1. fabiankrieger

    Hobbywing MAX6 motor noise

    Hi, When I manually turn the pinion, sometimes I hear a click. Is that normal? Hear this video:
  2. Unusual

    Outcast EZRUN max 6 esc on new exb rtr outcast or v5 notorious

    Hi guys. Do you know if the max 6 with the 4985SL (1650kv) motor and esc would fit on the 6s outcast on notorious platforms?
  3. SamVorst

    Typhon New motor and esc for in my Typhon 3s

    Hi all, I want to buy a new esc and motor for my typhon 3s. I want the hobbywing max10 motor combo. But there are three option motors. A 3200, 4000 and a 4600. Which one is the best for going the fastest with eventually a bigger pinion? And the esc is capable of doing 4s but are these motors...
  4. notorious


    Fresh build
  5. L

    Spektrum 200A ESC

    Looking to upgrade my electronics in my 1/5 EXB. I like how convenient the SMART technology is with the Spektrum batteries, esc ex... but the 160A is just not enough. Will they ever make a 200A or will we have to rely on the max5, XLX2? Will they turn the EC8 connectors into IC8s so they will...
  6. Jamart85

    Hobbystar vs Leopard motor

    I'm short one motor for one of my rc cars. Gonna switch around some motors and will need one for my KEXB. Having a Max8 installed, i narrowed it to three motors: Hobbystar 4282 1600kv 130amp Leopard 4282 1680kv 100amp Leopard 4282 2000kv 110amp Right now I have a blx2050kv with the Max8 14T...
  7. DSC_2014.JPG


    Ready to get soldering some ose connectors on
  8. Arrma Limitless 8s NEW PAINT JOB

    Arrma Limitless 8s NEW PAINT JOB

    I'm just painted this Limitless body
  9. DSC_1965.JPG


    My Infraction
  10. DSC_1995.JPG


    My brand new Limitless
  11. T

    Kraton 8S or EXB 6S?? HELP!!!

    You guys are going to hate me 😂 so I currently own a Traxxas ERevo 2.0 and UDR. I like both of them for their own characteristics but honestly just want something more. Something faster, something bigger, and something way tougher than my Revo!! Spur of the moment I ordered a Kraton 8s because I...
  12. B

    Kraton Arrma Kraton EXB with hobbywing max8 mounting issues

    Hey guys I’m having issues mounting my Esc to the my kraton exb. Seems that the roll bar gets in the way of connecting the motor to esc when using the mount that it comes with. I feel like moving it and just using double sided tape won’t hold up well. Any suggestions ? Pictures would be great
  13. Yas

    Firmware updating Hobbywing & Spektrum ESCs

    Hi there all, I'm thinking of investing in a program box (or two) to update my current and maybe future Hobbywing and Spektrum ESCs. More gizmos for me to play with ? The Hobbywing ESCs I currently have are all EZRUN and are the Max6, Max10 and Max10 SCT. I also have the rebranded BLX185 and...
  14. O

    [Typhon 6S] HobbyWing Motor Recommendation

    Question: I just burned through a Hobbywing 4985 - 1650kv motor (pics attached). What should I replace it with? No real budget constraints. RC Car Arrma Typhon v4 6S ESC: Hobbywing EZRUN Combo MAX6 Series Motor: Hobbywing 4985, 1650kv Pinion: Original stock 14T Tires: Duratrax Lockup C2...
  15. O

    14T Pinion Slips on Typhon v4 6S + Hobbywing Combo

    My 14T pinion gear continues to slip off the motor shaft. I've tried just about everything and would appreciate any tips for how to solve. Rig and mounting below. I appreciate your time. RC Car Arrma Typhon v4 6S ESC: Hobbywing EZRUN Combo MAX6 Series Motor: Hobbywing...
  16. Diff-Tuning


    EXB - Diff-tuning
  17. MrTJox1

    Hobbywing vs Castle Creations for Arrma Kraton v4????

    I am looking to upgrade my electronics and motor. I'm a newbie and found HW and CC to be the standard for bashers! I'm looking at the CC- Monster X w/1515 (2250kV) motor OR HW Xerun XR8 plus w/4274 SD G2 (2250kv) motor? What are some thoughts out there..why CC over HW? Oh yeah, no comments...
  18. MrTJox1

    Kraton Electronics and motor upgrade ideas???

    What's up out there...What about motor and ESC upgrades for Kraton 6S, if I want to do something like that in the future? I've been reading that Tekin T8 1700 or 1900kV with the RX8 ESC was a REALLY good setup (if I ever got in a position to really shell out some dough), or Hobby Wing! Just...
  19. simonthomas13

    EXB Motor and ESC Combo

    Hi all, I'm giving myself a right headache trying to decide which ESC and Motor combo to install in my EXB when it arrives late August (In the UK). This is my first roller so my #1 priority is something simple to install, i'd like to avoid modifying anything if possible. I'm not after the...
  20. O

    Typhon How Problematic is Heat on the ESC and Motor?

    Here's my build and info: - Arrma Typhon 6S v4 (2019) - Replaced ESC with HobbyWing Max6 - Replaced motor with 4985 SL-1650KV - Replaced tx/rx with DX5C and SR215 - Replaced Servo - Why did I replace everything? Water damage... - Location: Hot, Texas - Experience Level: Built 10+ quadcopters...