dog bones

  1. melmif


    Got a brand new never used Mojave EXB. The previous owner had bought it without the original EXB diffs and all he did was chucking in two standard BLX diffs (310957). Rear Dog-bone of one particular side is popping out in the first 3 min of driving. I see that all the Mojave BLX / EXB and the...
  2. G

    Strong dogbones for Arrma Kraton?

    I just bought a kraton,I'm new to the hobby and I was just doing some mild bashing. I bent both front dogbones. Probably only jumped the kraton about 3' in the air. Are there stronger 1s or do I need to buy 30 of them because they just bend all of the time. Thanks
  3. stuartd

    Talion Question about dogbone / wheel movement

    I've had my Talion for around week and there's a bit of wheel wobble. When looking at that I noticed a couple of things that weer different between the front and raer of the car. At the front I'm able to push/pull each front wheel side to side and see the dogbone and input shaft cup move...
  4. R

    Outcast Can you straighten the front dog bones?

    As subject says, can I straighten a front dogbone and if so, what is the best method? Its bent right in the middle and i'd rather not spend 20 plus dollars to replace it.
  5. Iamsamhill

    Dog bone issues

    I have a Granite BLX and the dog bones keep popping out when I roll the truck (I know this is very common). I just wanted some advice on how to stop this from happening. Thank you
  6. Gjflores77

    Kraton Kraton upgrade front and rear dog bones with DEX8T?

    Anyone know if the dex8t front and rear drive shafts work with the Kraton? I do know the length is different however I don't know if they are measuring end to end.