1. cancelthefuture

    Granite Discontinues continued Electric Boogaloo

    So apparently not only are the v2 4s models discontinued, now Senton 3s, Granite 3s, Granite Mega, Granite Boost, Vorteks Boost, Vorteks 3s, Infraction Mega, and Fireteam are all discontinued as well. I figured Fireteam was coming when the super sale happened, but the 3s and Mega discontinues...
  2. Warby

    Warby's ADX-10 restoration

    I found this old Arrma ADX-10 on eBay Australia and without really thinking I put in a low offer. It was accepted. I’d never seen one for sale before. Now I know it's old, very used and broken but I love a good restoration so here I go. Before I start, here's a little bit of history on this...
  3. FSHFYouTube

    Kraton Black and Green Kraton Discontinued?

    So it look like the Green and Black body Kraton is discontinued? HobbyTown list the Green and Black as discontinued / Amain has it marked clearance. Is another color coming or what's the deal?
  4. tcolar

    Raider Arrma 1/8 Raider XL Mega discontinued ? alternatives?

    TLDR: Is the Arrma 1/8 Raider XL Mega discontinued ? Are there any good alternatives 1/8 for under 300$ RTR ? (no battery is fine, I have some) I currently own a 1/16 Traxxas Slash, It’s pretty fun but I d like something a lot Larger that I can use on a lot more terrains, hence looking for a...
  5. Tim211150

    Discontinued AR340002 parts?

    Looking for part # AR340002, can't find it anywhere. Everywhere I search its been discontinued. Any Ideas?