1. N

    Typhon Center diff for a Team Durango DEX8

    Hi all, A lot of parts for the Typhon should fit a Team Durango DEX8, but not sure about the center diff. Will the center diff of a Typhon fit a DEX8? Today I have broken my rear shock tower from my DEX8. Got a carbon fiber one but wasnt strong enough. Will the rear shock tower of a Typhon...
  2. chevys10zr2003

    Typhon Arrma Typhon vs Team Durango DEX8

    I currently have a Senton and am in the market for a buggy. I am thinking that I might stay with Arrma because my Senton has been very reliable the couple of months that I have had it. My question is that the Typhon is basically a RTR Team Durango DEX8, correct? I am wondering what is all...