one didn’t have a screen and many settings so I’m a little overwhelmed with the new one. I want to charge NiMH batteries. Should I leave the battery cell to Auto? What is Delta V? When I tried to make a profile for my 3300mah 8.4v NiMH...
  3. gillryan53

    Senton Need a bit of advice

    Hello, I am just recently getting into RC and I will soon be buying a ARRMA 1/10 SENTON 4X4 V3 3S BLX, and I need some help finding what battery and charger to get. If anybody could please tell me, my ears are open, I have a budget of about $120 for a battery and charger. Thank you!
  4. K

    Granite batteries failing. new car. HELP!!

    My son got an 1/10 GRANITE 4X4 V3 MEGA 550 Brushed Monster Truck. It came with the Nimh battery and charger and after maybe 2 runs with it the battery stopped charging. It took hours to charge anyways so I decided to go ahead and upgrade to the Li-Po battery 2s with the Powerstage Bundle. I...
  5. RC617

    6s Charger Recommendations

    I just picked up a lightly used Kraton 6s V5 and it came with a 6s 5000mah 45C battery. I've read what I can in a short period of time on chargers (I'm completely new to lipo RCs) but am going in circles as to the best approach for getting a charger. Ideally I wanted to spend $100 or less...
  6. S1mon

    ISDT Q8 not charging lipo’s, failing buck (self)test

    My ISDT Q8 doesn’t charge my LIPO (3S, different brands) anymore. The batteries are correctly recognised (showing number of cells, voltage etc). Once I start charging, it changes to the “charge” screen and the timer starts but nothing else happens. The A and mAh remain at zero, regardless of how...
  7. Exc3l


    Hey guy's, I would like a battery charger since I have another friend (Granite 3s) joining the fleet soon. I have a converted senton (3s to 6s) so I am going to have about 2-4 3s packs (from HRB). What charger should I get. I would like it to be on "Prime" on ( I have been trying to...
  8. Tw3ak3d

    Portable charging solution

    Out of boredom today I decided to make a portable lipo charger, you know, in the event your RC doesn't break down before you run all your lipo's. I have an abundance of Milwaukee m18 18v batteries, and I 3d printed a power adapter (or buy one off of Amazon for $15). Works quite well, I can...
  9. N

    Help Me Pick A Charger + LiPos for Kraton 6S

    Update 7/23/20 : Purchased HOTA D6+ per many of your reccomendations. I'm still looking for good Lipos and preferably on Amazon with Prime Shipping. 7/13/20 I just picked up a used Kraton 6S V4 and got one run on it before breaking the front bumper. While I'm waiting on parts, I am in need of a...
  10. E

    ISDT Q8 2/4pcs

    I recently bought an ISDT Q8 and after charging a couple of batteries I noticed that it said 2/4pcs on the screen for a second I thought it was how many batteries I had charged but I have done at least 3 so does anybody know what it means
  11. MayhemDad

    NEWBIE Senton 4x4 3S BLX Battery Suggestion?

    I'm sure this has been asked 100 time, so let me apologize now. Instead of fixing 10+ year-old cars that were given to us, we've decided to go new with the Senton 4x4 3s BLX. It should be here on Monday. Obviously, we'll need a battery & charger setup. I don't like dirt cheap garbage, but we...
  12. JDarby05

    Kraton 7600mah LiPo battery but the charger maxes out at 7amps

    I have a quick question I was hoping to get answered. I’ve done plenty of research but I’ve found one post that answere the question and I’m not sure if it’s right or not.. I bought LiPo 3s 7600 75c batteries to add to my 3s 5200 50c set. When I bought my charger from a hobby shop I was...
  13. dillon_mitko

    Charging a LiPo w/o balance?

    The balance port came off the wires on my hrb 4S 5000mah LiPo and I was wondering how big of a deal it is? My charger has a mode that’s just LiPo charging instead of LiPo balance charge but is it going to ruin the battery? And if so is there a way to put it back on without soldering? Thanks in...
  14. W

    Senton Question About Battery charge rates on NiMh

    Hello everyone! im having some questions about charging my batteries, the stock battery is a 8.4v 2,400mah nimh, the first 5 or 8 cycles where with the stock charger at 0.7amps, it takes 3 and a half hours to charge, recently a bought a better charger that can charge at 1amp, 2, 3 or 4 amps...
  15. S

    Help! What am I doing?

    Hey, I have just bought a Granite 4x4 BLX for Xmas. I used to run cars a bit about 20 years ago but it was a simple case of charging and away you went! I bought the pack from ModelSport which includes a balance charger ( and a 11.1v 3S...
  16. S

    Raider BLS - looking for NIMH + Charger

    Hello from Germany! I am an absolute beginner and am hoping to get some help :-) 3 years ago I bought the Raider BLS (red) and used it only twice. Now I want to revive and drive it with my son. Unfortunately I am missing the ADC-N7 charger and NIMH 3300MAH 8.4V akku. I‘m not able to...
  17. Outcastblxnut

    Thoughts on venom pro dual charger

    Picked up venom dual charger. 90$ couldn't pass it up. Just looking for thoughts and reviews before I open her up
  18. Typhon6smax

    Typhon Charging C rate

    Hi guys, Just got new LiPo's and have a question. My battery says maximum fast charge rate: 2C. What does that mean? Is that the maximum current at which I can charge the battery? And how do I know at how much Ampere I can charge the battery? Thanks!
  19. TraverseCity420

    What connector do I need for Venom Pro charger?

    Looking at getting the Venom Pro charger, do I just need a few 4mm to Trx plug connectors to charge up my HRBS and such with trx plugs? I have traxxas brand chargers for my traxxas brand poop batteries which the balance leads in the plug keep coming out so i'll keep those on the traxxas...
  20. T

    Kraton Lipo Charger Recommendations?

    Hey Guys- I’m new to the forum, and just recently purchased a Kraton, previously a Losi nitro owner. I’m hoping with the wealth of knowledge on this site I can get suggestions for a good lipo charger— Can handle 6s Dual charger Simple, and easy to use would be key Under $200 Thanks...