1. C

    LiPo Storage Help

    So I‘ve always used my Traxxas balance charger for my Hoovo lipos and when storing, it discharges them to half capacity (3.85v/cell). I recently got a new charger: the Tenergy TB6B. It’s great, but when I put my lipos through the store function it only discharges them to 3.92-3.95v/cell...
  2. SSSF

    LIPO discharger

    I got fed up with discharging my LIPOS at home after crashing my car. It takes hours to do on most LIPO chargers, especially if multiple batteries need to be discharged back to storage voltage. So i decided to create a circuit that discharges a LIPO. design principles: safe easy to use set...
  3. hailo

    Some questions on balance charging, store charge, discharge..

    Hello all. I received my SMC 4s 7400mah lipo yesterday and I would appreciate any advice on lipos. The charge that the battery was shipped at was 3.86, 3.85, 3.84 and 3.85. I balanced charged it on a 4 button charger. So here are my questions: 1. When fully charged each cell should be at max...