1. C

    SOLD / FOUND NIB or Like New Mojave EXB

    I know it’s a long shot but I’d like to buy your new/like new/gently used Mojave EXB. Did you buy one and never get around to using it? Did you try it and it wasn’t your cup of tea? Well I’ll gladly take it off your hands.
  2. Jon3045

    1/5 kraton exb v2?

    I’ve had my eye on the kraton exb for a while now and wasn’t able to buy during the Black Friday sale. Should I go ahead and buy one or wait for the possibility of arrma releasing a v2? I don’t want to buy one and then arrma release a v2 3 months later which has happened to several people I know.
  3. djrahbee

    Kraton Kraton 6s EXB_Beef-Caked_Re-Build

    What's up guys..this is officially my first build thread so feel free to give me some tips and or suggestions. Thank you! I am starting out by breaking down my K6 exb I bought from @Rcproponent this past fall. I have put this thing through hell and back and it's been an absolute beast!! It...
  4. Avyn Nix


    ARRMA TALION 6S EXB ROLLER M2C HOT RACING RPM DURATRAX AVID BEARINGS. This is my Arrma Talion 6S exb roller with many upgrades. Upgrades Include: M2C Chassis M2C 6-lug hex adapter kit M2C Steering Bar M2C Rear Chassis Brace Hot Racing Center Diff Holder Hot Racing Front Chassis Brace...
  5. sinofallsinners

    Outcast Hey guys! I joined here to get some feedback. I’m looking for a motor upgrade, but using the stock 150a for the time being.

    I got an Outcast 6s EXB rtr on sale from Horizon for 460$ I love the truck, it quickly became my favorite RC. Well, I’m already feeling that the 2050kv is underpowered. For now, I’d like to stick with the 150a ESC, I’ll upgrade it in a few months. Anyone here tried the Holmes Puller Pro 4274...
  6. djrahbee

    Kraton Curious if anyone has tried these yet??

    Anygood?? https://rcawd.com/collections/kraton-6s-upgrade-parts/products/rcawd-arrma-6s-exb-hopups-upgrades-active-f-r-diff-differential-set-d2-ara310990r...
  7. Oh…. Hi there.

    Oh…. Hi there.

  8. MrWednesday

    Steering slop Outcast 8s EXB

    FEEL FREE TO POINT OUT WHERE IM WASTING MY MONEY… At first, I attributed the sloppy steering to a weak servo and was advised to get a servo closer to 50kg, so naturally I upgraded to a 65kg servo, but there’s still a lot of unacceptable slop ao I thought maybe if I up the voltage to 7.4 (Max 5...
  9. SaltyLocal

    Kraton Definitive differences

    Hey Team, I’m sure this has been discussed before but I’m simply not finding definitive answers… Can some please inform me what specific parts, besides the 7075 chassis and center braces, are different between the Kraton BLX and EXB models?
  10. Groove Holmes

    Talion winter afternoon projects

    first diff build
  11. alex-punx

    Work in progress - Kraton 6s EXB with Sledge clipless solution

    Need a better solution for the rear. Any ideas?
  12. Outcast 8S EXB - Summer Bashing pt. 2

    Outcast 8S EXB - Summer Bashing pt. 2

  13. Arrmas in Bashing Paradise (Finland)

    Arrmas in Bashing Paradise (Finland)

    Arrma Kratons and a Big Rock in Bashing Paradise in Southern Finland (October 2022). This is my favorite place for bashing with my Arrmas. The place is big, rough and awesome!
  14. Knightfall

    I produced a fast-paced video of my Mojave EXB

    There's a trend over on Tik Tok called #RunBoyRun or #RunBoyRunChallenge where you use the song to show a wack-load of photos for .1 of a second, timed to the music. It's a bit wild and some joke of a seizure after seeing it, but since I have a lot of videos and photos of my Mojave EXB, I...
  15. D11297FE-EE1A-4980-9EEF-F5D024326834.jpeg


    K8S EXB, Big Leopard, CRCU Braces
  16. Theofanis

    Kraton Wheel wobble and creak from suspensions

    Hello there! I encountered the following issues with my kraton and I am sending you 2 videos, in the first one, as you can see, the rear right wheel seems to go a little right to left when it turns... I checked the tire, it is very well glued, and with my hand if I move the wheel to the right...
  17. Knightfall

    Mojave Why are so many swapping to an open diff from LSD on their Mojave EXBs?

    I see many threads and videos about how to swap to an open diff from an LSD, but I haven't caught on as to why. There are some videos I've watched about the difference between open, LSD, and even locked diffs, but many of these lead me to believe LSD would be better for the Mojave. And I'd...
  18. Knightfall

    Mojave Learning with the Mojave EXB

    Last year I got back into RCs after over a decade. Prior, I owned an HPI Savage with a nitro engine. I found nitro engines to be a PITA to run and sold the RC. I bought an Arrma Typhon MEGA and got the bug after seeing how fast and fun electric RCs are, albeit rather quiet compared to the nitro...
  19. W

    Kraton Gap In Steering Assembly

    This EXB is my first arrma car, so forgive me if I'm completely missing something. I was looking online trying to fix my poor steering at high speed and found some videos of people shimming the servo saver. I was about to take the front of the car off when I noticed a gap in the steering...
  20. S

    Kraton Exb 1900kv pinon

    If you were to run a 1900kv motor on 6s what pinion would you recommend and why? Much appreciated