1. W

    Kraton Gap In Steering Assembly

    This EXB is my first arrma car, so forgive me if I'm completely missing something. I was looking online trying to fix my poor steering at high speed and found some videos of people shimming the servo saver. I was about to take the front of the car off when I noticed a gap in the steering...
  2. S

    Kraton Exb 1900kv pinon

    If you were to run a 1900kv motor on 6s what pinion would you recommend and why? Much appreciated
  3. S

    Kraton Hot Racing Arrma 6S 29mm Modular Aluminum Differential Case

    Has anyone run the Hot Racing Arrma 6S 29mm Modular Aluminum Differential Case on their Kraton EXB 6S? What are your thoughts? Any issues? Here is a pic of them on Amain
  4. S

    Kraton KRATON 6s EXB Spur

    Hello does anyone know the pitch for the center diff spur gear on the EXB Kraton 6S I know it's 50T but what pitch?
  5. .AJ.

    Kraton AJ’s Kraton 8s EXB Build

    Had this delivered yesterday The plan is run a Leopard 58113 v2 1050kv with a Leopard BL5 ESC, steering wise I’ll be fitting a Power HD WH-80KG, I’m just waiting for these to arrive Also I’ve got a Radical RC bash bar and M2C esc mounting plate for the build Ill update the thread when...
  6. JDarby05

    For Sale Arrma 6s EXB w/ $3.5k invested into it. Priced to sell (6 charges ran)

    Arrma Kraton 6s EXB w/ tons of upgrades Pictures are right after my last bash(haven’t had time to clean it yet) Also included pictures of when I bought it and started building it. And parts and upgrades etc. (more picture w/ request) Over $3.5k invested into this setup (I’ll add a comment...
  7. M

    Outcast problems

    Went to use my outcast 8s day after it ran just fine, now I have forward and steering and no reverse, and a yellow light on my xlx2 ecs, anyone able to help me out on what's wrong?
  8. JFK RC

    Building Best Running Mojave

    What’s up Arrma fam!!!! New RC hobbyist here. Picked up my first 2 weeks ago at the recommendation of my brother (ZK RC) and it was an infraction. THING IS INCREDIBLE. Ended up buying a Mojave this week because of how much I love arrma and RC. This is my first roller, so I’m so stoked to build...
  9. PerditionsFlame

    Looking for Steering upgrade options 8s EXB

    Hi all Building my 8s EXB. I have a power HD 65i waterproof servo (I’m still unsure if this fits my idea of a mega build machine being a non pedigree model). Is there any recommended upgrades off the bat that make the steering more stable/accurate. Any identified weak points?
  10. Gaugler

    Outcast Outcast 6S EXB 1/10ified

    Having always wanted a 1/10 EXB line to exist and after seeing a few of these "Siren" builds I tried to make my own as simple as possible, swapping in different body posts, the Outcast 4S body and Backflip LP wheels this Outcast is now close to the dimensions of a Kraton 4S, same wheelbase just...
  11. 3C4B5BB8-AF20-434B-BE13-F0D9CB89A9E1.jpeg


  12. DSC_3266.JPG


    EXB center diff
  13. DSC_3267.JPG


    Exb diff
  14. Sidp

    Outcast Best battery for Outcast EXB RTR

    Hi all, Just received my Outcast EXB RTR today. I need some guidance on the best battery setup. Do I go with 1 battery 6S or 2 battery of 3S each? Do I go for higher C rating? Do I go for higher capacity i. e. More weight? Or lighter capacity? What type of battery should I get, Hard case...
  15. zizi8862

    Kraton Kraton exb with hobby wing Max 6 weight.

    After my spektrum 150a esc burned up with a esc fire I have now changed to a max6 combo with the 1650kv motor. I have found now weight seems to be a slight issue with a lot of chassis slap during jumps. I see some people have wound the spring all the way down but I was thinking would it be...
  16. 77E63547-024E-4FFB-9DCA-0A5E1402A57F.jpeg


  17. DistyKing90

    Kraton 8S EXB 1/5 Scale (First build)

    As some of you may know I just purchased my new 1/5 scale EXB Kraton Roller yesterday and I will be carrying the build out with you all here in this thread. I feel that I have exhausted my research to an extent of feeling somewhat confident in the choices for the electronics/motor etc and am...
  18. DistyKing90

    Headed to the Hobby Shop (need advice)

    Hello everyone! Well, after reading a bunch of threads regarding this truck, drooling over it and as many videos as I could find I think I am going to pull the trigger on my second Arrma! The K8S EXB 1/5 Scale Roller. It will also be my very first 'build out' as well. I was coming on here...
  19. sandals100

    Talion Talion EXB Pinion vs Tire choice

    Hi All, Wanting to suss out some new tire options for my Talion EXB. Still using stock electronics however currently have an 18T pinion on it and dual fans, I've chewed through the stock Katar's and want to go into something that would work better for bashing (more cushion etc). With tires...
  20. Moirae

    Mojave Mojave EXB: Do a barrel roll!

    lol the Mojave is awesome.