1. F

    Kraton Composite Ball cup keep popping off

    Hello everybody, once again thanks for the great community of Arrma Lovers!! I did search for this threat but couldn't find any solution. I have a Kraton EXB and its an awesome RC, no complaints about it. A couple of weeks ago, after a good landing (I Believe), both ball tie end (image...
  2. Jason F

    Limitless Wanting to do FPV on my Limitless...Help me please!

    I have been wanting to do FPV on an RC car for a long time... I have been doing research for a while. Question is do I need a controller, or can I just buy Caddx FPV camera, and DJI V2 goggles?
  3. 20200708_193219.jpg


    3s Typhoon body mod 50% complete lighting system ..paint details..fpv camera
  4. ARRMA Kraton FPV and some especially... uh... unfortunate camera work....

    ARRMA Kraton FPV and some especially... uh... unfortunate camera work....

    As the title suggests, I strap the stabilized GoPro on the Kraton for a little run through the mud, then I clearly demonstrate why I wanted to put it on the car in the first place.
  5. D

    Talion Is FPV on a Talion a bad idea?

    My local hobby shop told me FPV on an RC car is pretty cool but thinks the Talion has too much power to use an FPV system safely. His arguments made perfect sense -- scale speed, depth perception, peripheral vision, and camera stability are fine for slower cars but can make faster cars...
  6. Tiny3690

    FPV for Arrma Granite

    Ok so I have sent my granite blx bk to wheelspin models just wait to hear bk from them in the main time I have been looking at the rtr fat shark fpv kit they are on there website are they any good and are they worth the money
  7. Tiny3690

    FPV for Granite?

    Is there any good fpv kits that are ready out of the box is have a go pro so would not need a camera dose the wifi on the gopro inafear with the car at all