1. Uncle_buck

    How can you tell if the diff fluid is low?

    how can u tell if the diffs are low and need to be filled and what fluids should I fill them with if they are
  2. servalac

    Talion Shock Oil/Fluid Talion V3 vs Kraton

    Been searching for the recommendation of shock fluid for the Talion V3, in my manual and on Arrma's site it clearly states 2000cst. Is this really true ? I use Team Associated's fluids and when you go up to such a heavy weight you're in to the diff fluid range. For the Kraton it says 1000cst...
  3. Morgan1211

    Differential Fluids? - Kraton

    What are some good weights for the differentials instead of the grease? Primarily dirt tracks, big airs, definitely a basher. I've heard to do 100wt in the center and 75wt in the front and rear. (Mixing equal parts 50wt and 100wt) All suggestions are appreciated!