1. RC4LIFE2700

    Granite Steering Tie Rod End Snapped. Any Good Upgrade?

    Anyone aware of a high quality tie rod end upgrade? Would be willing to upgrade the whole rod. Also any good pivot balls? Stock ones seem like a loose fit and are sloppy.
  2. ARRMA 3s #Typhon w/ a set of Lockup 1/8tires

    ARRMA 3s #Typhon w/ a set of Lockup 1/8tires

    I love the 3s platform since it flys like a bird! Sty Connected: https://rb.gy/db81tr
  3. M2C Racing Upgrades on my Notorious Stunt Truck!

    M2C Racing Upgrades on my Notorious Stunt Truck!

    Installed the Rear Chassis and the rear Shock Tower brace!!
  4. M2C racing Goliath Chassis Including tons of upgrades

    M2C racing Goliath Chassis Including tons of upgrades

  5. My custom Outcast Body on my 6s Notorious rig!

    My custom Outcast Body on my 6s Notorious rig!

    At last, I finally installed all of my upgrades to my 6s ARRMA #Notorious w/ a custom painted #Outcast body on it! Many thanks to M2C RACING Just Bash It RC, Gpm Racing #SRC for making some awesome parts!! #ARRMAHOF #FLBasher
  6. Uplift-RC

    Typhon Doing some minor upgrades to my 3s Typhon!

    Just upgraded my plastic ARRMA 3s Typhon BLX Shocks to the 6s #Typhon shock that I scored today from Jennys RC! I got pretty lucky but I have been checking every morning when I wake up for work at 5:30 am and finally got a set for my 3s Typhon. After I change the Pinion and get a new motor my...
  7. Hop-ups on my #v4 #Notorious #6s Rig

    Hop-ups on my #v4 #Notorious #6s Rig

    All of my parts are here expect for my new PowerHD servo for install!
  8. Uplift-RC

    Kraton Major upgrades to my #v3 #KRATON

    First I put in the higher geared pinion. 2. installed a set of Gpm Racing #Turnbuckles front and rear / Added a new #PowerHD Servo/ a new M2C RACING #GoliathChassis, Mitchell Looper's Front Shock Tower and #JustBashIrRC rear shock Tower, Set of #RPMAarms front and rear. I can't believe how nice...
  9. Big Rock Custom Wheelie Bar

    Big Rock Custom Wheelie Bar

    New 3D printed parts added to the stock Arrma wheelie bar to get the wheelie bar sitting closer to the ground. See my build log thread "Big Rock Custom Body, LEDs & more" Update 8 for more information.
  10. chevyrumble

    Nero\Big Rock\Fazon Suspension Arm Upgrade

    It has finally happened, GPM Racing has released Aluminum Suspension arms for the Nero platform. It doesn't say what grade aluminum they used, but at least they are an option now. I have been looking for these since the day I received my Big Rock, 8 months ago. Within 20 minutes on my first...
  11. D

    Arrma Metal Roof on Raider 1/10 Brushed

    Has anyone bought and fitted the Arrma Metal roof on a Radier 1/10 Brushed? I ordered this from Tower Hobbies: http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXEAUU&P=7 Problem is the original plastic roof has tubes through the underside that allow it to be screwed in from either side of the...
  12. Josh nortz

    Kraton my kraton so far....

    ☆My kraton☆ GKA chassis braces and servo mount, savox 1231sg 444oz/in @6.0v, center diff mount is a motor mount cut off, 14 tooth pinion, Pro-Line badlands, Tekno 90mm orange Springs on all 4 corners, 60wt rear shock oil and 70wt front, front diff 50k, center diff 100k, rear diff 100k, diffs...
  13. Bassmaticmatt

    Vorteks Looking for aluminum Vorteks hop up parts.

    So I've seen videos for the Vorteks hop up aluminum parts but can't find them. I came across a thread where someone posted a link to a site that sells them but I can't seem to find it. It may have been in another forum. If anyone knows where I can find them or knows of Any aftermarket stuff that...
  14. Julian

    Nero upgrades complete

    Re-Ripped my brand new ProLines - Have braided fishing line and will reglue and go that route. Threw on my Avalanche MTs - very similar to the Boots - lil smaller. CYS Brushless Waterproof servo 277/oz @ 7.4V ( Is the Nero running on 6 or 7.4v? hoping 7.4..) TBone front bumper & Wheelie Bar...
  15. Tipssy180

    Upgrading tips?

    I have the stock arms granite truck . I want to know how can I get it faster ? Can I change size of piñon and spur with same motor ? Can I put 2 motors on this model or should I just upgrade to 1/8 scale motor and esc ? . Thank you all for reading .
  16. mrbelloso

    2013 Upgrades

    Fury with the upgrades that we all want:
  17. justatree

    The improved life of my fury

    As time goes on, from diy upgrades to actual upgrades I would like to share what may seem basic to you, but changed my fury and made it better. Here is the list of diy and actual upgrades Body reinforcement (unreliable duct tape) Diy body clip retainers (electrical wire and some type of this...
  18. asabin

    Machinist looking to upgrade parts

    Hello all... I am fairly new to the RC scene but I see that there is a need for some upgraded parts and not a lot of options from what i have researched for my Granite... I am a machinist that has some extra time on his hands and would like to know from people that have had the granite for a...
  19. bogdaddyd82

    Granite BLS upgrade series

    As we all know, off the shelf upgrades for our rigs are sparse as of right now. Many of us want more! Ie. Steering upgrades, shocks, CVD's and so on. Though I hear RPM is working on possibly releasing some upgrade parts for our rigs. That won't be any time soon. And forget about Arrma / Team...
  20. WoodiE

    What upgrade parts would you want made?

    If you could have one item made for any Arrma RC model, what upgrade part would you like to see made?