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  1. justatree

    A proline street fighter alternative tire by Dynamite

    I wanted to ask because they seem really similar to the proline tires. I wonder if any of you have the Dynamite speedtreads robber?
  2. travis328

    Advice on a new charger

    I'm looking at getting a new charger as my traxxas charger that I bought is a little slow charging my 6s batteries. In total I have 2 6S 5000mah, 3 3S 5000mah and 2 2500mah NiMH batteries that I use once in a while. I'm looking at this one...
  3. justatree

    Duo/Dual battery charger for under $100

    So I have to give props to @DBBD and He has this charger and recommends it, on amazon it is $99 but on ebay I found this from powerhobby at a price of $85! if you were looking at a charger and wanted one this person has many (more than ten) probably hundreds, so go pick one up...
  4. R

    battery charger question

    hello everyone I'm new to the hobby. I got my first rc vehicle on Friday. I have a question about my battery charger. I bought the dynamite prophet sport plus. The battery that came with my truck is a arrma nimh 3300 8.4v. It says to charge it at 1c but my charger doesn't have any "c's" on it...