1. M

    Outcast Outcast EXB servo/steering ?

    Just took my new EXB Outcast out for it's first bash in the local park. First changed the AVS to off and upped punch to 9 other than that no change on ESC from factory. At the park I noticed the steering getting lose or soft, turning radius was going down. Is the servo the problem or servo...
  2. B

    Gearing and Temps Question

    Hi guys, just purchased an EXB and have a question about gearing. It’s currently running: TP4050CM 2300kv motor Max 6 esc 12t pinion 50t spur I’ve only run one 4s pack (all I have currently) through it just to check it over. The run was only in my garden but used quite a lot of full throttle...
  3. SaltyLocal

    Kraton Jenny's Kraton EXB for V5

    Is Jennys EXB kit worth the added cost to a new V5? I can’t seem to find the Arrma Basher front bumper ANYWHERE, except in JennyRC kit. Besides the aluminum center braces and servo mount, is the cost worth the upgrade? At the moment, I’m just looking to add some extra durability to a brand new...
  4. B

    Kraton EXB with max6 and TP 2300kv motor

    Hey guys, I’m new to the world of Arrma 6s so please be gentle! 😂 I’ve just bought a used Kraton EXB rtr which was reasonably priced; it has a max6 esc and TP 2300kv motor fitted (picture attached). Didn’t know much about the max6 but thought that sounded like a sensible combo. However, just...
  5. kSetuni

    Mojave Recommended Mojave EXB upgrades

    Hi everyone, Sorry if I missed it in the search. I also didnt see a pinned post. Is there a list of upgrades for the Mojave EXB? What about suggested builds?


    1650KV MAX 6, 25T, Scorched Goodies
  7. gary.rvp

    Kraton 39t Pion puller help

    I have a Kraton 8s exb with 39t/39t the pinion move to the motor I take out the set screws with no problem. But I can not take out the pinion. I hot it with torch but nothin. I tray a puller with to arm but was to big to get between the mount and the pinion. Any suggestions?
  8. MrXD

    Kraton Kraton EXB Brand new exb center diff clicking issue.

    So I was installing some new hot racing parts for the center diff mount and I noticed the center diff did not spin freely and had a clicking sound, I did alot of reading up on the issue and Im going to tear mine down and see whats going on with it, I do have some very slightly play with the diff...
  9. S

    Kraton Question - Does a pinion gear come with the Kraton EXB 1/8?

    Hi All, I'm new to the hobby and decided to build my own Kraton EXB 1/8 After watching the reviews and unboxing of the product I see there is a pinion gear that I'm supposed to attach to the motor. However, I have opened two supposedly new Kraton EXB 1/8 and found no pinion gear inside. I'm...
  10. E537B263-A4D3-4B53-8B38-1D8226EE6DAA.jpeg


    My first run.
  11. Arrma Kraton 8s EXB RC first BASH Run. This is a mind blowing Radio controlled truck.

    Arrma Kraton 8s EXB RC first BASH Run. This is a mind blowing Radio controlled truck.

    Arrma Kraton 8s EXB RC first Run. This is a mind blowing Radio controlled truck, power for days. Kept cutting out so I can only put that to over heating. I t...
  12. YoungDrew

    Kraton My Kraton EXB Build.

    Hello! This is my Kraton EXB build. Took a lot of inspiration from you fine folks, so thank you for that! Did the usual drywall tape and shoe goo over the shell and a few coats of plasti dip... with the beatings my Senton took and it still is bouncing, I think she’ll hold up. Was a PAIN...
  13. N

    Kraton Reinforced thicker body can't get pins in

    Hey, maybe a silly question but after reinforcing my j concepts body with truck bed spray, it is a little thick to get the pins in. Are there body posts with longer gaps from the part it sits on to. The whole or would I have to make them myself? I just need a couple more mm.
  14. Lride Chart

    Kraton Dangerous RCs

    Question to the brain trust. One how do I not hit myself or others with RCs? 🙃. Two has anyone had EXB drive cup issues? I have destroyed 4 now the gears are fine just the cups either mushrooms or breaks in half. I added a 3mm spacer on my shock shaft b/c at full flex the driveshafts keep...
  15. E

    DX5C + SR6100AT problems!!!

    So having issues with transmitter and possibly the receiver, not sure! Kraton 8s drives fine as long as I’m on the throttle but as soon as I let off and let it coast it drives around in a circle to the right. Need help figuring this out when it first bound it connected and immediately turned to...
  16. Peejwk

    Mojave To mojave exb or blx?

    So I keep thinking about the mojave and just know I'm gonna end up getting one....tommarro hah. What I'm trying to figure out though is which one. What I would like to do is buy a blx and take the spektrum 150 out, put it in my exb kraton, and take the spektrum 8s electronics out my kraton and...
  17. Arrma Kraton 8S EXB RC. Fitting Castle Mamba XLX2, 8S ESC WITH 1100KV Motor.

    Arrma Kraton 8S EXB RC. Fitting Castle Mamba XLX2, 8S ESC WITH 1100KV Motor.

    Arrma Kraton 8S EXB RC. Fitting Castle Mamba XLX2, 8S ESC WITH 1100KV Motor and Spektrum S9110BL 1/5 Speed Metal Servo.Thanks for watching. #Arrma #Kraton #8...
  18. JayP.

    Kraton EXB differential pins vs RTR differential pins

    Has anyone actually compared the RTR differential pins to the EXB differential pins? I remember the RTR ones being below 2.25mm, closer to 2mm even though they advertise them as being 2.25mm. The EXB differential pins say they're 2.5mm. I already put my EXB diffs in and didn't feel like taking...
  19. H4ppy

    Kraton Tips on Radio and Receivers...

    So I just finished building my 6s Kraton exb with a savox servo and Spektrum smart system. I don't have a radio and receiver yet. I've ordered a DumboRc combo from bangood but it'll be a while before it arrives. Would it be possible to pull the receiver out of my Senton 3s and use it with the...
  20. Mooke

    Mojave Mojave EXB hard to control on grass under heavy acceleration?

    Hi there! I've had a Mojave EXB for approx 3 months but I've recently has an issue with it veering off under "heavy" acceleration (most noticeable on grass). The vehicle is for the most part stock, albeit I've changed the suspension geometry a bit, LSD centre diff to a 46t gear differential...