1. A

    Mojave New Mojave EXB owner and some newbie questions

    Hi Everyone - just got a Mojave EXB and have some questions. Sorry, I'm new to large scale RC - so please go easy ;) 1) Since I have to add electronics I was looking at putting in the Hobbywing Max 6 with Hobbywing 4985/1650KV. a) How does this compare to the stock BLX ESC...
  2. Elhish

    Kraton EXB weird sound. Help!

    Hey all, My EXB does weird sound when I release throttle, anyone can help me figuring it out please? Thanks!
  3. G

    Kraton Should I get a Kraton v5 or EXB?

    Looking to get myself a new kraton. Would like all your thoughts on whether you all would go after the EXB or the new V5 considering the upgrades to the chassis, arms, bearings, etc bridging the gap... and price/value/durability. Go. Thanks!
  4. RC Mini Meeting Schiedam 14-11-2020

    RC Mini Meeting Schiedam 14-11-2020

    A short jumping/driving session with three RC cars. Location: Schiedam Tekno EB48.4 - MAX8 combo Tekno MT410 - MAX8 combo Arrma Mojave 6S - Leopard 160A comb...
  5. sebcbien

    Mojave Mojave EXB - More suspension travel - Mamba Monster 2

    Hello, I'm looking more and more to the Mojave EXB. I thing it could be my next purchase. There is just one thing that I would like to see is better suspension travel, like in the UDR and Losi Baja Rey. I own the UDR and the way that this thing land after a jump is always "uh !?! :oops:" (even...
  6. RC Mini Meeting Nesselande 08-11-2020

    RC Mini Meeting Nesselande 08-11-2020

    RC Meeting @ Nesselande Jumps, Backflips and Crashes! Arrma, Tekno and Traxxas My cars: Arrma Mojave EXB - Leopard 160A - Hobbywing 1650kv - 20/50 Tekno MT41...
  7. .AJ.

    Mojave AJ’s Mojave EXB

    Had this beasty turn up this morning Combo arrives tomorrow, the HW Max6 1650kv, I still need to decide on a servo, but I can’t buy one for a week or so, so plenty of time to work that one out 👍
  8. Grimbles

    Mojave Mojave EXB - 1st Bash :)

    So this is it - my first bash with the Mojave EXB - apologies for the sound and thanks to @Glenn75. Running only on 4s. I ran 6s later and she MOVES! She was FILTHY afterwards :) Build thread here if you are interested...
  9. anthonyslwooko

    Kraton A bit unclear on speaking. You get the idea

  10. Grimbles

    Mojave Grimbles' Mojave EXB Build Thread

    I've ordered myself a Mojave EXB (woop!) and given this wont get to the UK until mid-late November, it gives me some time to start planning my build. I genuinely welcome suggestions for all for the build. I will keep this first thread updated as and when I order bits, then (of course) will...
  11. anthonyslwooko

    Talion Arrma Talion EXB build

  12. anthonyslwooko

    Kraton EXB arms aren’t bashable at all👎🏼👎🏼

  13. digitaldude80

    Mojave Digitaldude80's Mojave EXB build thread

    Hi there! I've got a feeling a new release is near.... so I'll start my build thread by listing the parts I'm going to be using for the Mojave EXB The Mojave EXB roller is the only component I haven't ordered yet, lol :D 1. Mojave EXB - Received 2. Leopard WP-BL-160A ESC - Installed 3...
  14. Slash77

    Kraton Exb. Run in river(paddle tire)

  15. Kraton exb. Run in Hangang

    Kraton exb. Run in Hangang

    Han river - Seoul Kraton exb 6s max6 1650kv Paddle tire
  16. anthonyslwooko

    Kraton Anyone else bash in rain?

  17. Astronought

    New servo (Savox SB2290sg) will randomly turn either full left or full right all by itself....

    So after blowing up my old servo a few days back I picked up a Savox SB2290sg, why not just go all out! 😜 I went thought the normal servo installation process: Plugged it in Turned off AVC Centered trims Turned it all the way left and then all the way right Put the servo horn on When I took...
  18. Viking

    Kraton Kraton EXB HD Shock Rod End And Spring Cut

    The other day when I was bashing, my car took a small hill on the property and went flying... as my car came down it went summersaulting. In the process of my kool-aid smile turning upside down, the car lost the spring cup (ARA330608) and the spring went flying. Well I found the spring, but the...
  19. V4 Kraton Next To The Kraton EXB

    V4 Kraton Next To The Kraton EXB

    The Kraton EXB with max6/1650kv setup is crazy. I still love the stock v4. Some goodies coming for it soon.