1. S

    Outcast Outcast 6s 12 tooth pinion. Hot centre diff

    Hi all, I'm back on my stock 12t pinion for the Outcast on 6s. Went for a 5 min play in the park and when finished noticed the centre diff cog was super hot. Should this be the case. Was a lot of wheelies and front wheel spinning in the air. My cogs seem to have a tiny bit of play between them...
  2. Le-Mill

    Outcast Do you shim the pinion in your diff

    After i have shim the diff with two 13/16 shim The pinnon gear still very loose, i tried to put two 8x12x.2 and the fit is perfect and after 1 pack i reopen my diff and the shim is completely trash đź‘€
  3. Typhon6smax

    Typhon V3 16t pinion with motor fan

    So a friend of mine gave me a motor fan, so i thought: now i can run my 16t pinion with 6S without the motor getting too hot. Is the only problem with running a bigger pinion the temperature? Or also resistance and-or other forces on the motor? And what temp is the maximum to reach for a...
  4. Typhon6smax

    Typhon Pinion wheel

    I was looking at the pinion wheel and found it like this. It seems to have a little offset. Is this normal? And if it is, is it better in terms of efficiency and lifespan?
  5. J

    Typhon Help understanding gearing for a Typhon

    First question, what is the stock gearing for an Arrma typhon? I believe it seems to be 13/50 reading around but correct me if im wrong. I bought my Typhon second hand and while it handles and drives great, its honestly disappointingly slow compared to my 1/10 traxxas bandit. At top speed I can...
  6. blackhawk2k7

    Senton 3s BLX spur gear

    Hey all, I've had my kraton for a couple years and have done it up tastefully, and love it! Just recently picked up the the Senton BLX 4x4 and instantly fell in love. Heard a couple squeaky bearings and replaced ALL of then with Fast Eddie's sealed. Took it out again today (first time on...
  7. apocalypse

    Notorious Is everybody running the 16t pinion?

    Before I put the torch to my truck, is everybody running the 16t pinion?
  8. A.Kukadia

    Raiders gears are loud

    Hi guys My arrma raider works perfectly but it's too loud. Sometimes the gears run but the car doesn't move Any idea what the issue might be?
  9. JordanF

    Notorious Max 6s stock gear speed

    On my notorious im seeing 52-56 mph stock pinion 6s what is everyone else seeing. Only videos I have found seems to be down near 46mph
  10. Jimmyjam

    Need help converting blx 100 system to the granite voltage

    Do i need to buy a new pinion gear for the bigger shaft on the motor or just drill it out?
  11. NitroStar

    Kraton Gearing setup for 4s

    Before I start trying gears, this 4s vs 6s is new to me. So, if the stock 12 tooth is good starting point for 6s, then what would be the same good starting point for 4s batteries? Same pinion (seemed slow compared to my 8th scale buggy with 1900 kV motor), or the larger 14 tooth?
  12. E

    Best Kraton Gearing?

    I have a V2 Kraton and although it has been great, I am looking to get more out of it. I am sort of a noobie when it comes to this and am running my Kraton basically bone stock with the only upgrade being Backflip Tires because the original ones ballooned so much they spun off the wheels, and my...
  13. PeeBeMe

    Raider Arrma raider XL gearing for bashing

    Hey Rc family, I have a raider mega xl that I turned brushless. The setup that I have is: team associated motor/ Reedy 3500kv system with the esc. All from my old pro sc truck. I have 2.8 <118mm> tires. My question is: what's the best gearing setup for bashing on baseball fields? I have 14/58t...
  14. BattleShrink

    Kraton My Kraton keeps losing gear mesh

    Got my Kraton last week. The top motor mount screw just keeps popping loose towards the end of one pack. Running 4s 5000mah 50c, ESC punch at 8, doing jumps. Using blue Loctite right now, have had to remesh it about 3 times already. I also switched to slightly longer screws from an axial...
  15. Vitostatus

    Changing gearbox?

    So I've been doing everything I can to keep my granite and senton 4x4's running. I have a problem finding spurs that fit the gear box. Have the axial 60t steel spur it's been good just chewing pinions. I want to find a good setup and nothing else has worked if I could find a motor mount that is...
  16. ThatDrewGuy

    Every Diff ever...

    So this is what every diff I have ever opened right out of the box. This is why we go through our “RTR” vehicles.
  17. J

    I have spur gear questions

    Ok I have a armma senton 4x4 mega. I just upgraded to a 4s system, but my plastic sour gear is poop. I was wondering if a spur gear from another armma would work? My buddy said I needed 32 pitch spur gear but I'm lost on what tooth I need on the gear - it stock gearing. P.s. I'm completely...
  18. R

    Senton spur gears

    I was on rc planet and saw a 57t hd 0.8 mod 4x4 spur gear INSTOCK and a 15t penion gear and the site said it was for the granite and the mega has anyone else installed this set up and if so hows it going for you please help since I cant buy the stock gear I figured I would check this set up out
  19. D

    Replacing Fury Mega spur gear

    I recently installed a traxxas 12t brushed motor in my fury and found the plastic spur gear has a section of teeth worn out after using it twice. Is there an aluminum spur gear i can replace the plastic one with? Or do i just replace it with the same 87 tooth plastic spur gear? Anything else i...
  20. I'mon6s

    Talion Rear diff stripped gears

    Hey guys I wanted to run the Talion one last time before I tore it all down to replace the bearings with Fast Eddy’s ones- and I took it out in the street on 6s and after just a few seconds the rear diff screamed. Well, I tore it down and what a mess was inside the diff housing! All greasy and...