drive cup

  1. melmif


    Got a brand new never used Mojave EXB. The previous owner had bought it without the original EXB diffs and all he did was chucking in two standard BLX diffs (310957). Rear Dog-bone of one particular side is popping out in the first 3 min of driving. I see that all the Mojave BLX / EXB and the...
  2. justin080

    most durable input gear cups for bashing?

    Whats up guys, i want to hear your experience about input gear cup. My stock d safe cups were worn out and they always wobble even when refit 🤣 So i want better cups. Also will buy new center driveshafts. Maybe there is a kit with cups & shafts? Idk if the titanium ones are good for bashing...
  3. DEWALT Drill

    Kraton Kraton 6s v4 2019 loud clicking noise

    My kraton started making a loud clicking noise under power and when braking it sounds like its coming from the front took apart the front diff and rear diff and they look perfect the driveshafts arent bent either it also has some loss of power i just have no i idea what it could be
  4. Lride Chart

    Kraton Dangerous RCs

    Question to the brain trust. One how do I not hit myself or others with RCs? 🙃. Two has anyone had EXB drive cup issues? I have destroyed 4 now the gears are fine just the cups either mushrooms or breaks in half. I added a 3mm spacer on my shock shaft b/c at full flex the driveshafts keep...
  5. L

    Kraton Loud cracking sound when applying heavy brake or full throttle

    Whenever I apply a heavy brake, throw it in reverse full throttle, or pin the throttle from a standstill, I hear a loud singular cracking/snapping noise and it seems to be coming from around the centre diff. I checked the rear and centre diff and they are both perfectly fine I'm worried it...
  6. uberfinity

    Drive cup issue

    Well this is lame...