1. WoodiE

    Best RC LiPo battery connector types: Choosing and Soldering

    Battery connectors are a common subject here and we get a lot of questions like"what battery connector is the best?" or "how to solder battery a connector?" and others. Hopefully this thread can serve as a central place to find answers to many of the questions we see when it comes to picking...
  2. GuyFromCanada

    ESC and Battery Connectors

    I promise I'm not trolling! What connectors are people running and why? I'm mostly thinking max 2-3S, as the 4-6S systems are out of my price range. I was originally thinking of using Dean's/Tee in the future simply because the Mega 4x4 come stock with them. A negative I have found with this...
  3. L3 RC

    XT90 difficult to disconnect

    This seems like a really dumb question to me but am I the only one who finds disconnecting the XT90 connectors to be a major pain in the ash? Does anyone grease them with some di'eletric grease or have some other solution for a disconnect that requires much less effort?
  4. tigerljj1

    Kraton Confused on Kraton battery connectors

    Hi fellas (and gals)! Researched and you-tubed but found different info. Waiting for Kraton to become available to purchase one. What battery connectors come with it? I've read 'deans' then 'xt90' which some say are deans but a vid on YouTube has it looking like banana plugs. Want to know to...
  5. ARRMAgeddon

    Electrical connectors

    What are the best connectors out there? Ec5 xt90 xt150 etc. Can someone reccomend a good connectors