1. Heinz

    Cracked Slipper

    Ok, so I’ve been getting a little carried away at the skate park doing back flips and I’ve been hearing a slight grinding noise. Today I took the motor mount out for the first time and noticed a massive crack on the slipper clutch. Do I need an entire new part or can the cracked part be...
  2. Jeweettoch13

    Vorteks metal slipper clutch?

    I was wondering if there's a metal version of the aluminium slipper clutch out there. (310946). I've noticed since i'm using metal diffs and 4S batteries the backend of the aluminium slipper clutch is eating away. Any suggestions to adress this problem?
  3. Prisma

    Granite How tight do you set your slipper?

    Hey everyone, I'm kinda lost as to how tight my slipper should be; I'd like not to destroy my spur gear with my brushless system, even though I'm running at 2S. But I loosened it quite a lot and at super low RPMs it didn't move and made weird sounds throughout the RPM curve. So how do you guys...
  4. Prisma

    Granite Spur Gear Question

    If I strip the 91T spur on the arrma Granite, can I just replace the spur only with the 57T one? Cause the slipper seems to be quite expensive
  5. rflx

    Senton Need help troubleshooting noise

    Hey forum ? My Senton 3s is producing some unsettling sounds and i'm having trouble finding out what the issue is. Before it started, i had opened up the motor (everything looked fine), changed to a 15t pinion, changed the diff syrup (100k/30k), put on 17mm hex adapters and buggy tires and...
  6. J

    Outcast/Kraton 4s BLX slipper clutch build-up/tuning

    Hey guys, new R/C'er here with a new Outcast 4s blx... I've only ran one pack and broke a a-arm so out of business until I get a replacement. In the meantime, I took the slipper clutch out and didn't super pay attention when disassembling it. Not 100% sure how to put it back together and could...
  7. Basco

    Extra washer slipper clutch

    During some on street maintenance witch needed removal of my slipper clutch, I noticed an extra washer size M5x8x0.5 witch I couldn't found in the manual. Does anyone know on what position this washer should be placed on the slipper clutch?