1. cordell12

    Kraton Spun the Foam in my dBoots

    Yesterday while out bashing I heard the tire hitting the body of some of the faster turns. I didnt think much of it as my battery was getting low. Today I thought I would charge up a battery and see if I could figure out what the deal with the noise was. It seems the foam located inside the tire...
  2. T

    Talion Best foam tires for tailon

    Just got into road racing looking at foam tires but all seem small in diameter which would take away from my top speed. Are there any tall diameter foam tires? Which compound would work best on smooth asphalt? Best company for foam tires Jaco, BSR, contact or any other company?
  3. djBarren

    Tyre Foam replacement?

    I've just removed my Kraton tyres from the rims. Reason for doing so, premature ejaculation of tyre Foam at my last bashing session, heavy ballooning probable cause. Can anyone recommend a good foam as a replacement? I'm now going to tape the holes in the rims and vent tyres once I've them...