1. J

    Granite Grease on the main diff gear

    I am cleaning up my granite 4x4 and was wandering what is the best grease to use on the main diff gear and input gear? Is white lithium grease a good option? Also does anyone have any suggestions for a good degreaser to clean off gears with?
  2. tigerljj1

    Kraton Greased pinion!!

    So per my other post, decided to grease spur gear only (not pinion). Used coffee wooden stick (worked perfect), Q-tip, and Phil Wood waterproof grease. Cracked stick in half and left me with sharp edge to easily get in between teeth. Applied very carefully not to glob it in. After entire...
  3. tigerljj1

    Kraton Pinion and spur grease??

    Do I put a grease or lube on pinion and spur gears. Researched the net and most say yes but some say no. Thx!
  4. heth

    Kraton Diff lube

    Hi Which kind of grease are you using outside the diff. I used this one, but I'm not sure if it's okay?