1. Crash

    Leopard or hobbystar motor question

    I've never run leopard or Hobbies Star Motors but they seem to have a pretty decent track record. For those of you that are running these, can you run the 4092 at 1480 KV with the kraton blx185? I'm doing a rebuild right now but most of my attention is going to be on most everything except the...
  2. KevBar40

    Max8 or Max6

    Does anyone have experience with both of these? I like the price of the Max8 and am wondering if it is enough of an upgrade or if it’ll leave me wanting more. I plan on using the stock motor for now but will upgrade to the hobbystar 4092 1730kv in the future. Also, does anyone have experience...
  3. nevweezy

    Kraton Hobbystar 4092

    I did a search and found some good info but just wanna get some fresh opinions on it. I know alot of people have ran the Hobbystar 4092 in the Kraton. My question is should i get the 1730kv or get the 1480kv and just gear up to desired speed. I wanna get the 1730kv but don't wanna run into heat...