1. P

    Lipo charger

    What's the best budget lipo charger, I no you get what you pay for but I need to find a good cheap on of a good used one to have till about feburary an then I will be able to buy a good one any help greatly appreciated
  2. Jeremy in WI

    ISDT Q6 finally set up

    I wanted this to end up as a travel charger for our ridiculous amount of camping trips we do every year. I think it turned out pretty decent. I used a parts bin from work (I hope they don't miss it) and vented for the power supply. It packs up nice, and I can use it for a few batteries in...
  3. F

    Battery charging question... Please help

    I got the SKYRC D400 and I want to parallel charge 2 True Spec Premium 11.1V 5400mAh 135Amps/90C on one port and True Spec Premium 22.2V 7400mAh 149Amps/90C with G10 plates on the other port. What settings do I put in the charger for each port? Thanks Alex
  4. R

    Venom duo pro

    When setting up a battery for long term storage..when the battery is still fully charged do i discharge it down to 3.7v or do i just put it in storage mode and the charger will take it down to the required voltage..
  5. WoodiE

    What do you think about Free USED items?

    So I've got a few items in mind for a giveaway that we need to start sooner rather than later, but @Mr.Duke has recently threw a wrench in my possible idea. If you haven't seen it yet, check out his post about his battery charger setup. The setup consists of an ISDT Q6 Plus 300w charger and a...
  6. bluedeval03

    Hobbymate D6 Duo Charger

    Anyone know anything about the Hobbymate brand of chargers? Specs look interesting on it, most impressive is the price at $149.90 which kicks in the skeptic side of me...
  7. H

    Some questions on balance charging, store charge, discharge..

    Hello all. I received my SMC 4s 7400mah lipo yesterday and I would appreciate any advice on lipos. The charge that the battery was shipped at was 3.86, 3.85, 3.84 and 3.85. I balanced charged it on a 4 button charger. So here are my questions: 1. When fully charged each cell should be at max...
  8. GuyFromCanada

    New to Li-Po

    G'day folks, I picked up my first Li-Po over the weekend and finally got around to being home long enough to charge it and take it for a spin. This is my charger: and this is my battery...
  9. Big B Speedy

    BLX Chargers and the lipos that can be used safely

    i have this charger and currently using 2 3S lipos that came in my combo arrma typhon My question is will it charge the 6S lipos from SMC Thanks in advance for any and all info
  10. T

    Icharger 206b power supply

    Stumbled on this on eBay. Would it be sufficient for the icharger 206b?
  11. Bowling guy

    Duratrax 245 charger issue?

    Newbie on here. Have a new duratrax 245 charger that consistently charges well under any batteries mah capacity. I can plug any of these batteries in to my old thunder ac 6 and get a few hundred mah over capacity. Anyone else have this issue? Trying to figure out if I need a warranty claim with...
  12. vman38

    3s Lipo Charging trouble

    Hi Had a rather big crash at the weekend and one of my 3s hard case lipos cracked open the case - no visible damage inside. Just taped up with T-rex tape and all working fine. But now when balance charging at 5A it takes about 3 hours to finish. Usually takes around 50 mins. Cell 1 gets to...
  13. donkdave83

    What do you think of this charger? What's your thoughts on this one
  14. slfmde

    Battery Charging

    Do you guys balance charge every time or maybe do it every other? I read balance charging is a little more stressful on the battery and can reduce its life span.
  15. tony86

    Charger suggestions

    hello everyone , looking at chargers .. sorry new to the hobby ... Venom quad duo Hitec x4 Hitec x700 Looking for a machine that can charge 6s batteries fast, stored etc.. What would u buy out of these options??...
  16. CDUB

    Charger/Battery for new Granite 4x4

    I am looking to buy the new Granite 4x4, but also need to get a charger and back up batteries. I have had some advice for SMC batteries. How do I know the size that will fit and the connector? Can someone point me towards a couple 2s lipo batteries and charger. Too many options and I can't...
  17. Trapper

    Dual battery charger help

    Looking for a good dual battery charger/balancer. Able to charge dual 2s and dual 3s batteries. Currently looking at the thunder power 820 on their website and I see it's dc only. Can anyone help suggest an ac charger that can fulfill my needs of dual charging and balancing? Also the only...
  18. Ole Fart51

    Venom pro duo

    i just bought the venom pro duo charger and I hope someone can help me with it. I charged my first two batteries with no problems. Started to charge two more and I cannot find Lipo on the right side of charger. I see all other types of batteries but not Lipo.
  19. Fanard

    Lipo battery and charger help

    I'm looking at buying a Lipo battery charger, my batteries are 5.2amps and need a charger suitable. My question is, can you charge a 5amp battery with a charger that has a max charge output of 3amps? I assume you can, it will just take longer to get to its peak voltage? Or, do I need to buy a...
  20. R

    NiMH not charging

    Hi, my 4200mah venom NiMH battery that i just charged with a onyx 110 charger won't run my granite mega's motor it will only run the servo. I put it back on the charger and it started charging again as if it was not charged. The first time i charged it at 4a and now i charged it at 2a and it...