1. G

    Senton Front wheel getting loose

    Hello everyone! Here is my first post for my Senton 6S and on this forum. Nothing major to report but I've noticed that my front wheels are getting loose. Not a lot but just 1/2 milimeter or in other words the CVD axle can move a tiny bit when the wheel is installed. I was considering this as...
  2. R

    Kraton Kraton 6S front CVD driveshaft popping out

    I have upgraded practically every part of my Kraton V4 except the chassis which, amazingly, I have failed to bend yet. The biggest problems I continue to have with this car our breaking shock shaft off at the threads in the front CVD axles keep popping out of the outdrives when the car is it...
  3. continuecrushing

    Typhon Finally installed Hot Racing metal diffs and CVD sliders

    I’ve been waiting and waiting for Arrma to release metal diffs, but I found some hot racing ones instead and I went with those. They seem pretty nice, and should hold up to power nicely. I also picked up some of the Arrma CVD sliders to help alleviate issues with the stock shafts, but who knows...
  4. X

    Big Rock GPMRacing - Wheel Driveshafts

    It looks like GPM has a new CVD wheel driveshaft option for the Granite and BigRock. To the best of my knowledge, the only previous option was the HR version which has mixed reviews and is NOT a cheap option. Here are the new GPM options, I couldn't find these in the US: Big Rock...
  5. Pfaulk54271

    Kraton CV's Popping out

    Having some issues with the Talion and 2x Kratons popping front cv's out of the outdrives and bending shafts. Any common tips or fixes for this? It's always the right front CV!
  6. Crispy117

    CV shaft upgrade for Mega/BLS/BLX?

    Hi, I have a '13 model Mojave Mega with; Pro line shocks Louise tyres 5400Kv brushless motor 60A ESC 3 cell 4000mah battery '14 spec BLX metal gear gearbox and rear end Yeti slipper clutch gear 54 tooth And a few other small mods I've finally blown up my first metal gearbox (after destroying 4...
  7. mansour545

    Ballooning easy fix for Badlands and trenchers tires

    Hi guys It have been long since my last post and I have upgraded my Fazon a lot Traxxas lock pins for all 4 CVDs and 2 Diff drives TRA5145 Hot racing CVDs NRO288V02 in front Hot racing CVDs NRO200E02 in the back Aluminum rockers NRO27M01 X 2 sets for all wheels Leopard motor LBP4082/2Y 1600kv...