1. Astronought

    New servo (Savox SB2290sg) will randomly turn either full left or full right all by itself....

    So after blowing up my old servo a few days back I picked up a Savox SB2290sg, why not just go all out! 😜 I went thought the normal servo installation process: Plugged it in Turned off AVC Centered trims Turned it all the way left and then all the way right Put the servo horn on When I took...
  2. Viking

    Kraton Kraton EXB HD Shock Rod End And Spring Cut

    The other day when I was bashing, my car took a small hill on the property and went flying... as my car came down it went summersaulting. In the process of my kool-aid smile turning upside down, the car lost the spring cup (ARA330608) and the spring went flying. Well I found the spring, but the...
  3. V4 Kraton Next To The Kraton EXB

    V4 Kraton Next To The Kraton EXB

    The Kraton EXB with max6/1650kv setup is crazy. I still love the stock v4. Some goodies coming for it soon.
  4. Loadsofnothing20

    Kraton Kraton EXB solid rear axle option???

    Hello I have read maybe 30 threads on similar things but nothing like a solid axle option for the EXB. I have my exb fitted with a castle 2028 mamba xlx combo running 8s, I don't bash my car. Its more for speed i have had it at 101mph with 34t pinion and stock 50t spur But I'm wanting to try and...
  5. anthonyslwooko

    Kraton Kraton EXB Rear Diff

    I’ve joined the rear EXB Diff club
  6. Viking

    Kraton Arrma Kraton EXB (Blown Rear Differential)

    I'm aware there are other threads for people who have noted blown rear diffs on their Kraton EXB. I'll share my experience, what caused it to happen and note the potential fix based on what Horizon Hobby told me, as well as the other gracious forum members who have shared their experiences and...
  7. J

    Kraton Exb diff shims

    Recently purchased the exb roller and the shims needed for the rear diff are out of stock everywhere in the UK 🤦‍♂️ I've hunted for something the same but have had no luck. I don't suppose a anyone has a link to something I can use as most places are saying October before the parts are back in...
  8. Viking

    Kraton Castle 1717 Heatsink + Fans?

    I recently installed a Castle Creations 1717 (1650KV) motor with a Mamba Monster X 8s ESC. My questions are: Do you know of any heatsinks that fit this motor? Do you know of any fans that would fit on your recommended heatsinks? For context- I’m running a Tekno 20t pinion and the factory...
  9. Diff-Tuning


    EXB - Diff-tuning
  10. JDarby05

    Kraton EXB front bumper screws(can’t find them)

    My first bash with the EXB the front bumper broke off and I couldn’t find it anywhere. I need to order a new bumper and screws but I can’t find them. They aren’t popping up on horizon’s site. Does anyone know the correct part number for them? The steering arm screw stripped out on the...
  11. Lride Chart

    Kraton Kraton EXB build begins.

    The EXB build has started. Gonna take the best parts from the EXB and my V4 Kraton to make the best basher possible. I am waiting on the limited slip shims from Amain for the rear diff. I’m am thinking to just run the RTR rear diff until I can I get the limited slip shims from Amain. Any...
  12. Cheez

    All I need

    Anxiously waiting for the EXB, I know it’s a simple setup but suits me 🤓. Learning tons of information here.
  13. Jluther@becoinc


    So I’m on my third or fourth pack and the rear differential is clicking.!! I thought these diffs were supposed to be better !! I’ve been babying this thing. There’s something wrong Once before the same diff wouldn’t turn right with the truck off the ground. I took the diff out but couldn’t find...
  14. Mike-NLD

    Kraton EXB - recommend me some electronics

    Guys, Bein new to non-stock electronics, what should i be putting in my pre-ordered EXB? Nothing really extreme.. A 6s capable system is just fine.. But don't want it to run hot all the time I was thinkin TP-Power 4050 (40mm×82mm) 3Y 2100kv But with what ESC should that be paired? Other...