1. Peejwk

    Mojave To mojave exb or blx?

    So I keep thinking about the mojave and just know I'm gonna end up getting one....tommarro hah. What I'm trying to figure out though is which one. What I would like to do is buy a blx and take the spektrum 150 out, put it in my exb kraton, and take the spektrum 8s electronics out my kraton and...
  2. Arrma Kraton 8S EXB RC. Fitting Castle Mamba XLX2, 8S ESC WITH 1100KV Motor.

    Arrma Kraton 8S EXB RC. Fitting Castle Mamba XLX2, 8S ESC WITH 1100KV Motor.

    Arrma Kraton 8S EXB RC. Fitting Castle Mamba XLX2, 8S ESC WITH 1100KV Motor and Spektrum S9110BL 1/5 Speed Metal Servo.Thanks for watching. #Arrma #Kraton #8...
  3. JayP.

    Kraton EXB differential pins vs RTR differential pins

    Has anyone actually compared the RTR differential pins to the EXB differential pins? I remember the RTR ones being below 2.25mm, closer to 2mm even though they advertise them as being 2.25mm. The EXB differential pins say they're 2.5mm. I already put my EXB diffs in and didn't feel like taking...
  4. H4ppy

    Kraton Tips on Radio and Receivers...

    So I just finished building my 6s Kraton exb with a savox servo and Spektrum smart system. I don't have a radio and receiver yet. I've ordered a DumboRc combo from bangood but it'll be a while before it arrives. Would it be possible to pull the receiver out of my Senton 3s and use it with the...
  5. Mooke

    Mojave Mojave EXB hard to control on grass under heavy acceleration?

    Hi there! I've had a Mojave EXB for approx 3 months but I've recently has an issue with it veering off under "heavy" acceleration (most noticeable on grass). The vehicle is for the most part stock, albeit I've changed the suspension geometry a bit, LSD centre diff to a 46t gear differential...
  6. Sunset view

    Sunset view

    No daylight? No problem!
  7. H4ppy

    Kraton 1/8th Kraton EXB build is underway

    Truck, motor, ESC and servo ordered this morning!! Will be ordering a new radio and receivers for my fleet next week! Motor: https://www.hobbytown.com/spektrum-rc-firma-sensorless-brushless-motor-2050kv-spmxsm1700/p1210152 ESC...
  8. derpescado

    Kraton EXB Scorched Parts Chassis

    Hi Everyone I bought a Scorched Parts titanium chassis for my Kraton EXB. After I replaced my original chassis I noticed that the rear arms hit the chassis at parallel to the ground and that the chassis is not hitting the droop screws anymore. Does anyone has such a chassis and can confirm...
  9. Spider978

    Kraton EXB 1/5 Scale Electronics Ideas

    Hello guys, this will be my first roller and I'm excited. I'm looking for some ideas for esc and motor combos. I've read quite a bit on Castle Motors and Hobbywing, but I'm baffled as to which is best. Castle seems to be much higher in cost. 1) Is it worth paying the premium for a Castle motor...
  10. Tekno MT410 vs Tekno EB48.4 vs Arrma Mojave EXB

    Tekno MT410 vs Tekno EB48.4 vs Arrma Mojave EXB

    Beautiful day for bashingLots of jumping, no broken parts :) Tekno EB48.4 Tekno MT410 Arrma Mojave EXB
  11. First bash run of the Arrma Kraton EXB RC running EZRUN MAX6 ESC 1650KV Motor Combo.

    First bash run of the Arrma Kraton EXB RC running EZRUN MAX6 ESC 1650KV Motor Combo.

    First bash run of the Arrma Kraton EXB RC running EZRUN MAX6 ESC 1650KV Motor Combo. This RC Blew my mind so epically fast and tough as nails.#arrma #kraton ...
  12. W

    Kraton Changed the oil in my diffs on my Arrma EXB and have lost 4x4

    Hey I have just changed all the oil in my diffs on my exb and have seem to have lost my 4x4. When you pull the trigger the front tires are getting very little power. Any idea why this is happening T.I.A.
  13. GiantNinja

    Kraton How to locate which diff has issues?

    I have the Kraton EXB, and I have had plenty of issues with the diffs needing extra shims and all that, and had everything working great. So I know that distinct sound of some diff gears skipping, but I just rebuilt all three diffs, and there's still some gears skipping, but from which diff...
  14. FhRCSweden

    Kraton Rpm arms for Kraton EXB, does it fit?

    Soo, my last arm on my kraton exb just broke. Like similar threads out there we struggle to find lower arms for the kraton exb. They are sold out all over internet. ARA330656 is the number for lower front arm. Its the same arm as kraton V5 blx. So it must be a LOT of people with this...
  15. B55069C5-9B41-4A1D-BF5B-B4072CEDDC02.png


    1/5 exb roller
  16. D0CEE4B7-5365-401E-A54A-80DE2DCB2755.png


    Kraton exb 1/5 roller
  17. BLX Matt

    KRATON EXB 1/5 scale

    It here large scale Kraton exb!!!!!!!
  18. Giles3005

    Help please. Power and brakes keep cutting on and off for a second or 2. Also what upgrade springs/oil for EXB mojave heavy rig??

    Hi guys. 2 things: - Kraton v4 BLX with flysky gt5 - Mojave exb max6 1650kv with dumbo Some help please... having issues with throttle and break cutting in and our of power. It is very intermittent, sometimes it is okey but most of the time it isn't. Either on the throttle and try to...
  19. Coreymonster54

    Kraton Kraton V5 / EXB

    Nothing to crazy but definitely having fun bashing and Wrenching. So far I've added Exb front bumper Rpm skid plate Exb front shock tower Exb rear shock tower 15 tooth pinion Waiting for one of my local rc shops to get Outcast wheelie bar Outcast side mud guards
  20. Saturday session

    Saturday session

    Driving around with my Outcast6S and Mojave EXB