1. J

    Granite Granite 4x4 3s blx bearing swap

    Does anyone know where I can find a how to for a bearing swap in a granite 4x4 3s blx? I have a fast eddy kit coming in the mail and need to find where all the bearings are going to go. Besides the exploited view of the parts does anyone have a simpler way?
  2. Nitr0EngiEx

    Kraton VIDEO: How To Clean Differential Fluid and Shock Oil! Super Easy!

    So I spent allot of time tearing down the differentials of my Arrma Kraton and couldn't help but think that there has to be something I can clean the components with to dissolve away the old diff fluid. I think I found something that is effective! Check it out!
  3. fishycomics

    Talion Arrma Tailon V3 Rise Head Wheelie Bar Modification How I did

    As I had a wheelie bar from my Bison and cheetah, i do not use the vkar that much, here is my Mod. and down below will be some info on what I used and how I did it. You may find the part I used online. here online here is a photo of it photo host I used angle Iron I had laying around as...
  4. TpPartsRcXtreme

    ARRMA 1/8th "How-To" make and mount Tower to Tower brace ( non Nero series and Typhon )

    In this video i show how you make and mount a Tower to Tower brace on the 1/8th cars BESIDES Nero series and Typhon
  5. TpPartsRcXtreme

    ARRMA 1/8th V3 series - incl Nero series "How-To" mount RPM shock rod ends

    In this video I'll show how to mount RPM shock rod ends on the V3 generation and V2 outcast inc Nero series. Parts needed: RPM 80472 Trx 5347
  6. WoodiE

    Mega 4x4 How-To videos

    Arrma-RC has several great videos on how to maintain your Arrma MEGA 4x4 RC and I wanted to share them here in one easy to find place. If you find any others related to the MEGA 4x4 RC's please post them here as well. Removing Electronics Module Removing Power Module Remove the Diffs...
  7. WoodiE

    How to shim your Arrma diff

    This is something we get asked a lot on the forums and nearly every single time the answer to those threads are to watch this video. So as suggested, I created a sticky thread for this very question. We can also use this thread to have a "one place to go" for this information. Also check out...
  8. D

    How to Configure Nero Diff Brain With Hacked Flysky TX (GT3B or GT3C)

    Hey guys, I made a video that goes over how to make a Hacked Flysky Radio work with a Diff Brain equipped Nero/Big Rock/Fazon. It should have all the settings to allow you to individually control each diff lock. Also leaves space for extra channels to fill up with whatever you want (Light bar...
  9. tigerljj1

    Kraton How to install motor fan (Yeah Racing)

    Anyone install motor fan(s) without taking motor out? Want to install Yeah Racing fans or comparable. Insight as to how is appreciated!!
  10. RCklir

    Kraton Installing RPM skid and bumper

  11. TheJoker

    Instruction Videos

    Hey people, As many of you know, Thomas P made some instruction videos called "how to..." These are great videos for people who want to learn how to do correct maintenance and repairs on our beloved Arrma cars. Special thanks to Thomas P himself!!! Below are the links to the videos: 1 arrma...
  12. taupe

    Raider Stronger Shock Tower DIY

    My son broke his shock tower for about the third time a few weeks ago and I though I'd share the more permanent fix I came up with. he has broken the shock tower twice since installing the aluminum shock tower brace which is no longer available. The last time the brace broke as well. We...
  13. Swampie

    DIY: Bullet proof diff//Raider XL

    Parts needed: If you already have the Raider XL then the parts needed are actually minimal...keep that in mind within this list... Diff-case Arrma #AR310003 (x1 set) Gear-Set Arrma #AR310009 (Need x2 sets) Includes: o-rings, shims,pins as well as a set of bevel & spyder gears. Ofna crosspins...
  14. ajdragon

    How to remove the 1/10 Arrma Tranny

    Hi I saw where a few people are having problems removing the tranny in the Arrma 1/10 scale cars. Here is the way I remove my Tranny. Step 1: Disconnect your motor wires. Step 2: Remove the screw the yellow arrow is pointing to, and then unscrew the two screws the blue arrows are pointing...
  15. How-To Build strengthed differentials

    How-To Build strengthed differentials

    ThomasP shows to how strengthen the Arrma Granite BLX diffs.
  16. mrbelloso

    How to Build Shocks

    Hi all, below the video of how to build your shocks using the kraton 6S. Enjoy
  17. Cranius Maximus

    Home Made Shock Tower Brace

    Being cheap provides opportunities to make things for your toys. Seeing what Arrma was selling as a shock tower brace got my mind saying "Really???? A crappy little curved bar with two mount holes? I can make one." I said that I would do a step by step for it when I did it too. Full disclosure...