gens ace

  1. Theofanis

    Τime to change the battery? after a hit appears..

    Hello, today, after I finished bashing with the kraton, I went to remove the battery from above and see what I noticed (photo), the battery has opened from that side and is slightly bent or compressed I would say... maybe from a hit? It's strange because the battery is always firmly attached to...
  2. Arrma92

    Battery cell issues

    I just purchased another rig ( kration 8S ) With that a few new batteries.X2 Dynamite - 5000mah 4s & X2 gensacearespammers 7200mah 4s. Both battery sets have about 10 runs on them. I’ve always used them in matching sets. Always been stored and balanced charged. 3 days ago I had to return one of the gen...