1. E

    Granite 4x4 upgrade made engine smoke!

    We just upgraded my son's Granite boost with a 4x4 kit. The thing was super fun and amazing, however the engine got hot, I actually saw some smoke, and it smells horrible, we stopped driving it and let it cool then finished the battery with pulling the 4x4 drive line but it still smelled bad...
  2. mR_bOOsT

    Big Rock Big Rock V3 engine install issue

    Hi all, hoping someone can help. I recently did a service on my big rock and for thr life of me, I can't slide the engine back into its place. No upgrades were made, just took out the spur to check its health and put it back together again. But can't get the engine to slide back into place...
  3. N

    smoking engine

    so I was running my granite the other day and saw smoke coming from the engine, i cut it off let it sit. It ran alright for a little bit then cut about 75% of the power while on the ground. While holding it up, the wheels would spin slowly and build up to about 60% strength. I sprayed some wd40...