1. jellegoertz05

    Infraction Throttle and steering not working

    Hello, I was just driving normally with my arrma infraction v2. I was warming up the tires and suddenly the steering and throttle stopped working, the handbrake still works. I opened up the car and I saw that one battery connector had came loose. I always plug in my battery’s correctly and the...
  2. M

    ECS Issue on ARRMA Senton

    I have an ARRMA Senton and I think my ECS either needs to be reset or calibrated. When I turn it on there is no beep and the red light blinks. When I pull the trigger the motor will not turn on unless I roll the tires and even then there is not much power. The wheels will turn left and right OK...
  3. C

    Can you help me start my granite?

    Hi my name is Darrick I just purchased a granite and I can't get any throttle response out of it I can steer it but it won't go the ecs is flashing I don't know what that means please help