gka custom rc parts

  1. Primarrma

    Another BMX/Skate Park Video, this time running my Kraton

    Here is another quick video at my local park, running my Kraton on 6s. The Talion is in it for a few seconds right at the end. I hope these are getting better, please let me know where I can improve? PS I need a new GoPro this one is a little blurry now days.
  2. Primarrma

    A local bash spot tour, with my Kraton on 6s

    Here is a virtually unedited video of my local bash spot. I wanted to give the feeling of being there, so I left it unedited, hope it works. Warning it may be a bit boring for some, haha.
  3. M

    Servo question. Protek 170T.

    I just ordered a Protek 170T servo. Thinking of getting the GKA servo mount. Do I need the tall one? What else will I need to order to install this thing? Should I order different servo horns, or anything like that? Thanks in advance!
  4. Rpmspeedyblue

    GKA mount

    Look what came in the mail today
  5. G-Man

    Servo Mounts for Outcast

    Well after a few runs I have noticed the flex in the plastic steering servo mounts others have talked about. I have looked through other threads on servos etc. I have chosen to replace the stock servo with a Savox SW 1210SG. That servo seems to have the most torque for it's size in a waterproof...
  6. Motorhead419

    GKA Rocker upgrade

    Installed the GKA rockers with Losi ends and 110mm HR limiter straps..Titanium 5x35mm Allen bolts. Avid bearings
  7. Motorhead419

    BLX Nero upgrade, GKA rockers

    GKA Rocker upgrade LOSA6047 LOSA6049
  8. WoodiE

    Aluminum Nero Rocker Arms from GKA Custom RC

    GKA Custom RC has created a set of aluminum rocker arms that fit the Arrma Nero, Fazon, and Big Rock that are not only strong as heck but they look pretty freaking awesome as well. Thanks to GKA Custom RC (@gregmbrandt), ArrmaForum is giving a full set away to a lucky winner! Rules Simply...
  9. Cater4anytink

    GKA make us a bling bling tower to tower brace.

    @gregmbrandt I know it's easy enough to make a tower-tower brace but I'd rather pay more for something shiny and premium..after spending so much on my rc why why start worrying bout cost now!!!
  10. eti3000

    Raider blx

    @gregmbrandt any custom parts for the raider line planned?
  11. G

    GKA Products

    All in Canadian pricing Servo mount 40$ Chassis braces for the set 53$ Nero rocker arms for the set of 4 75$ Nero rocker posts for 4...25$ GKA Servo Mount GKA Chassis Braces GKA Nero Rocker Arms GKA Nero Rocker Posts
  12. WoodiE

    Please welcome new vendor GKA Custom RC Parts!

    Guys please help me welcome GKA Custom RC Parts (aka @gregmbrandt) as ArrmaForum's newest vendor. I'm sure a lot of you are well aware of Greg and his great parts, but if you're not then you'll want to check out his vendor forum here. GKA Custom RC parts makes top notch aluminum upgrades for the...
  13. WoodiE

    GKA Custom RC Parts Gallery

    Now that GKA Custom RC Parts has their own forum, lets post pictures of your upgrades from GKA Customer RC here in this thread! :D