1. Bolshevikjoe

    Not Arrma Related, but a heck of a deal. ($99.99 1/10 scale)

    So, I know CEN Racing stuff doesn't have the greatest reputation, but this is hard to pass up. As many of you know, CEN entered a deal with Jegs where they provided custom Jegs versions of the HL -150 MT and B-50 MT. These apparently haven't sold great, because they're unloading them right now...
  2. JDarby05

    SOLD / FOUND Arrma 6s EXB w/ $3.5k invested into it. Priced to sell (6 charges ran)

    Arrma Kraton 6s EXB w/ tons of upgrades Pictures are right after my last bash(haven’t had time to clean it yet) Also included pictures of when I bought it and started building it. And parts and upgrades etc. (more picture w/ request) Over $3.5k invested into this setup (I’ll add a comment...
  3. WoodiE

    Share your best RC deals

    This hobby can be expensive enough, if you know of any good deals or have any coupon codes to share, please post them here! Please remember when posting, please post website link, the code (if one is available), the expiration date of the code, and what discount or deal the code provides.
  4. JDarby05

    SOLD / FOUND Kraton 6s v4 w/ extras and charger/batteries.

    Arrma Kraton 6s v4 - Purchased 05/27/20 7 Full charges ran through it. Comes w/ OEM Controller EXB shock towers / braces (not installed) EXB shock stand offs included with towers EXB Wing Mount and Wing (installed) RPM Plastic Skid Plates (Installed) New OEM Front Arms (not installed) New...
  5. M

    Savox 2290 700oz servo on sale!

    I found a smoking deal on the monster savox 2290 servo. They are $159 everywhere. Dlux Fab has them on sale for $120. This is a smoking deal on a killer servo. I have this in my kraton. It will move the earth beneath my kraton. This is the Savox SB-2290SG Black Edition Monster Torque...
  6. Steel_Rain

    Senton Senton Price Drop

    The Senton dropped to $350.00 on Tower!**&P=ML I might have to get a spare...
  7. C

    Fazon worth extra over Nero?

    Hey looking to buy either Nero BLX with Diff Brain or also the Fazon. I seen this deal on eBay any thoughts?
  8. justatree

    Senton 2015 black friday cost?

    have anyone of you bought the senton during black friday? And may I ask what the price was? thanks
  9. upangued

    Arrma Raider body $5.68

    not sure if this is where i should post this, but at rc planet they have a green arrma raider body for $5.68 in case anyone is in the market
  10. Operator7G

    Online Deals and item stock status updates

    Share any deals you find online in this thread as well as any stock status updates! In case you're on the edge about one of the 6S vehicles, TowerHobbies has one of their tastier coupon codes active this week -- $70 off of a $399 purchase. They're also giving away a free battery with the...