1. timinater

    White Tire Lettering DIY

    Wanted to share my results with some DIY White tire lettering. Found a Sharpie Meanstreak at the hardware store and it looked promising. Maybe a half dozen runs through and it seems to be holding up ok! Steps and results in the gallery here:
  2. Arrma boxes are tough too.jpg

    Arrma boxes are tough too.jpg

    Arrma Ramp!
  3. Camgeek

    Kraton BuggyCam

    Figured I could build an RC camera rig for my DJI Ronin Gimbal myself so I did. Arrma Kraton bones. Custom made aluminum extended pan two inches longer than stock and a lot wider. Custom built drive train extension to account for the longer pan. (Wanted to keep it 4-wheel drive). Added...
  4. Timritchieblue

    Kraton $4.75 steering servo (flex) mount fix

    I seen the other post for fixing the steering mount. Figured I would post a economical fix. m3 x 30mm standoffs The mount is fine,, all the flex is in the plastic post. I used 30mm from info I got from other MODS,, but 20mm would prob work better...
  5. TheJoker

    Instruction Videos

    Hey people, As many of you know, Thomas P made some instruction videos called "how to..." These are great videos for people who want to learn how to do correct maintenance and repairs on our beloved Arrma cars. Special thanks to Thomas P himself!!! Below are the links to the videos: 1 arrma...
  6. taupe

    Raider Stronger Shock Tower DIY

    My son broke his shock tower for about the third time a few weeks ago and I though I'd share the more permanent fix I came up with. he has broken the shock tower twice since installing the aluminum shock tower brace which is no longer available. The last time the brace broke as well. We...
  7. Swampie

    DIY: Bullet proof diff//Raider XL

    Parts needed: If you already have the Raider XL then the parts needed are actually minimal...keep that in mind within this list... Diff-case Arrma #AR310003 (x1 set) Gear-Set Arrma #AR310009 (Need x2 sets) Includes: o-rings, shims,pins as well as a set of bevel & spyder gears. Ofna crosspins...