1. M

    Talion Plastic spur

    Hi, I have seen referenced that one of the Durango spurs fits on the Talion. Ordered TD310586 but it is clearly made for a longer outdrive shaft. Could anyone point out what part it is that fits? Edit: I should mention, I am specifically looking for composite spurs. I will use those when I...
  2. typhon34

    Typhon Cracked center planetary gear

    So two weekends in a row ive cracked my centre diff planetary gear in two !! Lose front wheel drive. I run 2.8 trenchers... 60w shock oil... And wound the springs harder. Is the typhon just too low for 15/20 foot high jumps ? Im guess the chassis is hitting hard and causing the gear to crack ...
  3. R

    Outcast Outcast pinion problem

    I've ran the stock 12t, arrma 14t and now the optional 16t and all 3 have stripped. It's still on stock settings. Are the robinson racing gears for these any good? I run robinson gears on all my other trucks. Opinions on what's the toughest pinion gear for the outcast?
  4. thatyellowjeepguy

    Outcast Best pinion to run in Outcast?

    is the 16t ok to run for bashing also? Is there a happy medium between the 12 and 16t. Also what's a good aftermarket pinion to get that's stronger than an arrma pinion. Part numbers would be appreciated!
  5. Bigfella

    Kraton Broke two pinions today on 4s.......

    I was running my kraton today continuing to shake it out after basically taking it totally apart and upgrading everything possible. I was running an smc 5200mah 4s pack on xt150 connectors. Esc is a hobbywing max8 set to maximum punch with 14t pinion with red loctite. This thing was punching...
  6. Steveoarrma517

    How do I set gear mesh?

    My front pinion an ring gear mesh makes more meshing noise then rear diff. Teeth are not chipped or broken,side shimming doesn't help. Side shimming in rear diff make it louder there so I removed them. Trying to get ring an pinion mesh a little less clicking clacking sounding. ( Have HR diff...
  7. R

    Outcast Pinion moving

    Any advice. I'm having a hard time with this truck, last time we ran it, it was fine, this time, about two minutes in, the pinion backed away from the motor. I locked it down with blue locktite last time and cranked on the set screw to the point of almost stripping it. Did the same just now...
  8. L

    Kraton Running Kraton crown gear in Senton??

    Hi all A while back I destroyed the crown gear and the input pinion on the rear diff in my Senton. Tower (and Hobbyco) were good enough to send me a new one under warranty - however, when it arrived, it didn't fit - the diff was just too fat for the diff housing! Or so it seemed. I believe I...
  9. calabiyau

    Kraton Pinion gear completely stripped

    And not sure why it happened so I don't do it again Ran my K on 6s for first time yesterday. Started pretty slow then after a few minutes ran it up to full throttle out about 100 yards and then turned around and headed back. Hit a bump on the way back and did a few cartwheels before landing...
  10. Dopeman

    Gear mesh issues.

    After replacing the spur gear the truck ran well. I thought it was all good. Got it out today and very light turnover caused to mesh to separate. This happened twice today. Easy little roll and I'm immobile. Brought it in and set the mesh again and it's up and running. What would cause the...
  11. mansour545

    Fazon out of the box disaster!! Your opinion is needed

    Please note!: all issues have been fixed by Arrma support and this post is an experience told no more. hi guys.. I have bought the Fazon a week ago and had no fun with it since then. First after unboxing it I connected my 6S lipos and tried it in air just ti see how much the tires would...
  12. Aboulafia

    Nero pinion gear for 6s

    Hi, Nero has a big kv motor for is weight. So, the motor heat a lot when bashing on 6s. I do not want th upgrade for a less kv motor now. In this case the only way is to change the stock motor's pinion for a smaller. Any advise ? Thanks.
  13. RCklir

    Talion Gear setup for 4S.

    Hi all, My new tailon will arrive this week, I have wheels (badlands) and springs OTW also. I will upgrade some more parts in time. I have 3X4S 5000 lipos at home so i want to run the car mostly on 4S, what is the best gear ration for it? I was thinking goin 18T/48T, what do you think? Thanks
  14. Bladerunner

    Whats a good gearing setup for the 2000kv 4075 motor?

    Whats a good gearing setup for the 2000kv 4075 motor? I'm thinking about modding my raider XL with this motor for speed runs... Only cause i found it for a very low price on Tower Hobbies website.
  15. fury78

    fury bls high speed gear

    Hey all! New to the forum, I've had an arrma fury bls for about a year. Awesome truck! I recently decided to throw in the high speed pinion (22t). I know the warnings say no fast starts or stops and you risk overheating. I tried it out and after a 5 min run the motor was only warm. I'm running...
  16. Q

    Senton Pinion Upgrades

    anyone that has any experience with bigger pinion on senton and if there is any heat problems? Thinking about putting the 16T on or maybe get one bigger. Also putting on 1/8 buggy wheels on it.
  17. OrangeDRAGON

    Typhon Stripped Pinion Grub screw

    I ran into a problem with the pinion gear, whoever built this car really tightened the crap out of the grub screw and/or used too much thread lock. While I was not using ball-hex drivers, I was using a quality set of metric Allen keys (not the kit crap keys) and just when I thought it broke the...
  18. S

    Kraton New tires how to gear ?

    Was running my Kraton for 4 minutes just practicing Wheeling with new wheelie bar. 1: it's geared lower for slower top speed than stock BUT it still gets really really HOT. To the point where the WIRES to the motor are hot. How should I gear it. Hobby shop put the pinion in i believe it...
  19. J

    Kraton HELP! Kraton gears sounds like they are stripping.

    My kraton sounds like it's stripping in the rear diff but nothing is stripped and my oil is still good but it is stock and I do plan on buying some just not sure what wt. Any thoughts on what's happening?
  20. Sasquatch86

    Gearing problems with my fury

    Hey, Im having the toughest time getting the gearing right on my fury. I did have 87/22 on it, but realized that was way off. I switched 15/87 and it doesn't seem to run as good as it could! Thanks everyone