1. JustOutForARip88

    Kraton Looking for some advice on maintaining truck and links to parts that will fit Kraton 4s v2 blx speed monster!

    WANTING TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF BLACK FRIDAY SALES!🇨🇦 Hey guys, hope everyone is having a great day! I'm looking to toss a bit of cash at some cosmetic as well as any possible performance upgrades that will fit my Kraton 4s v2 blx for sure. I found alot online but no sellers seem to be sure if it...
  2. rumbot

    Granite Wet & dirty bashing: tips & tricks?

    Dear fellow bashers I’d like to setup my Granite BLX so it is as weatherproof as possible, so it’s going to require as minimum maintenance as possible. A bit of context: I live in Scandinavia, therefore will drive in mud, wet grass, humid gravel and dirty puddles at least 6 months a year. I’m...
  3. AristonC

    Recommend small/portable air compressor?

    I've been digging through old threads and found a few links to air compressors but most suggestions appear to be at 1 gallon or more. Where I live, I don't have space for an air compressor tank so I've been researching if something like the below would work together. AmazonSmile: Kensun AC/DC...
  4. moldy bong

    Outcast how do you clean your RC's?

    So I did a quick search and didn't pull anything up in the forum. So instead of asking how to clean my dirty outcast I'll instead ask how you clean your Rc's. I have seen multiple ways on YouTube and in my Google search. I normally just throw it in the bathtub and spray away. But that was with...
  5. Deereman7

    Granite Cleaning your rc

    Morning Everyone. Got a question for you guys. I have a blx granite and my son's have a granite brushed. Been really having a lot of fun and bashing. We're in the country running on dirt, Mudd, ice, and gravel. The insides get some dead grass from the yard and a little water in the bottom...
  6. Ktc888

    Kraton Cleaning a kraton?

    How do people go about cleaning a kraton. Can we just blast it off with a hose or would a full strip down be more beneficial? ?
  7. ThatDrewGuy

    OCD much?

    So was just wondering if anyone else out there is as bad as I am when it comes to what state their rigs get stored in. I have this habit of cleaning my vehicles every other, and sometimes every time they are run. Yes yes mud builds character, but working on a clean rig is better then dirt...
  8. Typhon

    Typhon Typhon spring cleaning/maintenance/upgrades

    As spring rolled in on me quickly this year i desperately needed to do some maintenance, cleaning, and upgrading. Found some worn out parts that got overlooked last season. I found a shattered bearing in a hub, a bent cvd axle, bent upper shock bolt, bad diff gasket, input shaft cups front and...
  9. Raji

    Outcast How to clean your Outcast like a brand new!!

    Tools: :) Tooth brush+ Make Up Brushes (Lucky me my Wife get a new set) Few hours of cleaning on this:eek: The result: :D:D
  10. WildP1

    Brushless Blx motor cleaning

    Hello I got my old senton v1 blx motor. It's really dirty inside. Mud dirt everywhere inside the engine. Does anybody know how to clean it? I took it appart and the thing in the middle is dirty too. I might clean that with some wd40 or smth. I might get some electrical cleaner from the shop but...
  11. Wael

    Kraton Kraton Cleaning

    What is the best way to clean my kraton as some parts start to rust! Does WD40 have effect the parts or i can use it?
  12. WoodiE

    How do you clean your RC?

    I have seen a couple threads and even get emails asking this question, how do you clean your RC? So I thought I'd share how I clean all of my RC's, plus others can share their methods as well. How to clean your RC How I have always cleaned my RC's have been to use a 50/50 mixture of water and...
  13. Jerry-rigged

    Cleaning R/C bearings

    Running in water - A lot of RTR's - including the Arrmas - are Water Resistant. Yes, I know Arrma and others say Water Proof, but that is not true. My fishing buddies have a saying - water will destroy anything that is not water, or fish. :) You can't stop water, you can only slow it down...