desert truck

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  2. Maxxamillion

    Mojave My Mojave - Track Existence

    Hey all, Just sharing my new Mojave ownership as of November '21. I normally drive 1/10 scale crawlers, but have raced 1/10 & 1/8 nitros years ago. This is my first go fast rc in a long time. Nothing ground breaking with my RTR Mojave. Just a track adjusted truck vs a top speed r/c. ...Looking...
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    v2 w/EXB body
  4. Barzano724

    Kraton Which would be a good first arrma ?

    Hi, I’m all new to the electric side of the hobby was always into nitro but wanna give electric a try ! I’m stuck between the Kraton 4s and Big Rock 4x4. I don’t want a 6s or 8s to start into electric maybe later on down the line, But it’s such a hard decision. I’m just looking for a basher and...
  5. Reubydoobe

    Mojave New ARRMA Mojave Desert Truck

    It's officially released What's everyone's thoughts??