1. D

    Felony diff fluids. Is this a good choice?

    I'm doing bashing (not speed runs) and I was thinking to change the diff fluids to 60/500/30 K cps (f/c/r). Stock are 10/100/10 K cps. Next week I'll pass byt the LHS to get them. What are you guys using?
  2. fabiankrieger

    LSD differential fluid, same principles?

    Hi, I have a question: The weight off differential fluids, do they work the same on LSD as non-LSD differentials? Couldn't find out myself (fast enough), so i hope someone here is kind enough to help me in my quest. What do you ride/recommend for a Kraton EXB 6s and why? 🚀 Kind regards from...
  3. Uncle_buck

    How can you tell if the diff fluid is low?

    how can u tell if the diffs are low and need to be filled and what fluids should I fill them with if they are
  4. Morgan1211

    Differential Fluids? - Kraton

    What are some good weights for the differentials instead of the grease? Primarily dirt tracks, big airs, definitely a basher. I've heard to do 100wt in the center and 75wt in the front and rear. (Mixing equal parts 50wt and 100wt) All suggestions are appreciated!