1. Theofanis

    Kraton Mmx8s Calibration mistake

    Hello, today i calibrate my mmx8s maybe wrong, because as the instructions say If you are using a Futaba-made transmitter, you will need to set the transmitter’s throttle channel direction to the REVERSE (Rev) position. This is either an external micro switch on the transmitter or an option...
  2. PerditionsFlame

    Futaba R404SBS-E receiver

    Hi all Has anyone got any experience with the Futaba R404SBS-E receiver in combo with the Futaba10px? Would it have good range when used in my Kraton 8s EXB? I have already purchased it but not yet installed it.
  3. H

    Tick out need help

    Is it my xlx2 or my controller that every time I fully throttle it tick out help
  4. WoodiE

    Futaba 3PV Radio System Giveaway

    Another GREAT giveaway here guys, and all thanks to @RcTruth , this time for a BRAND NEW Futaba 3PV radio system! That's right, @RcTruth is offering up a new 3PV transmitter and R203GF receiver - say good bye to that Spektrum STX2 and hello to a real radio setup. HOW TO ENTER OFFICIAL...
  5. 60DEF693-B38E-4F80-A62D-73EBAC5C06A3.jpeg


    Upgraded the Radio on the V4 - Futaba 4PM for the win.

    Futuba 4pls lost range

    My futuba lost its range it only goes about 30’ before it cuts out. Any suggestions as to why?
  7. K

    Futaba 3pv or 4pm

    Hi there, Using a spektrum dx4c currently and majorly lacking range. So my choice would most be based on the range. Now the Futaba 3PV has got everything I need basically. But the 4PM seems more advanced and has more options but is basically a 100 bucks more expensive. But thinking about the...
  8. nomis38

    Senton Mildly Modded Senton, :)

    Ive done a few minor mods to my Senton, 1: baja buggy body with light bar, and some decals i made and cut out of vinyl from hobby lobby 2: made a custom mesh chassis debris guard out of screen/shoogoo/staples/velcro 3: chassis brace, cutrain rod/plastidip/hotglue 4: badlands style tires...
  9. paulybatz

    Futaba 3PL steering binding

    Having trouble finding a tutorial on how to set it up... only one is in French. Bought a Used Kraton. Thanks in advance. Pauly
  10. tigerljj1

    Can't bind new Futaba 4PLS Transmitter with receiver

    Hi forum, Can't link/bind new 4PLS transmitter to receiver that came with it. I'm following directions per manual and even researched YouTube. Have tried about 20 times: connecting, disconnecting, reconnecting receiver to ESC and steering servo. Any ideas? Calling Futaba tomorrow. Thank you!
  11. IMG_5006


    My 110mph Typhon! - Castle 1515 2200kv Brushless Motor - Mamba Monster X Extreme ESC - 34t Kershaw Pinion - GRP Wheels w/S7 Compound Slicks - MaxAmps 5500mAh 6s LiPo - Futaba 4PX-R Limited Tx - Futaba Telemetry Rx
  12. L0ckwire

    How to configure Nero Diff Brain with Futaba Radio

    Here is the Setups for the 4PX: Diff in channel 3 Sub trim: CH 3 +15 Channel Reverse: Channel 1 Reverse. Dial Select: DL1 to Channel 3 Control normal direction step 50 I should be shot for the vertical video, but don't feel like re uploading.
  13. promtb

    Brain-diff with futaba tx

    Hello all Just picked up a Nero with the diff-brain installed. I use a 4x channel Futaba 4px-r on all my other models, and was hoping somebody could give me some guidance as to using this tx to operate the diff on my 3rd or 4th channel? For those who have used an aftermarket Tx - how did you...